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A King Who Does Not Care

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A King Who Does Not Care - Page Text Content

BC: "An excellent, heartwarming adventure, beautifully written for all ages," -said no one ever.

FC: A King Who Does Not Care | By Chris Scorese

1: A King Who Does Not Care Copyright (C) 2013 by Chris Scorese Illustrations (C) 2013 by All rights reserved and production rights to Chris Scorese. | Scorese Inc. 901 Orange Avenue Cranford NJ 07016

2: This book is dedicated to the famous "MonsterBeagle"...

4: There once was a king who was as foolish as a monkey. This king ruled his empire carelessly, but despite this, there still lived roughly 300,000 amongst his empire. He acted like a true tyrant, always mean, and the only thing that mattered was his opinion.

5: There happened to be, however, one thing in the world the king adored and loved, his new baby son. As the gibberish spilled out of his son's mouth he thought, "I shall pick out the most beautiful woman in all the land for you to marry, and nothing will come in the way of that."

6: The king ruled his empire of roughly 300,000 people in a very strange fashion. He himself, and the majority of the people in his empire, was catholic. The king did not appreciate any of the other religions and therefore the people of the other religions were frowned upon. However, the king let his people worship their religions freely, so this way there would still be people willing to live in his kingdom.

7: The young prince aged faster than ever, and as he blew out all five of his birthday candles, he knew he would be attending school soon. | The prince jumped with joy, and couldn't wait to go to meet new people, make friends, and become smarter.

8: On the first day of school the prince was put into a class with 18 other boys and girls. Never before had the prince seen this many kids! The different colors of hair and eyes that he didn't even know existed popped put fro around every corner. | The prince felt a warm feeling in his heart, and knew he was happy and excited for the first time in his life.

9: The first half of the day went by regularly, with learning and no talking allowed, but then it was snack time. | "Okay class go get your snacks it's snack time," Mrs. White announced to the class.

10: "Oh no!" Exclaimed the young prince, "how could I have forgotten my snack!" The room roared with laughter, but then all of a sudden came a tiny voice from the corner of the room...

11: "You can share with me," suggested Zelda, a girl in the classroom with luscious blonde hair curling to her shoulders that looked like liquid gold. "Okay, thanks," replied the prince.

12: As the two of them crunched on delicious cookies,slurped on juices, and talked to each other they found themselves staring into each other's eyes laughing at everything one another said, and basically falling in love. It happened to be only ten minutes they had together on that particular day, but it seemed like they'd known each other forever.

13: Over the years Zelda and the prince grew both older and closer.

16: Zelda would often come over to the prince's castle and eat with him and the royalty. The king never thought his son loved this girl, so he let them be together. | All until one day...

17: The prince came walking home from school alone that day, so the king asked his son why Zelda was not with him. | "She has to eat with her family tonight for the holiday,"

18: "Nonsense!" the king laughed, "there is no holiday today! Zelda simply does not like you anymore." "No dad! She would never lie to me!" exclaimed the prince.

19: All of a sudden it hit the king, and all the pieces of the puzzle came together. Today was a Jewish holiday. Zelda had always turned down eating pork in the castle. Zelda is Jewish and she had been around the prince for years! | "Son I forbid you to ever see that disgusting girl again! She is Jewish and we don't associate with those people."

20: The prince was devastated. His world was turned | .upsidedown

21: The next day in school the prince told Zelda how she couldn't come over for dinner anymore and how they could only be together in secret from now on. So, every day after school the prince lied to his dad and said he was playing with the other boys after school until he had to come home for dinner, but he was actually with Zelda.

22: This plan was perfect, and everyone was happy until one day when the prince was 17 and the king had finally picked out the girl to marry him...

23: She was gorgeous. Her long, silky hair drooped down her shoulders elegantly caressing her back, and her eyes were as crystal blue as the sea on a bright summer day. The king immediately made her move in and live with the prince and royalty in the castle.

24: The prince thought she was great, but she was not Zelda, the prince loved Zelda.

25: The king loved the new woman so much he arranged their marriage in two days. Just two days and the prince would be married! | The prince thought and thought, and finally he made his decision, he would call off the wedding.

26: Late one night the prince told his father, "Dad, i cannot and will not marry this woman." | The king's heart stopped and eyes widened...

27: SMACK!

28: The king's ginormous hand slapped his son. "Why son, she is beautiful and you have no other woman in your life anyway?" "I wish to marry Zelda, father." "Nonsense. you haven't seen her in years and you will never see that Jew again." "I have seen her everyday without your permission, father."

29: SMACK!

30: The same sound thundered across the entire empire, followed by the thud of the prince falling.

31: "You will marry her and you will love her and that's final," stated the king firmly.

32: The prince just lay there on the balcony, sobbing and thinking all night until he knew what to do. He would run away with Zelda the next morning at sunrise.

33: The prince hurriedly packed some bags, took much gold, and rode a horse to get Zelda. He told her his plan and she agreed to join him on his quest to run away and find new land to start and empire of their own. | An empire where everyone was accepted, and no one was frowned upon because of race or religion.

34: Just before they road off into the horizon, the prince gave a letter to a peasant and told him to deliver it to the king. The letter simply stated his plan and told the king that he was with Zelda.

35: The prince and Zelda road for miles and miles, until they inevitably reached new land where they would start their own kingdom, and as promised, where everyone was accepted.

36: Within two years many people heard the news of the fantastic new empire, and there were about 100,000 people living there. Within four years there were 400,000 and within five years there were 1,000,000 happy, prosperous people living in their empire which was more than the prince's parents ever had, and now the prince and Zelda finally became a king and queen.

37: All in all, these two people started a new empire and changed the way of life for many people. Several empires switched to this way of life after hearing how good it worked out for these two. When you accept everyone, everyone will accept you, and you can work together to build better lives. Just like the new king and queen will build a greater life than they ever had for their new baby son, and the new prince.

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