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A Nation Divided

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FC: A Nation divided

1: All though the north and south were part of the same country they were very different. One had big cities the other had the opposite. One had slaves and the other didn't. There was a big conflict between the north and the south.

2: NORTH The north was industrial meaning: there were big cities and busy factories. The North invented the sewing machine. Some had to send goods over a thousand miles away, and that was possible with canals. | The red is south which had slavery and the blue is north which doesn't have slavery

3: SOUTH In the south there were few large cities and a lot of small cites. The south was agricultural meaning : they did farming. It was hard to grow cotton until Eli Whitney made the cotton grin. There was slavery in the south but not in the north which caused a major conflict.

4: The north and south argued about what to do about slavery. Finally Henry Clay made a compromise. Missouri joined the union as a slave state. No slaves were allowed past the bottom of Missouri. | This is Henry Clay the peacemaker. | Missouri compromise

5: Clay split the country apart, in 36 (degrees) 30 which is :30 is about 3/4 up on Arkansas and 36 is the very bottom of Missouri.

6: Southerners distrusted Northerners because (the south has slaves but the north doesn't) they were speaking against slaves. They soon became an abolitionist. An abolitionist is someone who wanted slavery ended forever.

7: Frederick Douglass was a slave who gave speeches about slavery and wrote a book about it saying how his life was as a slave. He was the most known African American for his books and speeches.

8: California was asked to join the union as a free state. But some people wanted to remove California because of the 36,30. Most of California was in or past the 36 point so some people thought too much of it was in the north and the south. So Henry Clay suggested the Compromise of 1850. Congress said Utah and NM could be voted on slavery or non slavery. Congress also made a law that the north could capture runway slaves. That was the Fugitive slave law.

9: Harriet Tubman

10: Harriet Tubman Harriet was born in 1819. She was treated very badly. She would get whipped every single day by her master, and one time her skull got fractured. It happened like this: Someone was trying to steal a slave so Harriet blocked the door, that person got mad and threw something two pounds and it hit Harriet in the head which fractured her skull.

11: Harriet Tubman One day her nightmare came true. When she was 15 both her sisters were sold into slavery. She wanted badly to get out of slavery when she heard of the underground railroad. She didn't want to go alone so she asked her brothers. They denied but she went anyway. Once she arrived in Canada, she wanted other slaves to have the feeling that she had. So she went back and kept saving more slaves. She had

12: Harriet Tubman went through the underground railroad so many times she knew her way through it. She had freed many slaves. The authority found out what Harriet was doing and set a reward. The reward was $10,000!! After the civil war, she lived in NY and she was very active. Throughout her life she worked with white people. She died at age 92 in 1911 from pneumonia.

13: Bloody Kansas Kansas was north of the 36,30 line

14: Bloody Kansas But congress told everyone that the people could elect representatives to decide if Kansas was gonna be slave free or not. So people from the north and south rushed to Kansas. Some people were killing and hurting each other because of slavery. That was the first time something like that had ever happened in America.

15: Bloody Kansas Slavery supporters won the representation but anti-slavery leaders just ignored the law and made their own government in Topeka.

16: Bloody Kansas In 1856 a mob of pro-slavery leaders marched into Lawrence, burned a hotel, ruined the town, and tried to arrest anti-slavery people. John Brown got angry at this. Him and other followers went into a lake and killed 5 settlers. That turned into a court case which made the southerners angry.

18: This is the Kansas-Nebraska act.

19: The Kansas-Nebraska act is where people wanted Nebraska and Kansas either with slavery or without. The south wanted it to have slavery and the north wanted it not to have slavery. In Kansas some people where killing people over slavery.

20: The Election of Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12,1809 in a log cabin. Like this one:

21: Abe Lincoln His father had built the log cabin. The cabin had 1 room, a dirt floor, and was dark and small. Abraham didn't go to school very often. Out of his entire life all his days of school added up to one year. He learned to read on his own. When he had mastered the alphabet he started to figure out how to read. When he was 9 in 1818 his mother died. His father was lonely so remarried. In total there were 5 kids in his family.

22: Abe Lincoln When he was 18, him and one of his friends drove a boat through a lot of different cities. While in New Orleans he saw for the first time a slave chained up. When he was younger he had learned that slavery was wrong. He was a storekeeper and he was so nice to people that they wanted him to be in public office. He tried but lost the election for it.

23: Abe Lincoln He soon became a state legislature in 1834-1842 and a lawyer in 1836. | He married Mary Ann Todd in 1852, but her parents didn't like Abraham. Soon love took over and they got married.

24: Abe Lincoln He was soon elected to represent the state of Illinois so he had to go back to Springfield. In 1858 he was nominated as a senator. He lost the election but people had started to listen to him. In 1860 he became president. States began to split up. The north was the confederate states and the north was the union. Four years later Abraham Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation-an important speech about slavery.

25: Abe Lincoln We now know him as someone who stopped slavery.

26: START OF THE CIVIL WAR!! When the states had split up, (confederates and the union) Jefferson Davis ruled the confederates. On July 21, 1861 there was a battle between the union and the confederates. The confederates won this battle because they chased the union all the way back to Washing ton D.C. This battle was called battle of the bull run.

27: START OF THE CIVIL WAR!! | On April 12, 1861 the confederates attacked this place called Fort Sumter and they had put cannons all around it, so for 33 hours cannons surrounded the fort. This was the start of the civil war!!

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