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A Renaissance Story

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S: A Renaissance story a story about two friends

FC: A Renaissance Story | By Eduardo and Julio

1: Chapter 1

2: In the Renaissance times, there in 1400's England lived two friends named Eduardo and Julio, they were peasants that were about to get their freedom when they won a contest that the king was hosting in his castle. So Eddy and Julio were on their way there when an old man came across their path. They asked him "Can we help you?" "Yes, come with me " So they followed him until they were at the tip of a tall mountain and he said, "Do you know what feudal system is?" "No, why" "Well I'm gonna tell you both about 'em"

3: "Look out into that valley and you will see them along with other things" "The feudal system is a system in which everybody has a job in society, it is pretty much a pyramid, at the bottom are the peasants who work the lands non stop until the day was over, they are pretty much like you two" "The knights were soldiers who swore oaths of allegiance to the king and promised to fight for him in exchange for rights to pieces of land called manors. "The priests and nobles where right below the king who was in charge of running a country."

4: "Now I'm going to tell you about town life." "The streets were very smelly because there was no drains,just a ditch that ran throughout the city. They normally where inside walls that were protected by guards. The houses had a wooden frame and were filled with daub (cement)"


6: When the old man finished showing them those things at the top of the mountain, he took them to a tall hill where he showed them other things. "Do you guys know what the silk road is?" "No" "Well, the silk road was actually not a road, it was a system of routes that expanded all the way to the continent of Asia. These routes were used for trading between the West and the East. The things that were traded were spices, silk, and IDEAS about world views and such.

7: "The crusades were a series of religiously expeditionary wars against the Muslim world blessed by the Pope and the Catholic Church, they occurred between the years 1095 and 1291. "Also, The enormous amount of trade that was going on in Italy resulted in the creation of the Italian city-states."


9: (By now, you should know that the old man is some sort of wizard that creates pictures in Eddy's and Julio's minds by telepathic ways) After that, the wizard takes them to an open field and asks them, "Do you guys know what the five characteristics of humanism is?" "No, and why do you keep asking" "Well I'm going to tell you about that and more.." "The five most important characteristics of humanism are; #1: Humans can use the power of reason in order to find truth for themselves.

10: #2: It's important for a person to have an open, curious and questioning mind. #3: people can achieve great things through learning. #4: Individuals should be skilled in many different things. #5: people should not only develop their minds but also their bodies. "It is amazing the way that humanists changed the way we see art, hear music and also think about everything, I mean the tri-dimentional paintings. WOW!"


12: And again, the old wizard took Eddy and Julio to another location, this time it was a landfill. "Ooh man, what's that smell?!? asked Eddy "It's the garbage around us Eddy" "Wait a second, why are we in a landfill?" "Because of him", replied Julio "Why bring us here?" "You'll see soon enough" "Now, do any of you know what the scientific method is?" "OK, sir you just told us a whole bunch of random things about stuff we don't even know, so what makes you think we know what that is?"

13: "The steps in the scientific method are #1: define a question #2: gather info and resources (observe) #3: from an explanatory hypothesis #4: test the hypothesis by performing an experiment and collecting data in a reproducible manner #5: Analyze the data #6: interpret the data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for a new hypothesis #7: Publish results #8: repeat the process

14: The things that humanism affected: Art: The humanist movement changed art by creating a new way to paint called 3-d Sculpture: The humanist movement changed the way people sculpt because they sculptures people made looked more human Anatomy: The humanist movement changed anatomy because people started to dissect human bodies to learn more about them and have more knowledge about it Astrology: The humanist movement changed astronomy because Galileo Galilee made the first telescope, which is an instrument that aids in the observation of remote objects by collecting electromagnetic radiation


16: Reasons why Europeans Explored (3) #1: To Expand Their Territory #2: To Expand Christianity #3: To Expand Their Wealth Navigation Instruments Used: Compass: Tells where North, South, West, and East are located Astrolabe: Helps locate and predict the positions of the sun, moon, stars, and planets Cross-staff:used to determine the vessel's latitude by measuring the altitude of Polaris or the sun Back-staff: used to measure the altitude of a celestial body, in particular the sun or moon.

17: Spanish go West: The Spanish were trying to go Westward to find a route to Asia and also to compete with Portugal Portuguese go East: The Portuguese were also trying to find a quicker route to Asia like the Spanish. When they got to the Philippines, Magellan was killed in a local conflict. One of his ships (Victoria) made it back to Spain and was the first to circumnavigate the Earth.

18: Once again the old wizard finished telling them about more random stuff. "Hey, can we take a break, please? I have to catch my breath because we have been walking a lot". "Hey Eddy, how far is the castle?" "We are pretty close Julio, just hang on" "Eddy do you even know what the competition is about?" "It's about who knows more about everything thats happening or happened in the Renaissance, but you need a partner and whichever team wins, the men become free men." "OK, I'm going to ask you two one more question...

19: "This better be the last one because if not, I'm gonna totally lose it!" exclaimed Julio "OK, alright then, do you know what imperialism is?" "Nope" said Eddy "Not a clue" added Julio "Imperialism is when empires expand their borders to protect their territories and establish control over more land and resources" "There was also some bad things about imperialism too" "Oh really, what were they?" asked Eduardo

20: The positives for the indigenous people at first were: >They had somebody else to trade goods with The negatives for indigenous people were: >sometimes they were driven out of their homeland >indigenous people were forced to work the land >indigenous people were not immune to new diseases brought by the Europeans

21: The Age of Exploration changed the world views of Europeans by ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism:making value judgments about another culture from perspectives of one's own cultural system. The ethnocentric individual will judge other groups relative to his or her own particular ethnic group or culture, especially with concern to language, behavior, customs, and religion. These ethnic distinctions and sub-divisions serve to define each ethnicity's unique cultural identity

22: After that was over, the old man left them and they went separate ways, Eddy and Julio started thinking about everything he said. When they got to king's castle, turns out that what they thought would be a huge crowd of people was just a small crowd of about twenty people waiting to be tested. "What do you think Eddy, easy enough?" "Of course, with everything the old man told us about, we will win and we will become free men!" The doors of the castle opened to let the participants inside. Eddy and Julio were up first. *doors close, nothing is visible* A few hours went by, when the contest was finally over, the two of them came out running in victory!


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