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A Year in E309

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FC: A Year in E309 | Created by the 2010-2011 class

1: A Year in E309 By: Mrs. Mulfinger's class of 2010-2011

2: In science we are investigating fiddler crabs. One crab got out of its habitat and died. We were investigating the crabs because we wanted to learn about their adaptations. These are no ordinary crabs, they are fiddler crabs. Some people confuse them with hermit crabs. Some of the differences we found were: fiddler crabs have their own shells and molt when they need a bigger one. Hermit crabs just grab any empty shell they find when they need a new home. Also, hermit crabs usually grow bigger.

3: Fiddler crabs live in marshy areas where the salt water meets land. They dig holes in the ground to hide from predators and also to sleep in. They use their eyestalks to check for danger. The male crabs use their small claw to eat food and their big claw to fight and defend them selves.

4: In this science unit we learned about adaptations. Animals have special abilities that help them survive such as birds using their beaks to get their meals, and reptiles use their scales to heat in the sun. The ruffed grouse uses camouflage to blend in with its surroundings. The great blue heron uses its long beak to stab its prey.

5: These two pictures are of the Australian Walking Stick. They use mimicry to look like branches of the bushes they live in. | Mrs.Cassidy came to our class to talk to us about invasive species and how they cause erosion. The invasive species destroyed the trees by gnawing on them, especially the hemlock tree. When they eat the trees, the trees die and the soil the tree roots were gripping is exposed to erosion.

6: Today we went on a field trip to R.B. Winter State Park. | In the Nature Center Tanner was talking to a bobcat puppet. There were puzzles, a bunch of puppets, and a lot of other things about nature to touch, listen to, or look at.

7: In this picture there is a camouflaged bird hiding. It must be doing a good job, because I can't see it! In the bottom picture are some of our classmates. There was Caleb H., Enogita I., Emily S., Mike M., Colton Bw., and Nick B. They were watching the fish that were in the tank. | Austin B. and Abby W. are looking out the window with some binoculars. Who knows what they might spy!

8: Watch out for these birds of prey.They'll snatch you up like a mouse! The naturalists at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center came today to talk about birds of prey and their adaptations. They brought with them live birds that are at their shelter. These birds are in the shelter because they were injured. The top left picture is a Screech Owl, the top right picture is a Red Tail Hawk, the picture on the bottom is Great Horned Owl.

9: Parents visited our class to see our unique wild creatures. These creatures had never been discovered before. We "found" these creatures and studied them in our classroom. Our parents listened as we informed them about the new species we had created.

10: Here we were studying Yellowstone and Mrs. Mulfinger got the idea to create our own mudpots with Coca Cola and vanilla ice cream. We didn't let them go to waste!!! Mudpots smell like rotten eggs so plug your nose when you go by!! The mudpots are hot and they bubble. When you go past, you will hear pop! pop! pop!

11: iTrod came to talk about his journey on the Appalachian trail. | He showed us his gear and told us about the friends he made and traveled with. | We really liked the interesting pictures he showed us of himself and the Appalachian trail.

12: bbffff1111111111111111111111111111111111111111f | Our classroom was doing a website called Webrangers. We all had a partner to work with. Then we went on the web page and completed activities about our national parks. We did activities about Yellowstone. We also did activities about Alaska when we studied the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.

13: We also used the laptops to make books on a site called Build A Book. You can read these at the website if you log on first. | We learned how to create word processing documents this year. We typed many of our writing pieces. Sometimes we used decorative fonts for our titles and added pictures. | One program we used was called Inspiration. We made Venn diagrams to compare books and learned to make timelines using this program. We learned how to draw pictures on the computer using Paint, too.

14: We read a book called The Great Space Chase. The guy that is in the top right corner is named Braak.The other guy is one of the characters from the humor planet. Braak steals a book from one of the planets, so Captain Zazz (from the planet Grell), Norm the dog, Maggie, and her friends go to all these different planets to try to capture the thief and return the book Charlotte's Web to Grell.

15: Today was Dr. Seuss Day! It was hat day so everybody wore crazy hats. We all had a lot of fun! | Mrs. McGarvey read a book to us about baseball. We also had a assembly. It was about Dr. Seuss Day and the teachers acted out The Meanest Doll in the World. Most of us liked the play.

16: KEEP WALKING | On the 17th of May we had our walk-a-thon. We had a very fun time. In all, the whole school walked or ran 3,672 laps. That is also 918 miles. It was very hot so we drank lots of water.

17: Force and Motion In this science unit, we studied how force affects motion. We built our cars out of K'Nex, added a rubber band to the back axle and wound the rubber band around the front axle which makes the car move forward. We learned that more force caused the vehicle to move faster. We also learned that heavy loads slow down the vehicle's speed.

18: Today is 5/24/2011 and we had a guest speaker from the Lycoming county landfill. He told us about the landfill we were going to visit the next day. Below is the recycling sign. Also he told us about the three R's: reuse, reduce, and recycle. | Our speaker is holding a cube of cans ready for recycling. There are about 450 cans in one cube.

19: In the top picture is the area where the sewer water is treated. The water needs to be kept at a certain temperature so the bugs won't die. The black balls are to capture heat so the water won't get too cold. The bottom picture shows where the recyclable waste goes. This is where the cans usually go before being recycled.

20: The idiom team (Emily S., Enogita I., Bailey S., Caleb H., and Colton Bn.) went to the state capitol to present their technology project at the PAECT Student Technology Showcase. Our state legislators, Senator Yaw and Representative Everret, stopped at the display to talk with the team about their project. | These are keystones. The keystones are on PA's capitol building floor because it is one of the state's symbols. In the middle they form an octagon. | Later in the day, the team went into the House of Representatives. We saw them begin their session with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance (we joined in).

21: In the top right hand corner is the Pennsylvania State coat of arms. The coat of arms is also on PA's state flag. In the top left hand corner is the keystone, one of the state symbols. That's why people call it the Keystone State! In the middle of the page is a butcher shaking hands with William Penn. William Penn was the founder of our state. King Charles II gave the land to William Penn to pay off a debt.

22: On 5/26/11 it was Field Day! We did lots of things like volley ball, shoe relay, the dance, bounce house, and face paintings. In one activity we got all wet because we had to put wet sponges over our heads and through our legs. We also jumped over the rope of water and got squirted by Mrs. Mulfinger and Mrs. Sullivan.

23: While we were waiting for our turn to play volley ball we played Freeze Tag. | In this picture Mrs.Mulfinger was pretending to spray us. But then she really did! | We played "human scavenger hunt" also. We had to find someone who was wearing the item called out and then beat the other teams to the judge.

24: Today we had another guest speaker, Samantha Gstalder, who is the 4-H State Council secretary. She talked to us about 4-H. There are four h's that stand for 4-H. They mean head, heart, hands, and health. We learned a lot about what projects we can do in 4-H. Miss Gstalder showed us some things she had made in 4-H. I can't believe that somebody could actually make baskets and quilts that good. | This is a basket in progress. | A finished basket | Leathercrafts | Bottle Rocket | Woodworking | We played a game. | 4-H flag

25: We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we did making it!

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