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A-Z Review Book

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S: Amanda Nguyen



1: Reproduction in which a cell doubles its contents and the divides into two identical cells. | A Asexual Reproduction

2: B is Bilateral Symmetry | "Bi" means two. A line drawn down the center both sides look the same!

3: C is Cnidarian | Carnivores with stinging tentacles that captures prey and help defense.

4: D is Digestive System | Breaks down food into molecules the the body can use!

5: System in the body that collects wastes made by the cells and removes the waste from the body | E is Excretory System

6: Can cause athlete's foot. It can be spread around! EWWW!! | F is Fungi

7: G is Gluteus Maximus | A muscle where your butt is!

8: H is Half-Life | The amount of time it takes a radio active element to lose half its mass.

9: I is Invertebrate | Animals that don't have a backbone

10: J is Jawless Fish Has no jaw.( Skeleton made out of cartilage).

11: K is Kingdom. A class where a plant/animal and others described.

12: L is Lungs. An organ that helps you breathe!

13: M is Molecules! formed when two or more atoms join together chemically.

14: N is Natural Selection. Living things best adapted to their environment are like to live to reproduction.

15: O is Omnivores. Animals who eat plants and animals.

16: P is Pelvis. Another word for hips.

17: Q is Quad. means 4

18: Robert Hooke!!! One of the 1st person to use a microscope!!

19: S is Skull. Bone that protects the brain!!

20: T is Teeth. Helps you chew your food!!

21: U is Ureters. A tube where urine flows from kideys to bladders.

22: V is Variable. Can be used in a science experiments. Three kinds of variables, changed variable, controls variable and measured variables. | Changed Variables: the height of the cup Controlled Variable: same amount of water,same cup brand and different students! Measured variable: See who drinks the water faster.

23: W is Water. Is used in formulas like photosynthesis.

24: X is X-Ray. A picture where you can see your bones.

25: Y is Y-axis. It goes vertical, commonly used in math

26: And | AnD | And | AnD | aNd | and | and | AND | and

27: Z is Zinc. It's an element in the periodic table. Atomic Number 30. Atomic Mass 65.38. AMU (atomic mass unit)

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