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ABC Book

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S: ABC Book

BC: The End

FC: ABC Book

1: ABC Book | By: Breeana Smith

2: The Algonquain indians are cool indians. They faced many dangers but the most dangeruos thing they ever faced was the new comers. They got killed from some of them. The first new comers they met was the Jamestown people. At that time, their chef was named Pohatan. The Algonquain indians were important because They helped Jamestown. They taught them how to fish and grow crops. They said that the best way to grow corn was to put fish and seeds in the ground. The indians realy were important but some people didn't know that. That's why they are important.

3: Betsy Ross had a very exciting life. She had 7 children but 2 of them died in infancy. She also had three husbands. Her first husband died guarding when an explosion happened. Her second husband died in a British prison but her third husband survived. She never owned her own house so she rented a small home. Once, her pew was next to Gorge and Martha Washington’s pew too. One day Gorge came to her house and said he wanted the stars on the American flag to be 6 pointed stars. Betsy disagreed and said a 5 pointed star would look better but Gorge thought it was too hard to make. She then showed him how to make a 5 pointed star in one snip. Betsy Ross was important because she made the first American flag. Without the flag, we wouldn’t sing the pledge or sing the Star Spangled Banner. Those two songs represent our respect to our flag and country. If we didn’t have the flag, those two songs wouldn’t have existed. That’s why Betsy Ross is important to our country.

4: The crop corn is yellow vegetable that most farmers grow. The people really liked it and ate it at feasts, feasible, and any time they wanted. This vegetable was also eaten at the first Thanksgiving. THe indians taught the newcomers how to grow corn. They said you have to put dead fish and corn seads in the ground.Corn is and was very special. | Corn was and is important because they needed corn to survive. Corn might not have filled them up but it filled them up enough. This vegetable was served at the first Thanksgiving too. It fed many people that day. That is why corn is and was important.

5: The dutch sailed to the new world long ways after the english. They came about the same time as the french. They came to the new world to get furs and gold. They have a red white and blue just like the french and U.S.A. They also have kings and queens like all the other counteries. The dutch are important because if they didn't claim land, someone else would have claimed it and we wouldn't have leared about them. We would learn about someone else that claimed that land and named it differently. If it was named something else and claimed by someone else, our social studies books would be different. People also would not have part dutch in them witch means their history would be different. That is why the dutch are inportant.

6: The bald eagle is very special. It is our country's symble. It is a proud, noble, and powerful bird. The bald eagle was almost not the U.S.A. bird. It was almost replaced by the wild turkey. It has been protected for years. The bald eagle is important because it's our country's bird. It stands for our freedom. This bird is on clothing, badges, hats, flags, and a lot of other stuff. The bald eagle is also on money. If the bald eagle was not our nations bird, it probably would not be here since it was only protected because it was our U.S bird. The bald eagle is one of the most important animals ever.

7: France is very interesting. They claimed a colony named Quebec. The whole entire purposed of France coming to the new world is so they can get gold and furs. They also claimed parts of Canada, Louisiana, and Acadia. They lost all their land to the USA and the British. France was important because if they didn’t claim land, their wouldn’t have been the French and Indian War. The French won but it was still a big part in history. The Indians are finally fighting back. This was the second war the Indians fought in. That’s why France is important.

8: Gold was very impotant back then. One reason why the English, Dutch, French, and Spain people came here. Like the picture below, gold is kinda like a mineral. It can be hidden in moutians and gorges. It can almost be anywhere. Gold was important because it made people rich. Gold made the world go round. It also made some people greedy. The king of England was very greedy. Thats probably the reason why he was so mean. That's why gold is important.

9: Horses were popular back then. Since there were no cars, they rode horses or walked. It took a lot of work to take care of them but they also helped them. The hores helped carry heavy loads and helped pull log. Horses were broght over on ships or they were found in the wild. | Horses were important because they carried heavy loads. They carried loads that no one could carry. They also helped clear land for farming. They would hook up the horses to a thing that would clear land and guided them alonge the path the humans wanted them to clear. That's why horses were important.

10: Independence is very important. Independence is were you are free. We need independence to have rights. Without rights we would not be able to vote or pick your own religon. Some people don't have rights. If you kill people, rob banks, or murder your family, you don't have much rights. If you don't have independence, you don't have rights. | Independence is important because it stands for our freedom and rights. If we don't have independence, we don't have freedom or rights. My opinion is if your a realy bad person, you shouldn't have rights. Only if you are good you should have independence. that is why idependence, rights, and goodness is important for all different kinds of perposes.

11: Jamestown started a long time ago in 1607. Jamestown was claimed by the English on May 14, 1607.It was their first settlement in the new world. 120 people sailed to the new world with determination. Half of the Jamestown people were artists and did not know how to survive in the new frontier. When they arrived they saw some Indians. For a while, they made peace with the Algonquian Indians. Their chef was named Powhatan. Only 38 people survived after 8 months. Jamestown was important because if Jamestown didn’t exist, it would have been claimed by a different country. If it was claimed by a different county, then the people in England would have to wait before they would be free. They might have never got to be free because it might have been claimed are ready. It would have been tragic. They would have been under the kings’ control forever. That’s why Jamestown’s important.

12: King Philip was a very special man. No one knows what he looked like and no one knows how many children he had. He was born in c. 1638. He is known as Metacomet to the Wampanoag Indians. His wife was surprisingly an Indian woman named Wootonekanuske. He led the Indians in the king Philips war too. The war lasted 14 months. After the war, he died and his son was sold into slavery. The thing that made King Philip great is that he led the Wampanoag Indians in war. Without him all of the Indians would have died because the Indians had bows and the English men had guns. King Philip was pretty much the only one who cared for the Indians. I don’t think anyone understood the Indians like he did. The Indians could have seen him as a threat but they didn’t. They knew that they needed each other and that’s how it started. He is a very important man.

13: One fight made history and that fight was called The Battle of Lexington. The war started in 1775 at dusk. Some people from concord fought too. The British came shortly after sundown. This was the first battle of the Revolutionary War. 8 Americans died and 10 were wounded. Only one British man was wounded. The puzzling thing is that we don’t know shot first. | The Battle of Lexington was important because it was the first battle of the Revolutionary War. It was also important because the Americans finally stood up for themselves. They did the war because they were sick and tired of being told what to do by the English men. They did not want to pay taxes. The tax the English men would never give up was tea. That’s why the battle of Lexington was important.

14: Metal is used to do many things. You can make nails and tools like a hammer. These things were used to make a lot of different kinds of houses. The metal is also used to make boats. The boats were small but they were good fishing boats. Metal helped them in many ways. | Metal was important because it helped them do things. They couldnt build houses without nails. They also couldn't go whaleing without the nails that support the boat. Without houses and boats, they would have died. That's why metal is important.

15: The New world was not acually new. It was just undiscovered land. The new world became the 13 colonies, into the USA we live in today. It took a long time to develope but it was done. People came from all over the world (exept Canada and the USA ) to claim land here. That started war. | THe new world was important because if the land was not claimed, life would be very different. We would be somewhere else with different parents. We would be different. We would also have different texted books. Almost everything would be different. Thats why the wonderful new world is important.

16: The seven seas or oceans are very rough. At least 100 people die a week in the ocean. All the explorers sailed on the same ocean we do today. The oceans help us get to places and sometimes help us have fun like swimming, seadooing, fishing, and water skiing. The ocean is also a good place to explore. You never know what’s under their. You could see sunken boats, weird animals, and bones. | The oceans are important because you can travel on it like the explorers. If their weren’t oceans, it would be a lot harder to get around. The oceans aren’t just for traveling but it is a part of history. We would not have built the titanic and other very large boats if their weren’t oceans. Their also wouldn’t have been the Boston tea party. That’s why oceans are important.

17: The Plymouth colony started when some settlers sailed on the Mayflower. They left for gold and religion. Some people did not like King James religion and that’s why they came to Plymouth. To keep order they made the Mayflower Compact. The English arrived in 1620 and settled near the Hudson River. When they were their, they met the Wampanoag Indians and made peace with them. They also had the first Thanksgiving with the Wampanoag Indians. The Plymouth colony is important because if they didn’t move, they could have been punished with death because they didn’t believe what religion the king did. Another reason why it was important is because if they didn’t come, the Wampanoag Indians would have died. They would have died out because people back then liked to kill, take over, and in slave Indians. The colonies and Indians depended on each other to survive and if their weren’t Indians, the colonies wouldn’t have survived. That’s why the Plymouth colony was important.

18: Roanoke Island has a mystery to it. The mystery is that they came their, a couple people left, they came back, and the whole place was deserted. Their wasn’t any more houses, rode, or crops anywhere. It started in 1586. Almost every time you here the story of this colony, it is different. Roanoke was the first colony that the English had. It might not have lasted but it was still their first colony. Roanoke was important because it was England’s first colony to fail and it was their first colony. If Roanoke didn’t exist, their would be no mystery. If their werent a mystery, kids wouldn’t learn about it. They also wouldn’t do actives like telling what you think happened to this colony. I think this colony was very important!

19: Squanto was an Indian from the Patuxet tribe. He was a very strong hunter too. He could speak English really well. He saw the Pilgrims for the first time on March 17, 1621. He went back to England with the pilgrims but he wasn’t forced to. John Smith agreed to take him bake to his homeland and that’s what he did. Squanto was important because he helped the pilgrims survive. If Squanto didn’t exist, the pilgrims would not have survived. He helped them grow crops, build houses, and helped them get to know the land. These are things the pilgrims needed to survive. That is why Squanto was important.

20: The first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth. This was a feast that had corn, turkey, bread, and a bunch of different kinds of food. The first Thanksgiving started when the Plymouth colony and the Wampanoag Indians had a feast in the month of November. They preyed for a little while then had the biggest feast they ever had since they got their. I think that Thanksgiving is the most important holiday! The first Thanksgiving was important because for one, it helped some people understand that Indians aren’t slaves. The Indians are just friends that live differently. The people back then should have understood that. It also helped people in the Plymouth colony not starve to death. If their wasn’t feasts, they would have starved. Thanksgiving really is the most important holiday!

21: The United States seceret seal is a bald eagle that holds arrows and leafs. The seal also shows the eagle with an american flag sheild. This seal can be found on the one dollar bill. It was created in 1776. This seal is very speical. The U.S.A seal is important because it stands for our freedom and independece like the bald eagle. It is one of the most important things that the U.S.A created. Without it, our dollar bills would be different. Our history would be different.

22: The voyages to the new world were tough. It took months to reach to new world. The trip on the Mayflower took 66 days. That's about 2 months! On the voyages they ate hard biskets, little water, and salted meat. After a while people got seasick. The voyages to the new world were important because if they didn't come here, they land would be unclaimed. Our life would be different with differnt food, books, family, and clothing. Thing would be so different we wouldnt have video games and we would speak a different laungedges. I couldn't imagin a life without those things. Thats why voyages are important.

23: John White was an artist. He also voyaged to Roanoke Island, the lost colony. John was a soldier too. He sailed to another place called Croaton Island. He is remembered all over the world. He was very special. | John White was important because he helped founded Roanoke. Without Roanoke, Their wouldn’t be a mystery. He was also important because of his paintings. His paintings are important because they taught us a new form of art. That’s why he was important.

24: Yams were important because it was sat at the Thanksgiving table and their food. All food is imporant since you eat it. Just like corn, they filled the pilgrims up enough. It was also important because it was at Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving was very important. | Yams are are a vegetable that was set at the Thanksgiving table. They are like sweet potatos with 130 calories. They are tanish brown with vitimin A and vitimin C. They have 2.15 grams of protien too. They also hold 16.9 mg of sodium.

25: Zucchini was a cool vegetable. It is green and about as big as a cucomber. It can also get up to 2 feet in diameter. Christopher Columbus brought seeds from africa to america. Thats when it started. Their is no exact date when he did it. Zucchini was important because it was a food. It was also at the Thanksgiving table. The same rules apply with corn and yams. Their all important for the same reasons. Thats why zucchinis important.

27: Crop-a vegetable Seadooing-a wave runner or a three seated mini boat mineral- a substance formed by they earth that has different kinds of chemicals to form that mineral | Quebec- a colony formed by the french. Christopher- an explorer. | Vocabulary

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