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ABC Book

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BC: Now i know my ABC'S next time won't you write with me!!

FC: 6.21.09 | ABC BOOK


2: A | The letter A is for Aaron. Aaron's nickname is Arid. People called h9m this because of his smell. Arid didn't have a bladder. So he had a bag attached to him that collected the urine. He didn't have many friends.

3: The letter B is for Benny. he was black and not very big. Benny's trouble was polio, which had taken over his legs. But nothing else. According to Ron he was the most mobile kid at the camp. He didn't need much help. | B

4: C | The letter C is for Compassion. This fits in with the story because after Ron came to his right mind, he had compassion for all the handicapped kids in the camp. It took a while for him to realize the importance of the, but he did have great compassion for them.

5: D | The letter D is for Dominic. Dominic was Ron's helper. the second counselor for their cabin. He helped out with the kids. Helped them swim and pushed them up the mountain. He would also help wit teir personal problems. Dominic was a nice, loving person who loved to work with kids.

6: E | The letter E s for the water Extravaganza. Mrs.Nelson came upo with this because there were only a few days left, and she thought it would be a good thing to put on for the parents. To see their kids having fun. They love to swim, so it was fun for them to do this. they wanted to show their parents what they could do.

7: F | The letter F is for food. It was very difficult for some of the kids to eat food. They couldn't feed themselves without help. Ron had a problem at the beginning because he thought it was gross and annoying. Ron later understood what they were going through. Some of the kids could feed themselves, which was good for the counselors.

8: G | The letter G is for the word Goodbye. It was really hard for the kids and the counselors to say goodbye to one another. Mary didn't want to leave Ron. She hung on to him and wouldn't let go. Ron hugged her many times and gave her a kiss, he also held her hand. They still kept in touch when she left. Finally they all said goodbye and left. Ron would never forget them. Each and everyone holds a special place in his heart, and I'm sure many others as well.

9: H | The letter H is for handicapped. Handicapped kids are in wheelchairs or need specific equipment. Most people don't respect these types of kids. All because they look different from everyone else. Most handicapped kids are quiet and afraid to be themselves. camp Wiggin helps build their self confidence. Everyone respects them in cam. So they are afraid to go back to the disrespectful world.

10: I | The letter I is for inspiration. Earlier Ron was was not very nice or kind, but later he noticed the importance of the kids. the kids had inspired him to be nice and to look at them with a different point of view. He respected them because of the inspiration he got from all the kids at Camp Wiggin.

11: J | The letter J is for Journey. The kids and the counselors had a great journey while in Camp Wiggin. They all learned new things. Many fun events went on threw the time at camp. Every event was a new journey. Climbing the mountain was a huge journey for the kids. They got to do something they normally don't get to do.

12: K | The letter K is for kids. Kids are kids. They are each different in their own special way. These kids might be handicapped but they are still kids and want to get treated the same way as any other kid. Some people treat them badly just because they look different from other kids. They are kids and should be treated like one.

13: L | The letter L is for Lookout mountain. This is the mountain the kids climbed up.One day they wanted to do something fun and adventurous. They all wanted to climb a mountain. It was something they had never done before.The counselors pushed the kids in wheelchairs up the mountain. It proved to people that they can still do what regular people can do.

14: M | The letter M is for Martin. Martin was the most able-bodied kid in Ron's group. Meaning he could control his movements, and move around more than the other kids. Martin swayed a lot if he was sitting still. Martin is outgoing and likeable. He is one of the blind kids in camp, but he still smiles and is good and sensing abjects.

15: N | The letter N is for Mrs.Nelson. Mrs.Nelson was the nurse at the camp. She was quite heavy. She had taught the girls how to put makeup on. Mrs.Nelson had served in the war. The kids had voted for her to be queen of Camp Wiggin. They loved her so much. She was the one who put together the play and the ballet. Her love spread throughout the camp.

16: O | The letter O is for outside world. Other kids that don't understand these kids' issues tend to make fun of them and make them feel bad. that's why the kids didn't want to say goodbye and leave camp. they were afraid the kids of the outside world would make fun of them still and hurt them.

17: P | The letter P is for parents. The parents have to have a lot of strength and patience. They are the ones who have to deal with them everyday. It takes a lot of hard work and heart to take care of such a delicate person. They all have their certain needs. Some harder than others. The parents are the ones who understand their kids the best.

18: Q | The letter Q is for Queen. Mrs.Nelson was queen of Camp Wiggin. She became queen because the kids nominated her. Mrs.Nelson is so kind and caring towards the kids. She is such a role model for them as well. so Mrs.Nelson became queen, the kids truly love her.

19: R | The letter R is for Ron. Ron in the first few days of camp wasn't very happy with his job. he thought it was annoying and hard, gross too. He didn't understand completely what the kids were like. But he later realized the importance of the kids and became more caring and kind. the kids then loved him.

20: S | The letter S is for Swimming. The kids in camp Wiggin love to swim. It's another freedom they have. One day when the guys wanted to swim the girls were swimming too. so they swam together, which was against the rules. All of them had fun.

21: T | The letter T is for Thomas. Thomas was the kid who would barley ever talk. He was real quiet and wasn't very social. Other kids like spider talked all the time. But Thomas was different in his own way. He just never talked. He did but very rarely. I9 think it was a lack of self confidence.

22: U | The letter U is for unique. Each and every kid in Camp wiggin, and around the wold are unique in their own way. Spider talks all the time. Thomas never talks, Aaron smells bad, Benny is black. You get the point. Some kids feel ashamed of who they are. But that is just them. they need to learn to have faith in themselves and appreciate who they are.

23: V | The letter V is for video. Mrs.Nelson plans a play to do. She teaches them what to do. When they are finished and ready for the actual play she tells them great news. SHe says that the play is going to be in video. The kids just love that, and now they don't want to mess up. They make it through the play successfully.

24: W | The letter W is for camp Wiggin. This is the place where the handicapped kids gathered one summer, to share a wonderful time with the staff and other kids. The counselors loved all the kids who went there, and probably still remember them to this day. The kids a;so made a close bond to the counselors. It was a wonderful summer.

25: X | The letter X is for eXciting. There were many exciting events that occurred in the book the acorn people. The ballet, the play, the mountain climbing, swimming. Everything they did in camp was exciting for them. They all learned many things including the counselors.

26: Y | The letter Y is for young and dying. The kids in this book. were young. They all had some sort of issue with their health. Most did not last through their teen years. It's not anyones fault. They were just born with some type of defect. Their parents loved them very much, and hated to see them go. But it's human nature. I know i will always remember this book and the meaning of it.


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