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ABC Book of Earth's Physical Features

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BC: Abc book | Joseph w.

FC: ABC Book of Earth's Physical Features ! | Joseph W. Geography - 1

1: Atoll | An atoll is a coral reef that either surrounds a lagoon or partially surrounds it. | Bikini atoll, Micronesian Islands

2: Butte | A butte is an isolated hill with steep vertical sides and a flat top. | Devil's tower, Missouri

3: Canyon | A deep ravine or gorge usually formed by a river. | grand canyon, Arizona

4: Desert | A desert is a hot wasteland of sand, it gets very little precipitation and there are not many kinds of plant life. | gobi desert, asia

5: Escarpment | An escarpment is a hill or slope caused by erosion and faults. | Caprock escarpment, Garza County, Texas

6: Flood plain | An area composed of sediment next to a river that is prone to flooding. | Paraná river floodplain, brazil

7: glacier | A glacier is a large chunk of snow and ice. | There are all kinds of glaciers large and small all over the continent of Antarctica.

8: Highlands | Highlands are hills and mountains that cover a large area of land. | aspen highlands , aspen, california

9: Island | An island is an area of land that is surrounded by water. | Bora bora island, the pacific ocean

10: fjord | A fjord is an inlet surrounded by steep cliffs and mountains. | frithjof fure fjord, norway

11: Lake | A lake is a large body of water that is mostly still. | Lake Washington, madison lake, minnesota

12: Lagoon | A lagoon is a small, shallow body of water that is seperated from a larger body of water by reefs. | Blue lagoon, Dominican republic

13: Marsh | A marsh is a wetland that has more grass like plants than wood like plants. | Everglades, Florida

14: Mountain | A mountain is a large landform that rises higher than regular ground level. | Mt. everest, nepal

15: oasis | AN AREA OF vegetation in a desert, usually surrounding a spring. | siwa oasis, egypt

16: Prairie | A prairie is a large field with lots of long grass and very few trees. | LAura Ingalls Wilder grew up on a prairie. | A long time ago prairies covered about 40% of the Earth. | Prairies were formed about 8,000 years ago.

17: Aquifer | An aquifer is a layer of underground rock that contains gravel and silt. | We can get tap water from aquifers. | Water keeps moving down until it hit an impermeable layer.

18: River | A river is a natural watercourse flowing to a ocean or lake or sea. | The Mississippi is a river that flows all the way across the United States. | Rivers have all kinds of animals that live by or near them like fish,and otters to crocodiles and piranhas.

19: Savanna | A savanna is a grassland with scattered trees and bushes. | There are so many different types of animals that can live on a savanna. | There are lots of savannas in Africa and South America.

20: Tundra | A tundra is a treeless biome that has cold temperatures and short days. | Tundras are home to animals such as caribou and arctic fox. | The tundra is known to be the second most deadliest environment in the world.

21: Plateau | A plateau is a mountain or hill that has a flat top. | Plateaus can be found in oceans and on land. | Plateaus can be made by erosion. | There is a mathematical shape that is shaped like a plateau.

22: Volcano | A volcano is a opening in the earth's surface that allows hot gas, maGMA, AND ASH TO COME OUT IN An ERUPTION. | Volcanoes are usually located where two tectonic plates meet. | magma is called lava after it comes out of the volcano. | jupiter is the place with the most volcanic activity in the universe.

23: Waterfall | A waterfall is water flowing over a cliff or sudden drop off. | There are ten different kinds of waterfalls. | The highest waterfall is 947 meters.

24: Geyser | A geyser is a stream or jet of water that is shot out of a hole that is connected to an underground spring. | Old Faithful is one of the most famous geysers and is located in yellowstone. | a geyser can shoot water up to a height of 300 feet.

25: I'm glad i got it in on time! | Thanks mrs. schrader!

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