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ABC Scrapbook; If I Stay

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FC: ABC SCRAPBOOK By: Devin Wehmiller

1: "A"ntagonist In the novel If I Stay, the antagonist is not a specific person. It is death and Mia struggled with it after the car accident she was involved in. Mia couldn't decide whether she should stay and be with her friends and family, or leave to be with her parents and brother who died in the car accident.

2: "B"ook | 17 year old Mia lived in a small town in Oregon. She was a cellist and a lover of classical music. One day, Mia, her younger brother Teddy, and her parents decided to go to Portland to visit their family and friends, when they got out of school because of snow. | On their way to Portland, they got into a car accident. Mia looked around and saw both of her parents lying in the road. Dead. Worried, she began looking for her brother. She noticed a hand in a ditch, nearby. She immediately went to check on him.

3: Her social worker let her grandparents come in and visit her, but the head nurse on the ICU floor of the hospital would not let any other visitors come in to see her. Willow eventually showed up to the hospital after continuously trying to help Teddy survive and this is when Mia learned he didn't make it. Willow became "the boss" on the ICU floor and allowed people to visit Mia. The second or third time Mia's grandparents came in to see her, her grandpa told her it was alright if she left, but everyone would miss her. Adam comes in to visit and tells her he would do anything if he stayed. After everyone leaves, she contemplates living or dying. | It was her. She then realized she is "out of her body". A helicopter then came and got her brother to take him to the hospital. She got in and went with them. She saw Willow there with Teddy, then followed her own body to the hospital. Friends and family eventually came to check on her.

4: "C"limax | On Mia and her family's way to Portland she gets into a car accident. This changes everything in the story. Mia gets seriously injured, which makes her have to choose between living and dying, later on in the book; This changes the book because her family dies, who she was extremely close to and the novel's mood changes from happy to dark and depressing.

5: "D"escription *Mia- main character, 17, high school student, different from rest of family (brown hair, brown eyes, likes classical music), applies to Juilliard, loves her friends and family *Adam- Mia's boyfriend, in a rock band called Shooting Star, older than Mia, their first date was to a "Yo Yo Ma" concert (classical music) *Kim- Mia's best friend, long dark hair, Jewish, mutual hatred at first.. then became best friends, she told Adam about the car accident Mia was involved in *Willow- family friend, married to Henry and has a baby, takes over Mia's ICU floor to let people visit her *Mia's dad- teacher, blue eyes and blond hair, used to be in a rock band, but quit to focus on his marriage and Mia *Mia's mom- blond hair and blue eyes, works at a travel agency, helps Mia with all of her problems, comforts her when needed, and gives her advice *Teddy- Mia's little brother, blond hair, blue eyes, close relationship, likes rock and roll music like his parents *Gramps- takes her to Juilliard audition, visits alot while in coma, says it's okay if she wants to leave *Gran- believes in angels, told Mia about Juilliard and told her she should go

6: Setting- time: 7:09 A.M.-7:16 A.M. (next day) place: Portland, Oregon- hospital, Mia's home, the road, helicopter Characters- Mia, her parents, Teddy, Gran, Gramps, Adam, Willow, Kim, Nurses at hospital, and Adam's band members Conflict- man vs. man (Willow/Adam and nurses) man vs. self (Mia) man vs. nature (car accident) | "E"xposition

7: "F"igurative Language | 1. Simile: "When he was on-stage, it was like his guitar was a fifth limb, a natural extension of his body." 2. Personification: "A symphony of grinding, a chorus of popping, an aria of exploding, and finally, the sad clapping of hard metal cutting soft trees." 3. Hyperbole: "The impact of a four ton pick up truck going sixty miles an hour plowing straight into the passenger side had the force of an atom bomb."

8: "G"ive an Alternate Ending A possible alternate ending to the book If I Stay is that Mia chooses to die and go be with her parents and brother. This will then make her family and friends, that are still alive, love her and want her to stay, be sad .

9: | "H"eart to Heart

10: "I"llustrations

11: "J"ustify | The Kentucky Bluegrass Award Winning novel “If I Stay” is a must read for all teenagers. This book is something many people can connect and relate to, in many ways. Several events in this story are real life events, which helps the reader connect to the circumstances. It has a lot of imagery, which allows you to picture everything that happens, as if you were there. Also, this book is a romance, but also has a paranormal side to it. This makes it enjoyable for all teenagers, male and female. Another idea about this book, that makes it enjoyable for everyone, is it is set in a 24 hour period. Most books are set over a time period of months or even years, and this one being different, makes you want to keep reading. It gets you hooked making you wonder what Mia’s final decisions are going to be and other important decisions she will over time make. “If I Stay” is one of the best books I have ever read, and I recommend it to everyone.

12: 1. What was Mia’s first reaction to seeing her parents lying in the road after the car accident? She said everything feels so unreal and everything does not immediately connect back to her parents. She then begins to worry and goes to look for Teddy. 2. Adam and Mia are engrossed in incredibly different genres of music. How did they meet and what makes them so close? Adam and Mia went to the same school. During free period they would both go to sound-proof booths and practice their instruments. He enjoyed watching her play and he said he loved her love for music. 3. Why did Mia first begin playing the cello? In her music class in third grade, she wandered over to the cello. She thought it looked almost human and if you began playing it, it would tell secrets to her. | "K"now Your Book

13: 4. Do you believe Mia will choose to leave Adam and go to Juilliard? I do believe she will go to Juilliard, but I also believe Adam will end up going with her, especially since he told her he would do anything for her when she was in the hospital. 5. Why do you think the author included flashbacks of Mia’s life before the car accident? I think flashbacks are included because it gives the reader a little background information on Mia and her family/friends. It also shows how her decision to stay or leave is so difficult. 6. Why do you think Kim told Adam about Mia’s car accident, when they do not get along? I think Kim told Adam because she knows how important Adam is to Mia. Also, Kim knows she’s one of the only people who know how to get a hold of Adam that also know about the accident. She also said she would accept Adam because she knows Mia loves him. 7. If you were Mia, what would be your final decision? If I was Mia, I would choose to stay. I would make this decision because even though my parents and brother weren’t here anymore, there are still many people here that love me, like my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and boyfriend.

14: 8. Mia wishes for a death proxy. But, then her gramps comes to visit. How does his visit change her views on everything? After her gramps visited, she realizes that it is her choice to go. She can go if she wants to, but she could also stay, like everyone is wishing for her to do. 9. Why is it important that Mia is “outside” of her body and can still see everything that goes on, even though she is in a coma? It lets the readers know all of Mia’s thoughts. It shows us that she is scared and sad. It makes the reader feel like they are there with her. 10. What influenced Mia’s decision of living or staying? Many things influenced Mia’s decision. A few of the most important things are: hearing everybody wants her to stay; even though some of her family are gone, she still has family there; and Adam coming in to talk to her and telling her that he would do anything for her.

15: "L"essons Learned | A lesson I learned from reading the book “If I Stay” is to always be thankful for everything and everyone in your life. Mia and her family were going on a fun filled journey, and everything changed in the blink of an eye. She didn’t expect to get into a disastrous car accident, and definitely did not expect any of her family to die. This made me appreciate everything I have, because both of her parents and her brother are no longer alive.

16: "M"aking Personal Connections | 1. One personal connection I can make to the book “If I Stay” is one of my friends not liking my other friend. Even though in the story Mia’s boyfriend and best friend don’t get along, and that is not the same as my situation, two very important people to us did not get along. I continuously tried to get both of my friends to get along, like Mia, but it took quite a long time for it to happen. | 2. Another personal connection I can make to this book is someone really important to me dying. In January of 2008, my great grandmother passed away. In her last few years, she moved to Kentucky from Ohio to be closer to her family. In those few years, we became really close. I would do anything she asked me to do. We were together all of the time. Even though it was not my parents or brother who passed away, it was one of the most important person in my life who did.

17: "N"arration The point of view my book, “If I Stay” was written in is first person. This is effective for the story because this allows the reader to know what the main character, Mia, is thinking throughout the story. This lets the readers get hooked and want to keep reading. This is true because this story follows all of Mia's thoughts and actions over a 24 hour time period, when she is making her decision to live or die.

18: "O"bituary | Mia, 17. Former resident of Portland, Oregon. Mia, 17, died January 16, 2012 at 9:00 A.M. on | her way to visit her family and friends, with her parents and brother, a few miles away. Visitation will be held January 19, 2012 at Mt. Scott Funeral Home in Portland, Oregon. A funeral will be held January 20, 2012 at Mt. Scott Funeral Home followed by a burial service at Skyline Memorial Gardens. Mia was born May 4, 1994, in Portland, Oregon to her parents at Shriners Hospital. Mia was an avid cellist, loved classical music, and enjoyed spending time with her family and friends. Mia was a junior in high school and she planned on attending Juilliard School, in New York City, after she graduated. Mia is survived by her parents, her younger brother Teddy, her gran and gramps, and her many friends. Donations may be sent to P.O. Box 1827, Portland, OR 97205.

19: "P"rotagonist The protagonist in If I Stay is Mia. Mia is 17, plays the cello, plans on attending Juilliard for college, loves classical music, and is close to her family. The story follows her life, thoughts, and decisions about living or dying over a 24 hour time period.

20: "Q"uotes | It ignited bits of the gas tank, so that now tiny flames lap at the wet road.” Forman, Gayle. If I Stay: A Novel. New York: Dutton, 2009. 14. Print. I think this quote is important because it shows how dangerous the car accident they were involved in was. Going into detail about all of the damage that was done, demonstrates how much of a deal the accident actually was. This makes a picture in my mind of what the scene looked like. | 1. “The car is eviscerated. The impact of a four-ton pickup truck going sixty miles an hour plowing straight into the passenger side had the force of an atom bomb. It tore off the doors, sent the front side passenger seat through the driver’s side window. It flipped the chassis, bouncing it across the road and ripped the engine apart as if it were no stronger than a spider web. It tossed wheels and hubcaps deep inside the forest.

21: 2. “But then, it is no longer Adam that I hear. It’s that sound, the low moan that in an instant takes flight and turns into something sweet. It’s the cello. Adam has placed headphones over my lifeless ears and is laying an iPod down on my chest. He’s apologizing, saying that he knows this isn’t my favorite but it was the best he could do. He turns up the volume so I can hear the music floating across the morning air. Then he takes my hand.” Forman, Gayle. If I Stay: A Novel. New York: Dutton, 2009. 231. Print. I think this quote is important because it shows Adam’s love for Mia. Even though he knows she cannot hear anything he is saying to her, he still talks to her and plays her music. He knew she loved classical music and the cello, so he played that for her.

22: "R"esolution | The resolution of Gayle Forman’s novel, “If I Stay” is when Adam comes into Mia’s hospital room and begins to talk to her. He tells her to stay. He also says if she does choose to stay, he will do anything she wants him too. He would quit his band and go with her to New York when she goes to school. But he also explains to her that if she doesn’t feel comfortable going back to her old life, without her family, and chose to erase everyone from it, he would “go” if she chose to “stay”. Adam then places headphones over her ears and plays a song by “Yo-Yo Ma” the band they went to see on their first date. She then begins remembering memories from her parents and brother. She then squeezes Adam’s hand and makes her decision.

23: "S"ensory Details | “I lean my head against the car window, watching the scenery zip by, a tableau of dark green fir trees dotted with snow, wispy strands of white fog, and heavy gray storm clouds up above. It’s so warm in the car that the windows keep fogging up, and I draw little squiggles in the condensation.” Forman, Gayle. If I Stay: A Novel. New York: Dutton, 2009. 14. Print. This quote from the book “If I Stay” is important because it shows the reader what is happening before the car accident Mia and her family was in. It has the sense touch, her leaning her head against the car window, the warmness of the car, and her drawing squiggles on the window. It also has the sense of sight. It allows you to picture the trees with snow on top, the white fog, and storm clouds in the sky.

24: "T"op 5 Song List | Mia: 1. Andante Con Poco E Moto ubato- Her and Adam’s first date was to see their band in concert; she loved classical music 2. Beethoven’s Cello Sonata no. 3- Mia was listening to it in the car on their way to Portland; she was practicing playing in on the cello; she loves classical music 3. Should I Stay or Should I Go- the whole book is Mia having to decide whether to stay or go to heaven to be with her family who passed away 4. Spongebob Squarepants theme song- her younger brothers favorite show and he was watching when they were in their car accident; reminder of her brother 5. Jonathan Richman (That Summer Feeling)- her and her brother were raised on his “goofy tunes” |

25: "U"ndercover Mission | Gayle Forman: 1. She is not a natural “red-head”; its naturally a ashy-brown color 2. She married her first boyfriend 3. She began her writing career writing for Seventeen Magazine

26: "V"isiting Your Favorite Character | Mia: 1. What was the biggest event that made you choose to live? (her parents and brother died, and I want to know what main action made her final decision, to stay and have to live without them) 2. How difficult do you think it will be to have to live without your family and brother? (she was with them every day before, now she will have to go through everyday life without them)

27: 3. Are you going to choose to go to Juilliard or stay close by your boyfriend? (before her car accident she always had talks with her mother and Adam about whether or not she wanted to fulfill her dream of going to school for playing the cello, or staying near her boyfriend who she loves) 4. What were your thoughts when you heard the news about your brother’s death? (they had a very good, close relationship and she loved him a lot) 5. Were you surprised when Kim told Adam about you being in the hospital? (Kim and Adam did not get along like Mia wished. She wanted them to be friends because they were two of the most important people in her life)

28: "W"hy | The human motivation that drives the characters and/or the plot in “If I Stay” is Mia’s love and dedication to her family. Mia and her family had always had a close relationship, which was showed through the flashbacks Gayle Forman provided us throughout the story, and even up to the car accident. Whenever all of her family, except for her died in the accident, she had to decide whether or not she would stay with the family and friends who love her, or go on to be with her family who passed away. Her love for her family is what causes her hard debate over what her final decision should be.

29: "X"ray | I think things worked out the way they did in "If I Stay" for many reasons. I believe Kim let Adam know of Mia's car accident she was involved in because she knows how much they love each other. I also believe that Kim would have felt bad in the future, if something did end up happening to Mia, and she had not let Adam know. Kim had a big decision to make whether or not to let Adam know, considering neither of them liked each other. They only got along with each other because they knew they were two of the most important people in Mia's life. But, I think Kim did end up making the perfect decision.

30: "Y"our Own Ideas | My freebie page is a page of how I believe their future is going to unfold. I believe since Adam told Mia that he would do anything if she stayed, that she is going to get accepted to Juilliard, they are both going to move there, and Adam will eventually become a part of a new band in NYC. But, even though they move across the country, she will go back and visit her family and friends very often. I also believe that since Kim informed Adam of the accident, they will both become friends, which will make Mia very happy.

31: "Zinger" | One “zinger” that occurred during this book was at the very end. Adam comes in her hospital room to talk to her and it says she squeezes his hand. Then he squeezes hers harder, he takes a breath, and it says it was the first time that day she could actually hear him. Then he says, “Mia?”. This shows her final decision. That she decided to stay and be with her friends and family. This was unexpected to me because I didn’t know whether or not she was going to stay. I was hoping she would, but some events that went on within that 24 hour time period left me wondering whether or not she would stay or leave.

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