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Acids and Bases

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Acids and Bases - Page Text Content

FC: All About Acids and Bases

1: All About Acids and Bases Written by: Mr. Tigue's 5th Grade Class 2009-2010 Fabulous Fifth Graders: Aaliyah, Laraie, Jeremiah, Kasia, Alyssa, Alexus, Destynie, Brandon, Payton, Taylor, Angel, Marissa, Tristin, JaKolbe, Johnny, Shelby, Chance, Jonah, Lance, Jimmy, Braxton, Jacob, Jordan, Christian, Zoe, and Vivica

2: An acid is a substance with an excess of hydrogen ions. An acid turns litmus paper red. Destynie, Jordan, Payton, Lance, and Zoe | What is an acid?

3: For example, if you dip litmus paper in vinegar, it will turn red. | Some fruits are acids such as grapefruit, lemons, limes, and oranges. | pH1: HCl acid pH2: Stomach acid pH3: Lemon Juice pH4: Vinegar pH5: Soda pH6: Rain Water

4: A base is a chemical compound that forms a bitter taste and slippery touch. Bases react with acids. Bases turn litmus paper blue. Alyssa, Brandon, Jeremiah, and Vivica | What is a base?

5: Bases have a pH greater than 7. Some bases are corrosive. They also contain hydroxide ions. A strong base will react with materials more easily than a weak base. | Lots of cleaning products are bases such as baking soda, soap, ammonia, bleach, and drain cleaner.

6: The colorful pH scale... | The pH scale measures how acidic or basic a substance is. The acidity of a substance measures the strength of an acid on the pH scale, and the alkalinity of a substance measures the strength of a base on the pH scale. Aaliyah, Alexus, Angel, and Kasia

7: A substance that is an acid has a pH of 0-6. Ex: Vinegar | A neutral solution is neither acidic or basic. Neutrals have a pH of 7. Ex: Pure Water | A substance that is a base has a pH of 8-14. Ex: Ammonia

8: An indicator is a substance that changes color to indicate whether another substance is an acid or a base. Blue litmus turns red when placed in an acid, and red litmus turns blue when added to a base. Braxton, JaKolbe, Jonah, and Laraie | Indicators: Litmus Paper

9: Substances tested: Vinegar -- Acid Water -- Neutral Lemon Juice -- Acid Windex -- Base

10: An indicator helps to tell whether a substance is an acid or a base. Acids turn pink when cabbage juice is added, and bases turn green. Neutrals stay the same color as the cabbage juice. Christian, Jimmy, Johnny, and Taylor | Indicators: Cabbage Juice

11: Acids: Lemon Juice Soda Orange Juice Vinegar Battery Acid | Bases: Soap Bleach Ammonia Window Cleaner Baking Soda

12: In this experiment, baking soda (a base) is being added to a bottle of vinegar (an acid). | Neutralization... is a chemical reaction where an acid and a base react to form a neutral in the form of water and a salt. | Chance, Jacob, Marissa, Shelby, and Tristin

13: When the baking soda reaches the vinegar, they react to form carbon dioxide. The balloon swells from the excess CO2.

14: Try This! Goldenrod paper acts as an indicator to test acids and bases. Using this special mystery paper, you can test substances such as vinegar, ammonia, or other household substances to determine if they are an acid or a base. With an acid, the paper will turn red. With a base, you can erase what you have written and the paper will turn yellow again!

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