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Acient India

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S: Ancient India By H. Lucas

FC: Ancient India | By: H. Lucas

1: Table Of Contents. Rulers Goverment Brahmans Kyshatrias Vaisyas Sudras Religion Laws Begining and Ending

2: Rulers They were a monarchy which was if you were born into the family you would be king. Another was called Dynasty when two family's would fight each other and who ever won was king.There were three main rulers in Ancient India it was Maurya, Asoka and Harsha.

4: Government They had Kings, clerks and ministers They made all of the rules in Ancient India. If you were a woman or anything below that you could not be a governor .

6: Brahmans | The highest social class in Ancient India were the Brahmans. They were Priest and kings and were very wealthy they made the laws they got they best food and they even had servants called the Sudra and they were at the bottom of Ancient India's social class.

7: Don't think: Look! -Ludwig Wittgenstein

8: Kyshatrias Kyshatrias meaning warrior was the second highest social class in Ancient India. They were in the military and fought for Ancient India and they were also respected by India,

10: Vaisyas They were herders, merchants and farmers they traded with other countries. They grew crops and food they believed most in Hinduism dying and becoming another thing.

12: Sudra The Sudras were at the very bottom of the Ancient India's social classes. They did a lot of hard work they were treated like slaves. A Brahman wasn't aloud to give food or give any advise to the Sudras.

14: Religion Ancient India's religion was Hinduism. That is when you believe in the Brahman and when you die you could be born again as a human, animal or even a plant. They also believed in Karma and that is if you do good things then good things will happen to you but if you do bad thing something bad will happen to you.

16: Beginning and Ending Ancient India started around 700bc and their first ruler was Maurya and there last ruler who took over Ancient India was Changupta and he took over by dynasty.

18: LAWS The Law of Manu was a lot of laws put into one. Complex rules decided what you ate and by what social class you were in. Some rules were, only Brahmans could others about the Holy Text and the Brahmans were not allowed to give the Sudras any food or advise.

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