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Act 2 and up

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FC: Act 2 Romeo and Juliet Novel Study. Emily J

1: Act 2 Scene 1 1. Where do Marcutio and Benvolio believe Romeo is hiding? They think he's hiding in the bushes under a medlar tree doing sexual things with Rosaline. But he isn't with Rosaline he is Juliet his new true love. 2. What is Romeo actually doing? Romeo is actually talking to Juliet because they have just met and they are already in love, and they are planning on getting married or else they will die alone.

2: 3. What does Romeo compare Juliet to. He compared her eyes to shining stars. He also compares her to a fool because she still has her virginity.Also an envious moon. He also says he is the sailor and she is the merchandise.

3: 4. Why does Shakespeare make Marcutio and Benvolio talk about "phisical love" in the scene right before the balcony scene, where Romeo and Juliet talk about emotional love? Becuase Marcutio and Benvolio are talking about phisical love and Romeo is talking of emotional love. So i think the reason that Shakspeare put those parts beside each other is because he wanted to compare the two types of love being described in this piece.

4: 5. A famous line from this scene is " that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" What does this mean? 6. That just because his name is a Montague, and that Montagues are the Capulets sworn enemies doesnt mean that Romeo is a bad person, and that Romeo and Juliet can still love each other.

5: 7. What does Romeo swear his love by? Why doesn't Juliet like this? Romeo swears his love for Juliet by the moon and Juliet doesnt like this because the moon is always changing.

6: Act 2 Scene 3 1. Who proposes? What is the plan? Juliet is that one that proposes to Romeo. And the plan is that both of them to meet at the church to have the friar marry them at 9:00 am. Their parents dont know they are getting married.

7: Act 2 Scene 3 2. What does Romeo go do immediatly after leaving Juliet? Romeo runs to Friar Lawrence and concinces the Friar to let Romeo and Juliet get married. The Friar says yes because he thinks it will end the fight between the 2 families. 3. What does Friar Lawrence think about Romeo's sudden change in love interests? He thinks that Romeo is taking it to fast because just a few hours ago he was sad that Rosaline had left him. Now he suddenly loves Juliet and it was love at first sight pretty much.

8: Act 2 Scene 4 1. What has happened as a result of the party crahing? Tybalt has sent a letter to Romeo for a duel. He did this to get back at him fro crashing the Capulet's party. 2. What does Mercutio call Tybalt and why? Mercutio calls Tybalt the Prince of Cats becuase the Prince of Cats was a person that was very good with a sword and Tybalt is very good also. 3. Why is Mercutio so crude when describing Romeo's night? He is crude becuase he believes love is more a physical thing and that it is not just about emotions and how you feel about the other person.

9: 4. How does Mercutio treat the nurse? Mercutio treats the nurse kind of disrespectfully and looks at her like an old lady. 5. What is interesting about the way Mercutio treats the nurse? The nurse and Peter do not speak in iambic pentameter becuase they are servents and are not as well educated. Romeo on the other hand speaks in iabic pentameter, becuase he isnt a servant and is well educated. 6. What do the nurse and Romeo decide to do regarding the marriage. The Nurse is going to take Juliet to the church, and then Romeo will go to to get married to Juliet by the Friar Lawrence, who thinks that the marriage will end the fight between the Capulet's and the Montague's. 7. What is the mood of the scene? I think it is sort of happy but at the same time sort of sneaky because if the families of Roemo or Juliet find out they will be in BIG trouble for marrying a person that their families have been fighting all their lives

10: Act 2 Scene 5/6 | 1. What happens in this scene? In this scene Juliet gets the nurse to go and ask Romeo about what he thinks about the wedding that they are having today. 2. Why does the Nurse torture Juliet the way she does? She knows that Juliet is waiting to hear the news on Romeo, so she is tortureing her to wait while she is making up excuses like that she is out of breath and that her head hurts and her back hurts.

11: 3. What happens in this scene? In this scene Juliet and Romeo get married by the Friar Lawrence. The Friar Lawrence makes a speech that is very boring and long. Also the Friar tells Romeo to love Juliet carfully and not like he did Rosaline. 4. Analyze Friar Lawrence's speech to Romeo- not really a bubbly prewedding type speech is it?? I think that it is a speech that isn't very happy and exciting wedding speech.Also Friar Lawrence is telling Romeo to take his time with Juliet if he thinks that she is his true love. I think the speech is very like Shakespeare.

12: Act 3 | Scene 1 | 1. What happens between Tybalt and Mercutio? They are bugging each other about getting in to a fight. Then Tybalt kills Mercutio and for revenge Romeo kills Tybalt. 2. What does Romeo do in retaliation? In revenge of Tybalt killing Mercutio Romeo kills Tybalt to make Tyabalt pay for killing Mercutio. How has Romeo's own choices led to his downfall? It led to his downfall because of Romeo killing Tybalt, because Tybalt killed Mercutio and so now there are a lot of problems

13: 3. What creates a tragic hero? In this story Romeo creates a tragic hero by falling in love with Rosaline without thinking it thriugh, falling in love with Juliet without thinking it through, he killed Tybalt without thinking it through, and he drank poisen with out thinking it through. This is called impulsive. 4. How did Romeo's fatal flaw? Romeo's fatal flaw was created by him being impulsive. This means he was doing the same thing over and over again that in the end would be a BIG disadvantage to him. What happens after the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio? Tybalt is dead and so is Mercutio. Also the Prince is going to kill Romeo, because Romeo killed Tybalt because Tybalt killed Mercutio. 5. How is this the turning point in this story? This is the turning point in the story because since Romeo is getting banished, then one of the Friar's was supposed to send him a letter telling him that Juliet was faking her death.Then since Romeo did not get the letter, when he came back he thought Juliet was dead and then he killed himself and then when Juliet woke up she saw Romeo dead and killed herself.

14: Act 3 Scene 2 | 1. What is the confusion in this scene? The confusion in this scene is when the nurse yells "He's dead, he's dead. And Juliet thought the Nurse was talking about Romeo but she was actually talking about Tybalt. That is the confusion. 2. List 4 examples of antithesis that Shakespeare uses in this scene? Why does he use antithises here? Beautiful tyrant! Fiend angelical! Dove-feathered raven, wolvish-ravening lamb!

15: Act 3 Scene 2 | 3. What does Juliet feel about what Romeo has done? She doesn't understand as nice and kind as Romeo would do that to her. 4. How does Juliet react when the Nurse scolds Romeo? What did this say about Juliet's veiw on marriage? When the Nurse insults Romeo Juliet yells at her when just a few minutes before she was mad at Romeo. 5. What does the Nurse decide to do? She decides to go find Romeo because she is tired of Juliet's crying and pouting so she is going to find Romeo.

16: Act 3 Scene 3 1. What is the relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence? The relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence is basically like a father and a son realtionship. Friar Lawrence is basically Romeo's second dad. 2. How does Romeo show that is still foolhardy and willing to put emotion before logic? Romeo shows that he is still too impulsive because he said that he would rather die then be banished. That is how he is putting emotion before logic.

17: 3. What is the Friar's suggestion to make things right? The Friar's suggestion to Romeo is that he go and see Juliet. And then go away to another city because he got banished. 4. How does this scene end? The Nurse leaves. Then Romeo and the Friar talk about that Romeo should go and see Juliet and that the Friar will send a messenger to go and tell Romeo about what is going on in Verona, while he is in the other city while he is banished.

18: Act 3 Scene 4 1. What has been decided regarding Juliet's fate in this scene? It has been regarded to Juliet's fate that she will marry Count Paris. Juliet has only met him once at a dance and he is way older then she is. 2. What was Capulet's only conern about this? His only concern about this is that Juliet marry's someone rich, and Paris is rich. Another concern is that the date of the wedding is too close to the day that Tybalt died.

19: Act 3 Scene 5 1. What is the significance about "larks" and "nightingales"? The significance between larks and nightingales is that larks sing in the morning and nightingales sing at night. 2. What super forshadowing does Shakespeare give us as Romeo leaves? The major forshawdowing that Shakespeare gives us is that when Romeo is just abou tto leave and Juliet says that she has a feeling that they will never see each other alive again. She is right.

20: 3. How does Juliet act to her mothers announcment? Juliet reacts to her mothers announcment by not being very happy becuse her mothers announcment is that she has to marry Count Paris. She wants to marry Romeo. 4. How does Capulet react to Juliet's acceptance or lack thereof? What is the ultimatum he gives her? Capulet reacts to Juliet by telling her that she either marry Paris or leave the house which are two bad choices.

21: 5. Quote one of the lines that you think proves that Capulet is not the best father. Out, you green sickness, carrion! Out, you baggage! You tallow face! 6. What does Juliet tell the Nurse? Is this true or a lie? What do you believe she will do? The Nurse tells Juliet that she should just marry Paris and Juliet says that she will and she goes to the church to get poisen but she tells everyone it's for confession.

22: Act 4 Scene 1 1. Why is Paris at the church? What does he tell the Friar? Paris is at the church because he is making wedding arrangments with the Friar, who thinks that he is going to fast but Count Paris wants to get married right away becasue he wants to cheer Juliet up; because he thinks she has been crying over Tybalt when really she has been crying over Romeo. 2. How does Juliet use double entendres in this scene? Juliet uses double entredes because she wants everyone to believe that she wants to marry Paris but she actually wanst to marry Romeo. An example is when she says "I will confess to you that I love him." That could mean that she loved Paris but she is actually talking about Romeo. 3. How does Juliet mirror the actions of Romeo, who was in the very same place the day before? Juliet mirrors the actions of Romeo because when Romeo went to see the Friar he was not acting like a man but instead he was crying and sobbing. Juliet was doing the same, and she even brought her own knife to stab herself.

23: Act 4 Scene 1 4. What are some of the things Juliet would rather do then marry Paris? She would rather be locked in a tower. She would rather be chained with roaring bears. She would rather be locked in a charnel house, with men's rattling bones, reeky shanks and yellow chapless skulls; And she would rather be burried in a new made grave. And she will do it without fear or doubt to live an unstained wife to my sweet love. 5. Outline Friar Lawrence's plan in detail step-by-step. Friar Lawrences plan is that Juliet goes home tonight and making sure she is by herself she is going to drink the poisen. Then it will slow her breath and make her look dead. The Friar is going to send a letter to Romeo telling him what is going to happen. Then when Juliet wakes up from her long sleep, the Friar and Romeo will be there and Romeo and Juliet will go and live together in Mantua.

24: Act 4 Scene 2 1. Why is the suruantman blabbering about cooks who lick their fingers? The surantman is talking about this because it means that the person is a good cook and willing to eat his or her own food. 2. What is an unexpected result of Juliet telling her father she will marry Paris? The unexpected result that happened is that the wedding got bumped a day sooner and so now Juliet only has a certain amount of time to get ready an take the poisen.

25: Act 4 Scene 3 1. Juliet is unsure of taking the poisen? Describe them. Juliet is unsure about taking the poisen because she thinks that Friar Lawrence may be trying to actually kill her because he married her to Romeo and it is illegal to get married to two people at the same time. So Juleiet thinks the Friar may be trying to save his own skin. 2. What things does she imagine that finally convinces her to take the potion? The thing that finally convinces her to take the poisen after she is worrying about what will happen, is Romeo. Then she remembers that it is worth it, for them to be together in the end. Also she imagines all the dead bodies when she will wake up and she believes that she will go crazy and hit herself with a bone from Tybalt's body. Also she thinks that she will hyperventilate in the tomb.

26: Act 4 Scene 4 1. What is this scene all about? This scene is all about how Juliet faked her death and now the are making everything that's white; black and they are going to be playing sad funeral music. Also they have wrapped Juliet in her funeral cothes and they are taking her to the tomb.

27: Act 4 Scene 5 1. How is death personified in this scene? Death is personified in this scene becasue Paris missed his chance to marry Juliet because death got her first. Now she is married to death. 2. Are Juliet's parents unconcerned by her death or are they angry that they will not get to marry her to Paris? Explain your answer. I think that both the Capulets are sad becasue Mr. Capulet said " O child, O child! my soul not y child" but at the same time they could not care because not Juliet will not be able to have alot of money. Also the Capulets will not get money. 3. What does the Friar tell the family to stop them from shouting out in grief? He tells them that Juliet is now in a better place and that she will be happy where she now is. 4. What is the reason for having the argument between Romeo and the musician's The reason for having the argument between the musicians is so that the actors can switch the backdrops and change costumes.

28: Act 5 Scene 1 1. Summerize the ending of the play here, and write a one paragragh review on the piece. 2. Name and author of play. 3. Genre of the play. 4. A quick summary of the play. 5. 2 best things of the play. 6. 2 worst things of the play. 7. Your rating of the play on a scale of 1-5. Defence of your rating. 8. Reccomendation or not to read the play.

29: 1. Juliet was in the vault and then when Romeo got there he thought she was dead and killed himself. Then Juliet woke up she saw Romeo dead and she killed herself. Then the police came and found Caputlet and arrested Bethasar and then the parents came and were reunited over the dead bodies of the lovers. 2. Romoe and Juliet written by Shakepeare. 3. I think that this book was a romantic book also it was quite funny. 4. A quick summary of the play is that Rosaline beaks up with Romeo and then Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio go crash the capulets party and then Reomo sees Juliet and it is love at first sight.

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