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Adolf Hitler

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BC: The End

FC: Adolf Hitler By: Brittany Childers

1: Topic. I chose Adolf Hitler because I knew a little bit about him but I wanted to know more. Like what his childhood was like, why he killed himself, and how many people he killed.

2: What I already knew about Adolf Hitler. 1. That he wanted a perfect world. 2. He hated the Jews. 3. He killed himself 4.He ordered the Nazi's to kill he Jews and run the concentration camps. I knew these from previous knowledge and reading about the Holocaust.

3: How was Adolf Hitler raised? o Adolf Hitler had a rough childhood. o Adolf and his father Alois would get into arguments a lot. o Adolf loved his father but disliked him because he forbade him to study Art. o He started doing poorly in school at the age of 12. o After Alois's death Adolf began to plan his future and continued on with his life.

4: Question 1 How was Adolf Hitler raised? o He loved to play rough with other children in his neighborhood. o When he would play he would show his abilities that everyone would later see. o When he was young he also learned that he had a talent for drawing and he loved to read.

6: Question 2. How many people in total did Adolf Hitler or order to be killed? o During the Holocaust Hitler killed about 11 million people. o Out of those 11 million people 6 million were Jews, about 200,000 were Gypsies, about 200,000 were Physically and Mentally Disabled people, 2 to 3 million were Soviet Prisoners of War. o He also killed Homosexuals, and Jehovah's Witnesses.

7: Question 2. o Hitler Ordered murders of Jews, Political Opponents, Mentally and Physically Disabled people, and others he called "Unworthy of Life." o He believed that all the people that were "Unworthy of Life" were standing in his way of his vision of the New German Empire. o This Empire would only contain purely Nordic people.

9: Question 3. How, why, and when did Adolf Hitler kill himself? o On April 20th everyone gathered to celebrate Adolf Hitler's 56th birthday. o The next day he finally admitted that everything was lost. o On April 30th he and his wife Eva said their farewells to everyone and headed off to a study and were never seen alive again.

10: Question 3. How, why, and when did Adolf Hitler kill himself? o Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun had only been married a short time before their suicide. o On April 30th they were found sitting beside each other on a sofa lifelessly. Eva had ingested Cyanide and Adolf had shot himself in the head with his pistol.

12: Conclusion. Adolf Hitler had a rough childhood from a young age up to a teen. He disliked his father for the things he did but deep down he still loved him. During the Holocaust he killed millions of people. Not only Jews but other people that he thought stood in his way of accomplishing his dream of a German Empire. One day he finally realized that everything was lost and decided to commit suicide so he wouldn't be caught. He and his wife Eva committed suicide so they could be together forever.

13: What I learned. o That there may be hundreds of reasons why Adolf Hitler started the Holocaust. o That Adolf Hitler had a very rough childhood. o That the reason he killed himself was because he didn't want to be captured and also because he felt betrayed by some of his followers. o That he not only killed Jews but anyone else that didn't have the same beliefs as him or anyone he found as a threat.

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