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African Kingdoms

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African Kingdoms - Page Text Content

FC: My Visits To Africa By Harnaik Sembhi

1: Kingdom of Ghana | It was a miserable start to the trip. I had to go through the Sahara desert to get there. As I got closer I realized what the desert was hiding. Gold, and lots of it! The cool thing was that salt was worth just as much because of the climate in the kingdom of Ghana. | Their ritual I witnessed was a bit much. Every year they sacrificed a virgin. I enjoyed everything else. However its wealth from gold and taxed trade attracted many enemies. I had to leave because of this danger.

2: Mali | I came back soon after to see if Ghana was still there and in its place was a new Kingdom, Mali. Its king, Mansa Musa was a genius. I caught him on the way back from his pilgrimage and the plan for the mosques he wanted to build were awesome. | I also spent a day at one of its Universities. I thought I was smart but one day at this place and I thought I had to go to the special class. Then the Songhai took over right under Mali's feet and I was in a new place.

3: Songhai | Sunni Ali the leader, was an amazing leader. His military had horses and canoes, out of this world at the time.People also thought he was a man who possessed magical powers. However Arabs did not like him and gave him a bad reputation because of his dislike to Islam. | During the Empires reign it expanded through the Niger Valley from Senegal to modern day Niger. All this came to a sad end though as a watched Songhai fall to the Spaniards and Moroccans.

4: Swahili Coast | Next I decided to go to the west coast of Africa to see the Swahili culture.This was a busy place. People from all over, China, the Arabs, and many more Asian countries. | The Arabs were the greatest of helpers. They brought in new foods, written language, and culture. These African people gave back ivory and slaves. Soon the Arab and African cultures blended creating the Swahili culture.Later on though some of their great cities[Kilwa] were destroyed and robbed by the Portuguese.

5: Kongo Kingdom | I made my trip to the middle of nowhere to see the Kongo. Kept from the outside world of Africa until a man named Afonso showed up. He wanted to have international relations, build his empire and fight against the slave trade. Sadly those dreams slowly ended when the Portuguese came. | They said the wanted to help. Afonso asked for workers to help build the empire. They sent former criminals to take people for slaves.As time went on it was horrible watching the Portuguese tear this empire apart taking all of these people as slaves.

6: Great Zimbabwe | My last stop was the Great Zimbabwe. This was a huge city about 10,000 people. They built huge stone structures and art like the great enclosure. Sadly the size of this place lead to over taxation and famine because of lack of resources. | Sadly, after I left I heard many of their artifacts had been stolen. The good news is that some have been found and well kept like these famous soapstone birds. These birds are regarded as national pride by the people today.

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