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S: Alisha's Book of Creative Stories Tran, Alisha


FC: Alisha's Book of Creative Stories about Great Paintings | By Alisha Tran

1: Alisha's Book of Creative Stories about Great Paintings

2: | A Friend in Need By Cassius Coolidge 1903

3: "Is he gone yet?", asked Pug. "Yeah", answered Leader. Leader (as the name suggests) was the leader of the pack with seven dogs in total. The pack stealthily crept into the open door.The owner of the house was not very careful, especially after the wild party that day. It looked like some people had been playing a card game. The cards had already been dealt, cigars and pipes were out, and half drunken cups of rum had been forgotten. "Poker!" squealed Marmaduke. "Shush!", the leader scowled at Marmaduke. 'You don't want to wake the human, do you?" When they had taken their seats, Leader began. "The bet was, who loses will have to distract the human, while the others shall sneak into his kitchen and take the food. I shall be keeping watch on the distractor. If he fails, I shall warn you." The other dog's winced. The human of the house was known for his violence to animals, dogs included. Pug sat at the back of the table, not wanting to be caught cheating. He carefully took an ace of clubs while kicking Spots foot as a distraction. "Ow! Who kicked me?" "Silence!", glared the leader.Pug hid a snicker. Leader did not notice Pug's stolen Ace in the midst of the distraction

4: | The Persistence of Memory Salvador Dali 1931

5: After a tiring day of school, I walked home. I made myself a peanut butter sandwhich and ate that while watching t.v When I was finished, I went to bed early. In bed, I thought about that day at school. We were learning about the desert's heat.I kept looking at the clock, waiting for the bell to ring. I hated deserts and their heat, and just thinking about it made me tired. That night, I dreamed of clocks running around in my yard, but the scene changed and they were in a vacant desert. Horrified, I watched as they started to melt in the sun's rays. There was a sort of animal in the middle of everything, but I was too scared to investigate.I woke up to my noisy alarm clock, glad that that was over.

6: | Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte George Seurat 1884-1886

7: Long ago, when hoop skirts and pillows were the fashion for ladies, the people of a respectable town went to a Fourth of July celebration. People form all over the county were coming. Even the famous Dr. Margaret Murry came. She had let her pet monkey run loose to play with the other animals. Everybody was dresses in red, white, and blue and having fun. There were children playing and boat races being held.

8: | The American Gothic Grant Wood 1930

9: One sunny day in Mountain Hollow, an old couple were arguing. The husband was telling the wife he had to go and ask his friend for his thresher back and he wanted to get it before he forgot since he was in the middle of pitching hay. The photographer wanted to take a picture of everybody, the couple agreed, but the wife was uncomfortable and her eyes started wandering, while the husband was still mad so he did not smile.

10: | The Umbrellas Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1881

11: It was a busy day. The people of New York were crowded in the streets. A lady rushed past by, swinging an empty picnic basket. A baby waved to no one in particular . Most people had the new trend of new umbrellas.

12: | The Scream Edvard Munch 1893-1910

13: It was a stormy evening. An old woman known to hallucinate sat at her window, staring into the cold night. It took her a moment to realize that everything was melting into a blur of color, with deep blues and vivid reds flowing smoothly. And, right before the old woman's eyes, an alien-like creature materialized before her. The Creature screamed a blood-curdling scream. The old woman blinked as if she had just woken up, because everything was back to normal and the Creature was gone.

14: Son of Man Rene Magritte 1964 |

15: Once there was a boring old business man. He was going to work, wearing his lucky red tie. A couple of juvenile delinquents that got told off by him asked him to stop. The boring old business man did not recognize them. They took a picture of him from the front and said thank you. The business man did not suspect anything. When the juvenile delinquents got home, they used the computer to put a top hat on him with an apple growing from it. They laughed so hard and called him "Apple Face".

16: Paradise of Color By Alisha T. Tran 2011

17: It was a colorful night in the land of Crayotopia. A sad couple were about to be struck by the fiery arrow of love, from 'Cupid'. The aquatic ball was about to set. A flower girl was flying her kite of ice cream. The Queen of Crayotopia was disguised as a fruit bon tree and bursting with pride at her perfect queendom. The sad couple was in sweet love while the flower girl giggled to herself. What the didn't know was that she was a spy in disguise , and her kite was an enchanted camera. 'After all' thought Flower Girl, 'Blank Pagia needs some color too.



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