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All About Animals

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FC: All About Animals by Ms. Lewis' 2nd graders November 2009

1: All About Animals by Ms. Lewis' 2nd graders

3: Bears.....page 4 Horses.....page 5 Owls.....page 6 Sharks.....page 7 Caribou.....page 8 Whales.....page 9 Eagles.....page 10 Penguins.....page 11 Lions.....page 12 Hippos.....page 13 Cows.....page 14 Giraffes.....page 15 Bees.....page 16 Snakes.....page 17 Elephants.....page 18 Foxes.....page 19 Meet the Authors.....page 21 About this Book.....page 23 | Table of Contents

4: Bears by Meghna Bears are amazing. Bears are many colors. Bears can be brown, white, or black. Bears live in many places. You can find bears in the jungle, and they live in the arctic. There are 8 types of bears. There are Koalas, Pandas and Grizzlies and more. That is why bears are amazing.

5: Horses by Shelsey Horses are fun. You can ride horses for different reasons. Sometimes you can race with a horse. They can also be a pet. Do baby horses stand up to drink their milk? Yes, baby horses stand up to drink milk. Baby horses have their own name. Baby horses are called foals. A mare can have a foal when she is three years old. That is why horses are fun.

6: Owls by Angela Owls are amazing. Owls are silent flyers. When owls see something to eat they are silent so that the food like mice do not know the danger until the owls swoops and catches them. Owls have extra eyelids. The extra eyelids cover their eyes from dirt, dust and light when they are asleep. An owlet is a baby owl. An owlet has an egg tooth at the end of the beak. They have an egg tooth to break its shell. That's why owls are so amazing!

7: Sharks by Darrion SSharks are amazing. There are 360 different types of sharks. Some shark types are the whale shark and the hammerhead shark. Some sharks can eat people and most eat fish. Sharks use their gills to breathe. One shark is the great white shark. It is 23 feet long and weighs about 1,450 pounds. Sharks hunt and attack their prey. After eating a large meal some sharks will not need to eat for another 45 days. That is why sharks are interesting.

8: Caribou by Lilybeth CCaribou are wonderful. The word caribou means snow shovelor. They are named caribou because their big feet work like shovels pushing the snow away to find food. Caribou eat lots of things in autumn. Caribou eat berries mushrooms and other fungi as well as leaves. Caribou eat food at one time. When they eat, the sky is filled with light. That is why caribou are so wonderful.

9: Whales by Vikram Whales are cool. Whales are humongous. The biggest animal in the world is the blue whale. Whales eat a lot. A blue whale eats up to 6 tons of food a day. Most whales eat fish, plankton and krill. Orcas are predators. They eat seals and sometimes other whales’ calves. Whales are found all over the world. They are found in the arctic and the 5 oceans. Whales come in different colors. They can be white, gray, black, and brown. That’s why whales are cool.

10: Eagles by Jacob Eagles are interesting. Eagles have a hooked beak. Their hooked beaks are use to rip flesh. The word eagle comes from a Latin word called Aquila. The name was given to the golden eagle by the Romans. The largest known bald eagle nest was found in Florida. It was 9 feet across and 20 feet deep and it weighed more than 20 tons. That's why eagles are interesting.

11: Penguins by Jazmyn Penguins are amazing. Emperor penguins and Adele penguins live in the coldest place in the world. They live at the South Pole. Penguins look for food in the water. They eat fish, squid, and shrimps. Penguins are covered in feathers. They have a dark head and back. Their front is white. Even though penguins have feathers, they cannot fly. That is why penguins are so amazing.

12: Lions by Malykhi Lions are amazing. Lions live in a pride. Lions have golden brown fur on them. Since they are a golden color, they can hide in the grass and you can't see them. Lions hunt their prey. They eat zebras and buffalo. The dad and mom gives their cubs meat too, after they have eaten. That's why lions are amazing.

13: Hippos by Steven Hippos are amazing. Hippos have a short tail, small, hairy ears, and short legs. Hippos are very large and they have a big mouth. They weigh 2 or 3 tons. Hippos eat grass. Hippos can stay under water for five minutes. That is why hippos are so amazing.

14: Cows by Dezmond Cows are interesting. Cows eat grass. Dairy cows make milk. Baby cows drink their mother's milk. Bulls are dangerous and the angry ones can kill you. That is why cows are interesting.

15: Giraffes by Adrian Giraffes are awesome. Giraffes eat leaves, thorns, flowers, fruits and seeds. Giraffes get water from leaves and lakes. Giraffes gallop fast. Giraffes can gallop up to 37 mph. Calves are baby giraffes. Calves make sounds. Calves make mewing sounds like a cat. Giraffe bulls leave their mother at age 15 months. They leave their mothers because they have to join other bulls. Giraffes are so interesting!

16: Bees by Kate Bees are amazing. Honey bees flap their wings more than 230 times per second. It is this rapid flapping that creates the buzzing sound of the bee. A rich food called royal jelly is made in the nurse bees head. Then if this jelly is fed to larva that is less than three days old, then they turn into a queen bee. Bees grow in stages. First they are an egg, then larvae, then a pupae, then adult. That's why bees are amazing.

17: Snakes by Kortez Snakes are scary. Snakes bite people in India and Africa. Snakes eat mice. That's why snakes are scary.

18: Elephants by Raheem Elephants are funny. There are two types of elephants, African elephants and the Asian elephant. The African elephants have a larger size, large ears, and big tusks. The Asian elephants have a smaller size, small ears, and smaller tusks. Elephants like to play in mud. They play in the mud so the bugs do not get on them. That is why elephants are funny.

19: Foxes by Stephany Foxes are interesting. Foxes are red and brown. Sometimes foxes are a little white. Foxes eat eggs and squirrels. Sometimes foxes cache rabbits in the snow. That is why foxes are interesting.

21: Meet the Authors

23: About This Book... This book was created by Ms. Lewis and written by her second graders. Our writing unit is on “Writing to Inform.” To begin their writing, each student first chose an animal to research. After making a selection, the students then used the text features to locate the important information; such as what their animal looks like, where it lives, what it eats, and other interesting facts. After locating their information, each student then recorded their facts on a graphic organizer. The graphic organizer needed a topic sentence, three (or more) facts with details, and a concluding sentence. When the students had completed their graphic organizers, each student then sat down with Ms. Lewis and edited their writing. When the editing was complete, the students then typed their final draft on the computer using Microsoft Word, and inserted the pictures of their choice. When the students were finished, Ms. Lewis compiled all their work and used the suggested layouts provided by Mixbook to create our book. We hope you enjoy it, Ms. Lewis and her Second Graders

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