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All Kinds of Animals

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S: All Kinds Of Animals

BC: The Mixbook Creations Productions

FC: All Kinds Of Animals By: Gaby, Michele, Ben, and Ashton

1: Mammals have many characteristics. Some are that they have hair, they are warm-blooded, and they are vertebrates. Some have a thick layer of blubber and are the animals that can stay underwater the longest. Fun Fact: did you know they have oxygen in their muscles. Some animals that fit into this category are...............

2: An animal that fits into the mammal category is the wolf. They live 6 to 8 years and weigh 40 to 175 pounds. Sadly, they are endangered. They live in the tundra, swamps, and sometimes on the plains.They live in cold weather. They live in North America, Europe and Asia. They can be black, gray, brown, tan or multi colored.

4: Amphibians | Other types of animals are amphibians. Amphibians are cold-blooded, they breathe through gills, they hibernate, and lay eggs in water. Some animals that fit into this category are toads, frogs, salamanders, and newts.

5: Frogs | Newts | Gills | Eggs | Salamander | Toads

6: The Mexican Caecillian is an animal that fits into the amphibian category. They live in Southern Mexico and Central America. Their habitat is lowland forests. We thought it looked like a worm, with tiny eyes, and sharp teeth.

7: Lowland Forest | Southern Mexico | Central America | Mexican Carcillian

8: Reptiles are another animal category. They are cold-blooded and are vertebrates. Some of the animals that fit into this category are alligators, crocodiles, lizards, water dragons, geckos, tree monitors, skinks, iguanas, basiliksk, and turtles. | Fun Fact: Did you know that they have been on earth for more than 300 million years :-) | Reptiles

10: An animal that fits into the reptile category is the Radiated Tortoise. It weighs 15 to 40 lbs. They live in Southern Madagascar. Their habitat is the coastal scrub land. They have a hard shell, with what looks like a connect the dot pattern.

11: Coastal Scrub Land | Southern Madagascar | Radiated Tortoise

12: Another animal group is Fish. Some of the characteristics that fish have are they have fins, gills, they breathe underwater and they migrate. Some of the fish species are Catfish, Oilfish, Dab Fish, Rays Brotula, Gar Fish, Haddock, Icefish, Jack Fish, Pike, Mackerel, Nase, Quillback, Wahoo, X-ray Tetra, and the Yellow Tail. | Fish

14: The Flying Fish is a creature from the fish group. They live in all oceans but are mostly found in tropical and subtropical oceans. They have pectoral fins, they look like they have wings, and have a flattend body. | Fun Fact: They don't actually fly they just glide up to 160 ft (50 m.)

16: Another animal group is BIRDS!!!!! Some of their characteristics are:they have feathers, they molt, exhibit preening behavior, excellent eyesight, they have air sacs, fast beating hearts, hollow bones and brooding their young. Some birds are: Parakeets, Cockatiels, Finches, Love Birds, and African Greys. | Birds

18: One type of bird is the American Gold Finch. It lives in southern Canada, Newfoundland, British Columbia, as well as the southern USA. It likes to live in open spaces with very few trees. It has a yellow, black and white forehead. It's wings and tail are black with a white edge. In the winter, its coat is olive gray, its wings are also olive gray with black and white stripes and its tail is olive gray and black. When spring comes along it goes back to it's usual color.

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