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Among the betrayed

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S: Among The Betrayed By: MArgaret Peterson Haddix

FC: By: Sasha Anaka Grade 6 March 2012

1: Imagine that you were born as an illegal child. Well, that's the life 12 year old Nina Idi lived. She went to Harlow School for Girls. She was taken to the jail where illegal third children were kept by the Population Police. She wondered who told the Population Police she was an illegal child. It was Jason. The guards told Nina that Jason, one of her best friends, was executed. After days of sitting in the same cell, Nina was moved to a different cell. She lit a match and saw three other kids in the cell. Matthias was the oldest, Percy was the middle child and Alia was the youngest of all. They soon became friends. Nina was taken up to a beautiful room when another guard was poisoned. His keys fell and Nina quickly grabbed them. The man took Nina down into basement and told her to stay her. Nina escaped with the three kids with the keys. That's when their journey began.

2: On their way out, Matthias saw there were electric wires. Alia sawed through the wire, making it look like a mouse chewed through it. They nested in a forest behind Hendricks School for Boys. The Population Police yelled for them to get out of the river they were swimming in. Alia went up to the shore and got fake IDs for Nina and herself. Nina had trouble finding food. She remembered Lee Grant knows how to grow a garden. She went into Hendricks School for Boys. A few minutes later she decided she couldn't talk to Lee. She knew she couldn't trust him. As she was leaving, Nina walked right into a garden. Nina was picking in the garden. She heard Lee Grant yelling t her. They took her her to Mr. Hendricks house. Nina had to escape. She flipped Mr. Hendricks in his wheel chair and ran. Nina told the three kids that they were looking for them, run for your life. The three kids and Nina had a party. Nina and the tree kids got to go to a new school. Mr. Hendricks told Nina that Jason was still alive. A group of boy went and defeat the Population Police. That was when a brand new journey began.

4: Monday September 26th 2005 Dear Journal, My name is Sasha. I am an illegal child. I have terrible life. I can only be inside. I have to hide in the house or keep the blinds closed at all time. I have a fake ID that I must carry it at all times. If I forget it and I go outside I’ll be in big trouble. There is a group called the Population Police and if they find out your an illegal child you get put in jail.

5: Wednesday September 28th 2005 Dear Journal, Today I went outside for a walk. The worst thing happened I forgot my ID. The Population Police asked "Can I see your ID?". I told them "I’m so sorry I forgot it. Do you want me to go get it?" They said "No.". They asked me if I was an illegal child. I replied "No of course not!" | Friday October 1st 2005 Dear Journal, My best friend is not an illegal child. She told the Population Police that I was an illegal child. I told her this because I knew I could trust her but I guess not. That day I ran home into the closet and hid behind some clothes. I could hear the Population Police talking and asking where I was. They said they would take me away when they find me.

6: Sunday October 3rd 2005 Dear Journal, Today, sadly the Population Police did find me. So, I am sitting in a cell with ankle and hand cuffs on. I am in pain. I have sores on my back. I decided to argue with the Population Guards about how illegal children have the right to be free. There should be no more Population Police or illegal children. So, then a group got together and argued to the Population Police about what I told them. From this day on there is no Population Police or illegal children.

8: China is a very populated country with 1,338,299,512 people. You won't believe that most of the people are girls. The boys are the rarest gender to have. You are most likely to have a girl. Since there are so many people there right now there is a rule about having children. The rule is you're only allowed to have one child. If you are a man and woman that are married and you do not have any siblings, you are allowed to have two children. The man who made this rule up was Deng Xiaoping in 1979. If you have more than one child there will be consequences. Some of them are: fines and pressure to abort a pregnancy. India is also a very populated country. Their population is 1,170,938,000. India crossed the 1 billion mark in 2000. In the 1950s women were allowed six kids. India estimates to have 1.5 to 1.8 billion by 2050. This is India.

9: The population of the United States of America is above 300 million right now. The United States have 4.5% of the world’s population. From 1900 – 2012, the US gained 75,994,575 people. In 2000 the population grew from 200 million – 300 million. This is China. This is The United States of America.

10: 1.No more Population Police because children have the right to be free. 2.Illegal children can be free no more hiding in the house with curtains closed. 3.No fake IDs. You don't have fake IDs because there should be no more illegal children. 4.Kids can be kids, they don't have to hide and can go and play in the mud. 5.No more hiding, kids can go outside and run for hours. 6.Illegal children are not tortured not treated like garbage. 7.Mothers can have as many children as they want like 19 Kids and Counting, they would have 17 illegal children.

12: I would recommend this book to other people for a few reasons. First, once you get into the second section of the book, it gets to a point where it is intense. You want to keep reading and want to find out what will happen next. This happened to me. When I came to the last chapter in section two, I wished I could keep reading. I kept wanting to know what will happen next. Secondly the author is very descriptive. I could make a really good picture in my head. It also made me feel like I was an audience and there was almost a play going on in front of me. If you really enjoyed this book you're lucky because there is a fourth book called Among the Imposers. Another reason why I would recommend this book to others is because the characters are always doing something at all times. This makes the book more interesting and that's what made me more interested in the book. If the author wasn't using great description words, the book would be not interesting.

13: The last reason why I would recommend this book to you is because it is humourous. When Nina was stealing from the garden and Lee Grant caught her and took her to Mr. Hendricks house. Mr. Hendricks was in a wheel chair. Nina said to herself. I got to get out of here how could I do it? So, then Nina desisted to flip him out of his wheel chair. A few minutes later she flipped him out and ran. I found that part some bit funny. If I could rate this book out of 8 out of 10. I say this because at the beginning it was hard for me to get into. When it got into the middle it got more exciting.

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