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Amy Hilmer's Mixbook

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FC: Amy Hilmer's Mixbook: Free To Be An American

1: During the revolution of America the King of Britain tried to take control over everything in America. When someone rebelled the army of the King, called the red coats, would retaliate and cause destruction. Everyone in America was sick of this so representatives from each state signed the Declaration of Independence to maintain their contry by their own terms. They wanted freedom from tyranny.

2: Now that the Americans had freedom from the King fo Britain they had no laws. Nothing existed to keep the peace within the nation, therefore the representatives from each state also wrote and signed the Constitution. This created the Government of America and laws were put into effect.

3: Along with the Consitution, these representatives decided to write the Bill of Rights so that the same incident with the King of Britain would not repeat itself. This document allowed every individual living in America to have their God given rights as a human being.

4: This article by Peggy Noonan talks about how generous and thoughtful Americans really are. We pull out all the stops for a person in need, and that was France when Normandy was trying to take over all those years ago. I believe that our "no man left behind" attitude is what makes our country as special as it is.

5: In this interview with Kevin O'Keefe about his book about the average American, they discuss who exactly would be the exact average American. The interesting thing that is shown through this interview is that it's very hard to find just an average in America due to diversity, yet we all have different concepts of average.

6: In this article from the Library of Congress, it describes four types of prrimary sources: published (eg: magazines), unpublished (letters), oral stories, and visual documenys or | artifacts (paintings). Recently in my German class i learned that the Grimm Brothers took stories told by mouth and compiled them into a collection of fairyteles.

7: This Article from Yale also discusses different types of primary sources. It includes some new types though. a couple of these are Music and Recorded documents. For one class in my senior year of high school, I recorded my teacher's lectures because he had so much information but he was a fast speaker.

8: This article from Brandeis University tells you that types of primary sources include written documents and interviews. It also tells you | that secondary sources can also be written, but they are interpreted works whereas primary sources or uninterpreted. This article also | proceeds to tell you where you may find primary sources. One of the sources it lists is a written letter, sown in the picture above.

9: This Presentation from Perdue Owl explains the steps taken for a good interview. One of these steps was to prepare for the interview before-hand so that the interview can go fast and give you the information you want. I'm sure that John Stewart and the writers for The Daily Show work hard before they interview other people on the air.

10: This questionairre by Purdue Owl answers the most basic questions that may come up when someone is trying to create a survey. It tells people to find out what information is most important, what questions are relevant, and what audience they should me targeting. Surveyd must be well thought out and should cover what you'r looking for, otherwise the resulting data will be bad.

11: The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is the story of a town under the influence of tradition. The tradition is that if they sacrifice one of the peope in the town, then rain will come and water the crops. This story is trying to say that tradition is not always a good thing. I've read this story three times before and it still amazes me every time. It's also a fantastic one act play. This picture is a memoriam of all those people who died for tradition.

12: This excerpt written by Ursula K LeGuin made me feel upset. I believe wholeheartedly in the "no man left behind" stance. To live in a place where everyone but a single child | prospers annoys me beyond belief. No one should have to suffer for another person's expense and if they are then the prosperous ones are selfish and.evil. | Not only that but life is interesting with its flaws. I'm proud to have mess-ups in my life and i'm glad that i'm able to cry once in a while. it makes me truly value the happiness I have.

13: In the first Meatrix video, we learn that our meat is infested with many of antibiotics, poop, and diseases. It shows how the USDA truly treats their animals and their meat products. They don't even consider the fact that their practices may endanger our entire community through too many antibiotics creating an epidemic of disease and polluting our rivers with fecal matter.

14: The second meatrix video is an extension on how they treat their cattle when they are caged. They also show new practices such as feeding baby cows with cow blood and meat, worsening the mad cow epidemic. It's obvious that the USDA has no respect for our health as long as they get their extras dollar with unhealthy animal care practices.

15: In the third meatrix video it discusses how horribly the staff is treated at the USDA plants. People are in danger of being fatally injured there every day. It shows how not only do they endanger us indirectly, but also directly to their workers.

16: If these things shown in the meatrix videos bother you, then there is always an alternative. Today traditional farms still exist and they treat the animals with care, and give them the freedom and health they deserve. This also gives us healthier meat to eat and keeps our environment cleaner.

17: Then finally, if you are the type of person who wants to make an impact on the USDA, forcign them to right their wrongs, then you should tell other people about this movement. Try to get people you know to band together and fight against the company. As Fast Food Nation illustrates, one person can't do anything, but if there are plenty of people then they can make a world of difference.

18: This article from Purdue OWL describes the method for creating a good summary. To make a good summary you state the main point of the thing you are reading in your own words. It is also significantly shorter than the original article.

19: Plagiarism is when you take an article you have read and put it into your own words. This is illegal in most countries and the best way to avoid it according to this article by Purdue OWL is to practice summaries, paraphrasing, and quotations and leaving a note that that idea is by another person.

20: According to Purdue OWL, when paraphrasing you should read the idea you wish to express. Make sure to comprehend its full meaning. Then when you have grasped the concept, you should put down the article and try to express it in a simple manner in your own words. This is a paraphrase. Even though it's in your own words though, you still have to cite it or it will be plagiarism.

21: MLA, according to Purdue OWL, helps the writer to express their topics more completely with the help of research. Then MLA helps you to organise that research in a readable and (in the english world) a universally understood manner. Most of all, MLA helps to make the thesis of a paper more credible.

22: This article written by Jennifer Summerville and John Fischetti describes how now that parents hover over their children and solve all their problems, children are finding it difficult to communicate with others about their work. One example the children tend to use is excuses to solve their problems. Once my mom even heard of a parent coming into a child's work and making excuses for them as to why they didn't do their job. It's getting ridiculous.

23: This article by Lynn Zimmerman and Anastasia Trekles Milligan suggests that teenagers today feel that using technology such as email to communicate with their teachers is inappropriate and that it is an infringement on | Their personal space. As a student I can understand where they are coming from since when I check my email I don't usually want it to have anything to do with my schoolwork, I feel like it is a social tool by instinct. Though these | students can't expect to have such free space like tha forever. Especially since businesses are getting more and more involved with technology everyday. It's the world of the future and we all have to get used to it now.

24: The Millenials generation is probably the most technologically advanced generation of our time. The generaton also strives for efficiency, and therefore have taken up the ahbit of multi-tasking as an easy and efficient way of getting important work done. Millenials also like to be appreciated for their hard work and they don't take to criticism well. Therefore the best way to work with a millenial is to compliment them when they do something right and to leave them alone when they do somethng wrong, rather than criticize.

25: When writing a comparison contrast paper, the best thing to do is to stay organized. Choose the right format for the subject of your paper, the one that best illustrates your point, and then make clear and concise comparisons and contrasts. Remember that it is best to show both sides of the arguments and then come up with your conclusion through that. That way the reader will see you have good ground for your conclusions.

26: In an article published in Neuron magazine, scientists did some studies to figure out how the preference of Coke and Pepsi comes about. It turns out that though a person might like the taste of one better than the other, they also have a second preference as to the product's effect on culture. Therefore, any assumptions made normally may actually be effected by the sight of the product and not the taste.

27: In this arpicle written by Paul R. La Monica, he shows studies, surveys, and statistics that Pepsi is the most bought from soda company. This is because the company appeals to the younger generation, it is cheaper for consumers, and their pruducts aren't limited to just soft drinks. Yet even though they are the most successful company, does that mean they are the better tasting product?

28: Before we worked on this experiment I believed the Pepsi would come out on top as everyone's favorite between Coke Vs. Pepsi. The rest of my group thought it would be Coke. Then when we went out and got data, Pepsi had more tallies on sugar, energy, and quenched the thirst, but Coke came out as the favorite. It really makes me wonder if Coke makes the drink least refreshing so that their consumers will buy more of the drink?

29: The story of Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut is about an entire community under restrictions to keep them equal to eachother. The gorgeous people would have to wear ugly masks, the strong would have to wear heavy bags to slow them down, and the smart would have to wear noisy earpieces to make them concentrate less. But does this really make people equal? I personally think this is not about equality, but about the Mayor gaining power from other people's handicaps.

30: The Miracle Worker is the oppposite of the Harrison Bergeron story in that instead of trying to keep people in the dark for power, Anne is instead giving her everything to bring deaf and blind Hellen Keller some enlightenment to her life. My favorite line from this play that touched me every night i saw it was Anne's line "I treat her like a seeing child becuase I ask her to see, I expect her to see!"

31: In this article entitled "They're Not Stupid—They're Lazy" the writer explains that high school students are lazy when it comes to standardized testing. Though, she also states that high school students make huge strides on SATs and other important tests. This goes to show that American high school students are not really lazy, they just have their priorities straight. It's better to do better in school rather than in rankings against other students.

32: In the article called "America's Lazy Students Just Don't Stack Up", the writer explains that the students are getting lazier and their desire to learn is starting to shrink. Then he continues to blame the public high schools for making this laziness worse. The only problem is that the students thirst for knowledge should never be able to shrink, it's in human nature. So if the students are lazy, that does not mean they dislike at learning. Also, if public high school are making this worse, then they are the ones to blame for the students dismal grades, not the students themselves.

33: Sally Kohn states in one article that in a show called my "My Super Sweet 16" teenagers will go around spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on things like jewelry or a sixth car instead of spending it on charities. She states the a lot of people have way too much money, yet she also states that it is only 1% of Americans. In this statement she becomes contradictory.

34: In "America's Lazy Future", Kimber Beeler states that Americans have opportunities after college for high paying jobs and since so many people with degrees settle for low paying jobs, Americans are therefore lazy. In a way this does not make sense becuase for one, not all colleges and universities give their students chances for internships or post college job searches. Not only that but people tend to underestimate themselves and that may be another reason why they think they can only get a low paying job. I know I didn't apply for the highest college i could have gotten, but honestly i didn't think I'd be good enough for a higher college.

35: This article edited by Cristea Camelia desicribes how kids with allowances are becoming spoiled. They just don't appreciate the money they are getting and usually waste it or if they do save it then they don't give it to charities that need it. But what she is doing is blaiming the wrong person because it's the parents that don't teach their children gratitude or generosity. I never got an allowance and I'm more generous than most people my age because my mom taught me that helping others is a great thing to do.

36: "Why Our Kids Are Out Of Control" is an article in Psychology Today that states how kids today make temper tantrums to grab anybody's attention. What does not make any sense to me is how punishment won't teach the child how to behave. Whenever I was punished for something bad I felt guilty and terrible for what I did and I learned from that and became a lady. But just ignoring the problem will not teach the kid anything. For instance a kid named Cory in my 1st grade class would always act up and since the teacher never did anything about it he caused trouble all day long until he was taken our of the school. It goes to show that kids learn from "NOs" and not from ignoring them.

37: This article by Paul White probably got me riled up the most. This man is wrong on so many levels it is ridiculous. He states that teenagers who wear pajamas to school are now lazy and are inclined to sleep more in classes. One, I've worn pajamas to the grocery store, to get food at McShea, etc. Never once while wearing them did I think I was lazy. Being lazy means not going to school, it has nothing to do with wearing pajamas to school. Second, just because I'm wearing my pajamas doesn't mean that I'm inclined to fall asleep in class. It's just clothes, it doesn't effect my bodily functions. Thirdly, schools still have days called pajama days, supporting fun and interaction with others in school. So even the schools don't think pajamas mean lazy. This article is just ridiculous from beginning to end.

38: "Two Americas" is an article about how Americans should not be able to vote becuase the idea of voting is much to serious a concept for them. What this author obviously doesn't realize is that America is all about democracy. It doesn't matter whether or not we're serious about voting. I've heard that some teenagers vote on the sole basis of "good looks", but no matter what, Americans are able to vote becuase in America the most important belief is that we are a democracy and the entire American population has a say in what our government does at any point in time, whether or not it's for a dumb reason.

39: "Most Britons see America as a cruel, vulgar, arrogant society, riven by class and racism, crime-ridden, obsessed with money and led by an incompetent hypocrite," says Ben Fenton of Americans. This seems like a very biased opinion on Americans and from what I can tell it seems mostly media driven. Our media is our largest superpower in the country and it has terrible views on how America is viewed, but it's not neccessarily true. The worst part is that the Britains apparently don't bother to remember the reason we broke away from them: for freedom and liberty on our own Democratic country, which allows the media the freedom to look at Amerca as a vulgar nation.

40: In the article "Why Don't They Like Us as Much as They Used To?" the writer explains that the reason why other countries dislike America so much now is because of its incompetence in recent global issues such as the War on Iraq or on global warming. Really though, it is our government that is supposed to represent the country. Yet it's doing a horrible job because I'm sure the rest of the nation wanted the war to end long ago if it wanted to start one at all. Therefore, the other countries' opinions are not on America as a whole, but rather just the goverment and that's what's incompetent. Don't just America on just its government.

41: In "Lies My Teacher Told Me" it discusses how as children our history books would only glorify certain historical figures, yet these books would not discuss the bad aspects of these people. But just because our leaders weren't good people through and through doesn't mean that they represent the entire country. On the contrary the country learns from their good aspect but not from their bad ones. Technically this means the the country goes by the good aspect of the historical figures and does not wish to represented by the bad aspects. Not onl that but an entire country cannot be represented by one person, not even the president.

42: This article called "America Against the World" claims that some other countries believe that not only did we deserve to get a wake-up call with 9-11, but that we are also overreacting with our War on Terrorism. If this is true then those countries have no clue what they are talking about. First off we've had plenty of other disasters, such as Pearl Harbor, to keep us alert to such disasters. Then not only that but after Pearl Harbor we reacted the same as we did with 9-11. I would also like to add that becuase of Pearl Harbor, we decided, as a country, to join in on World War II and fight alongside our allies. So if anything, these people who claim we deserved what we got need to check themselves and see who still stands loyal to them, even through all of their bad-mouthing.

43: The YouTube video "Anti American: Which Side Are You On?" by andrewderalpen shows other countries against America. It also shows several pictures of American soldiers or people giving other countries a new nation, food, shoes, technologies (such as computers), medicine, and the list just keeps going on. So why is it that these countries are so avid against our society and beliefs? We accept them for who they are so why won't they accept us? Just by watching this video with no bias, who's side would you pick? Also very lovely is the song Pachebel's Canon in D playing in the background.

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