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Ancient Chinese Fireworks

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FC: Ancient Chinese Fireworks By: Alejandra A.

1: Have you ever wondered some important possessions about the fireworks? Well today is your lucky day because, in these paragraphs I am going to explain to you how the Ancient Chinese used the fireworks, how they worked, and their designs & colors. At the end you'll understand why the fireworks are very important to the Chinese people nowadays. But for now join me and you'll seek to the importance of the fireworks!

2: The ancient Chinese used the fireworks for religious processions, Chinese New Year Festival, ceremonies, lunar festivals (how the moon phases changed every night), etc. In the New Years Eve when they fired the fireworks, the gunpowder made a lot of noise so the Chinese thought that was very good because with the firecrackers and the gunpowder noise it well help to scare or get away evil spirits that try to ruin the celebration that they were trying to do. They also used Fireworks for instruments for war, if you have seen the famous Chinese movie called Mulan, there's a scene that Mulan used the fireworks and pointed and set them off a mountain so then the mountain fell and the enemies died because of the avalanche of the mountain. That's a reason why they used them in war another one is they used in war to get help. The loud noise that could be heard from thirty miles away from that place would cause other people to hear the noise so they'll know that someone is in trouble. Another one for war was the soldiers to defend their country so they made explosives, canons, etc. The Chinese thought that firework was a peaceful invention, maybe they thought of that because it really didn't harm anybody (only if you use it incorrectly). Also it's very important to know the size of the tube were inside is the chemicals or ingredients that create the fireworks. It is 3.4 inches long (2cm). The fireworks come in general classifications.

4: The fireworks function is: Firework rockets, or tubes, operate on a principle close to that is used in large battle (military) rockets. A fuse, which maybe be made out of rolled paper soaked with salt paper, ignites, the coarse gunpowder charge, forming gases that stream of the end of the paper tube. This propel fly into the air. When the rocket is near the highest point the course of the gunpowder ignites and it explodes. The fireworks consist of, black powder, fuel source, an oxidizer, a fuse, saltpeter, and color-producing compounds. For the Chinese the yin and yang are opposites (positive and negative), they thought that the sulfur and saltpeter too. So they believed that saltpeter and the sulfur are respectively negative and positive in characters. Chinese would often say: “A combination of the positive and the negative forms gunpowder”. The explosion of the gunpowder out of a compact will blast nearby persons and things into total destruction. The destruction would be a good thing for wartimes not for festivals or ceremonies. Now that you have seen that I mentioned a lot the word, gunpowder, it is very obvious that this word is very important for the history for the fireworks so as the ingredients. If the gunpowder hasn't existed there wouldn't be fireworks! So it's really important to know what the gunpowder is made out of, ground-up mixture of potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal, is the most significant variable of the firework to determine the speed height and bursting power of the charge.

6: Fireworks have different designs, some of them are sparkly dots, some have letters, etc. The Ancient Chinese had the idea to make those designs! So let's say thank you to them! But time has changed and more technology has been invented. Ancient Chinese, experts in art, have been creating over the time these displays. The Chinese found a long time ago how to make designs, they thought of that idea when they saw, that the rocket is in the air and then it explodes they thought that they could do different variations of designs in the air, used for ceremonies, festivals, or even war. They have learned how to shape and pack their powder so when it lit, it will burst forth in vivid and attractive patterns. As they researched to make new patterns or designs, one of their theories was that maybe they could improve the mixture used in the fireworks. At the end that theory was correct! They just had to put more ingredients and take off some of them. Some the kinds of the designs are: Flashes (little dots that sparkle like a star), lots of sparkles in different colors, etc. The Chinese have made colorful designs, to make the designs and colors, various ingredients were added to the gunpowder.

7: Here are some colors that the Chinese used for the fireworks: indigo, was a combine of blue and green was, tetroxide carbonate, for white, was, red lead tetroxide, for red, was, cinnabar, for orange, was, charcoal or iron, to make purple, Ariel, and yellow, was, sulfides. Chinese also mixed in steel dust or powdered coast-iron shavings, to add bright sparkles to the fireworks.

8: As you can see, the Ancient Chinese were very smart by creating this invention, the fireworks are known all around the world thanks to the Chinese people! Now you know why the fireworks are a very important gift for them.

9: Quiz of Ancient Fireworks 1. Why the Ancient Chinese used fireworks for war? 2. What did the Ancient Chinese thought of the sulfur and the salt paper? 3. Tell me three colors they had for fireworks. 4. Tell me two designs of fireworks. 5. Why in the Chinese New Years Eve was so important that fireworks were there?

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