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Ancient Egypt

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BC: Learning about Egypt...... Egypt started 40,000 years ago when Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt came together. Then something happened and the split again. Egypt believed in a Pharaoh and thought of it like a God. Could you imagine the Pharaoh telling you what to and you had to do it . Ancient Egypt it nothing like American. Read this book and you will find some interesting fact about Egypt.

FC: Ancient Egypt By: Hannah Schriner

1: How did Ancient Egypt start? Egypt was was started over 40,000 years ago. Before there was one Egypt there was two Egypt's. They where Upper Egypt which was in the south and Lower Egypt is the north. In 3,000 B.C the Bronze Age started. It's when Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt came together into one Egypt. A couple years after they started to make pyramids,for Pharaohs when they died. The climate changed and this is what they called the Middle Kingdom.

2: The Middle Kingdom During the Middle Kingdom the Pharaoh wasn't at successful as the first kingdom. Also they split up again so it was Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. In 1800 B.C they lost power and the New Kingdom came to be.

3: The New Kingdom After the Bronze age Egypt had many ordeals with Eastern Mediterranean, Western Asia and many more countries. Also Egyptians had a lot of slaves.

4: What made Egypt Fall? In 332 A.D The Persians started a war to get ownership of Egypt and they won. Egypt didn't like being under the rule of Persia, but they were too scared to break away. Alexander the Great of Greece went to war with the Persians and won Egypt, but he still fought to get Persia. Alexander the Great didn't really rule over Egypt. His wife Cleopatra did. Cleopatra was an Egyptian ,and she lived in Egypt to rule over the people. After Cleopatra died. The Egyptian went to war with Rome and the Roman's got control of part of Ancient Egypt.

5: Some of the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt The first Pharaoh of the Old Kingdom was Narmer. Sometimes people called him Menes. He was the one who brought Upper and Lower Egypt together. King Ramses the Second was Pharaoh for 67 years and he was the first Pharaoh to sign a peace treaty with another country. Cleopatra was Egypt’s last queen and she got in throne when she was only seventeen years old. She really wanted to be queen of Egypt. She got to because her two eldest sisters died and her Father was hated by the Egyptians. One day Cleopatra’s guards found her dead in her bed along with her maids. They believed that Cleopatra had let an asp snake, who was poisonous, bite her. She was buried right next to Antony.

6: What Type of Government did Egypt have? For the Egyptians Government they had a Pharaoh. He owned everything from the land to the people. He or she could tell anyone, even if they where rich, to give him or her food. During the first and second Intermediate periods when the Pharaohs were weak, they could not make the rich people give them food. The rich people had to do whatever the Pharaoh said and the poorer people had to do what the rich people said to do.

7: What make the Government Work? The Egyptians thought of their pharaohs were a god called Honus in human form. Also they thought it would strengthen the Pharaoh. | What is is called when people believe in different gods? It is called polytheism when people believe in different gods.

8: What made the government fall? The government first fell when they went to war with the Persians, and the Persians won. Then the Persians went to war with the Greek, and the Greek won. Then the Greek went to war with the Romans and the Romans won.

10: Why did Egypt settle close to the Nile River? Egypt Settled close to the Nile River because it is really big, and it runs through the middle of Egypt. The Nile is a huge river . They settled next to the river so that they could keep cool and drink the water. Also so they could use it for pluming.

11: The social classes of Egypt On the bottom of the Pyramid is the Farmers and Slaves. Next on the Pyramid is the Craftsmen, then next on the Pyramid is the Scribes. Then next on the Pyramid is Priest, Engineers, and Doctors. Then on the Pyramid is the Nobles and High Priest. Next on the Pyramid is Vizier. Finally on the top is the Pharaohs.

12: What are each of these classes roles/jobs? The job of the Farmer was making crops. With Egypt’s rich soil and sunlight the crop grew fast. The slave’s job was doing all the watering the plants and making food for the Pharaoh. The Scribe was like a preacher. The craftsmen made a lot of art work on walls. The Priest would perform different sacrifices. The Doctors would take care of the people who were sick. The Vizier is the most important official. One Vizier would write down what a Pharaoh was doing and the other would make sure that everyone paid their taxes. The Pharaoh’s job was to rule over the kingdom. He was the one who made all the important decisions.

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