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Ancient Egyptian Weapons

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S: Ancient Egypt Weaponry

FC: Ancient Egypt Weaponry

1: These stories are stories of brave warriors and expert weapon users. Each story dates back to Ancient Egypt, and each man has his own special story. Each man also has his own special weapon expertise.

2: Amen There once was a man named Amen. He was an expert with the sword. He used both types of the Ancient Egyptian swords. He used the wavy bladed sword that was used for stabbing, and the curved blade sword used for slicing. Amen would also use the khopesh,, which was very rare because the khopesh is known as the Emperor's blade and usually only Emperors would use them. What Amen was most famous for was that he defeated an enemy squad single handedly with his sword.

4: Ra There once was a man named Ra, who wasTut 's main guard during the battles. He was a very famous guard because of how well he protected King Tut. Although most guards wielded spears, he a wielded a battle Axe. He used two different types of Battle Axes. He used the cutting Axe and the Slicing Axe. They were both similar in look, but they had different purposes. The cutting Axe was a small portable Axe that was used to penetrate light armor. The slicing Axe, also known as the piercing Axe, was used to penetrate thick armor, but even though it could penetrate thicker armor, it was a lot bigger and less portable than the cutting Axe.

6: There once was a man Mai, who was a chariot rider and a chariot warrior during battles. Chariots were very important during Ancient Egyptian times. They were used to scare, scatter, and run over enemies.Each chariot had two people on it. There was the driver and the fighter. The driver would drive the chariot and try to scare and run over people. The fighter had a bow and arrow and a sword. He would shoot people with his bow till he ran out, and then he would slash at enemies with his sword. | Mai

8: Aiari Aiari was a man of war. He fought in every possible war that he could fight in. In every war he fought, he only used one weapon, the spear. He used many different types of spears, flinted tip, copper tip, and iron tip spears. Spears were used for may types of things. They were used for thrusting at enemies, throwing at enemies at longer distances, and for close quarter combat. Also, the occasional fighter on a chariot would prefer a spear rather than a sword. Aiari was so famous because he used the spear so well against enemies.

10: Aapep Aapep was a man of stealth. He was very well-known for not liking any weapon except the dagger. He had never liked using any weapon till he picked up a dagger. He used daggers during war and would use a special fighting style against his enemies depending on what weapon his enemy used. He used many different types of daggers. He used hunting daggers, which were used for hunting small animals, and he used traditional which were made up of fine copper and decorated with stripes. Although he used different daggers, they were all made the same; the wide top of the blade was attached to the handle. The pommel of the blade was made of ivory to be fitted into the palm.

12: Amasis Amasis was the master sharpshooter. He could throw a spear anywhere, shoot a bow at anyone, and throw an Axe at anything, but the weapon he used the best was the sling. Even though the sling was the back up weapon for most of the Egyptian warriors, for Amasis the sling was his primary weapon. He could hit anyone anywhere, and he was the most feared sling user in all of Egypt. The sling was used for many things. It was used for flinging rocks, passing ammo to a fellow warrior, and many other things. The sling was the most common back up weapon to have in all of Ancient Egypt. The sling was so popular because the training was very easy, and the sling was very cheap to make.

14: Meri Meri was the best archer in all of Egypt. He was the most skilled marksman there ever was. He could hit anything anywhere and never miss. Even though he was the best, he used many types of bows. He used the single curved bow which were made of wood and strung with sinew or string made of plant fiber. He also used the composite bow which was a newer bow than the single curved bow. The compound bow is bigger, stronger, and could pull back farther than the single curved bow.

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