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Ancient Greece

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S: Ancient Greece Ediger

FC: Ancient Greece by: V. Ediger illustrated by: A. Hapner

1: Greece was a very small country, made up by islands all around it. There wasn’t an ocean or lake more than 100 "feet" away! Greece was mountainous, hot, dry, and the only time they would get rain is in the winter. Greece was split up into independent states and cities, the most powerful city was, Athens.

2: Athens became the most powerful because of a goddess named Athene. Athene and another god, Poseidon needed a way to see who would get the better city. So they made a bet, whoever got the most people on their side would win the bigger city. Athene won. They said that she won by one vote, because there was one extra girl and she voted for her. See all the boys voted for Poseidon because they believed that the man should have the better city. All the girls voted for Athene because they thought that it was finally time for a girl to step up, and take control.

3: One of the great civilizations was in Crete. There were many types of people in ancient Greece, one was rich. There were not very many rich people at all, maybe two in a city or state! The tyrants was almost all Greece. What the tyrants did was farming, cleaning, washing, about anything, just like slaves. They did almost everything for the few rich people in their area. Marriage was way different from today. Greek girls had to get married between 12-16, but boys were not forced to get married until they were in their 30's. So if you were a girl the your husband would be at least 14 years older than you! There were some Greeks that were able to live on their own with their money, but they were not that rich. They were farmers, jewelers, shoe makers, metal workers, or even stone carvers.

4: At one time in Greece, Greeks were forced to be overruled by a dictator. The Persians took over in 338 BC. During that time if they disobeyed they would be sent to the slave market or be killed. So after they regained their power back they made a democracy.

5: Greeks would use stone to communicate sometimes. For trades they would desribe about the treaty and to make carves for gods and goddeses they would make charactor traits. Since most people were poor they would use bark insted, because stone was so expensive in ancient Greece. Greeks were very interested in art. Some arts were cups, and one was called the donkey drinking cup. It was beautifully painted. It was used for storing, mixing, serving, and drinking wine. It was from the mainland of Greece. Another one was called the grooming pot, it had four horses on the top of the lid and was used for holding women's combs and cosmetics.

6: “Alexander The Great” was a big important God, empire, and warrior. They used to say that he paved the rode to glory. He won many, many battles. Alexander was a son of a great heroic warrior, who taught Alexander how to fight and be a warrior. Soon Alex was 21 and had defeated every battle he was ever in. By the time he was 25 he had already defeated a fourth of all the places he had known. People started the rumor that he was to defeat the Persians. The Persians had chased Greeks out of their country, and the Greeks never got back at their enemies, so Alexander was

7: their way. Then there was a rumor that was that Alexander was going to defeat the Persians, who were 5 times the size of their army. So that's what he did, they pre-paired for a battle. When the battle started, and when Alex started to win, the ruler ran away! Alex won this battle. When he went back to celebrate his victory, he met up with an old buddy. It was a mistake, the old man was not his friend anymore, and stabbed Alex’s rib. Alexander ended up staying alive, and wanted to go back to being a warrior.

8: He met up with the Persians again, he started winning again! So the ruler ran away, again. Sounds familiar? So they decided to go back to Greece to tell everyone about their latest victory. Everyone was celebrating, and again, Alexander wanted to be in more battles, and needed to be even more powerful. Before he left something horrible happened. He got sick, and had a common sickness. He died June, 10 and was forced to give up his thrown. That is why Alexander is called “Alexander The Great.”

9: Greece had many legends and stories. One was about how God created Greece. The God of heaven, they used to say that God made every country perfect and then through away the leftovers in a pile, and thats what made Greece. The Olympics was made by Greeks to entertain the gods. There were wrestling and foot races, such as running, long jump, boxing, horse racing, and a lot more. See, the Olympics were a big thing to Greece, because it gave them entertainment and it was exercise so they could stay fit and healthy. So you see there is very much to learn about Greece. If you want to check out more sites and, fun games that you can play about Ancient Greece, go to these sites, books, and games.

10: Sites, Encyclopedia and book Resources World Book Encyclopedia www.historyforkids.org/ Picture resources http://www.ppst.com/clipart.html http://motguefile.com/ Video Resources www.united.streamingeducation.com/index.cfm

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