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Ancient Greek Gods, Goddesses and Monsters

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Ancient Greek Gods, Goddesses and Monsters - Page Text Content

S: Gods & Monsters of Ancient Greece

FC: Gods & Monsters of Ancient Greece | Written by: Mrs. Graham's 5th Grade PEAK Class

1: Gods & Monsters of Ancient Greece | Written by Mrs. Graham's 5th Grade Peak Students 2010-2011

3: Dedicated to all students who want to learn more about Ancient Greece.

4: Gods Table of Contents Zeus - 1 Hera - 3 Posiedon - 5 Athena - 7 Hades - 9 Ares - 11 Aphrodite - 13 Apollo - 15 Artemis - 17 Dionysis - 19 Hermes - 21 Hephaestus - 23 Hestia - 25

5: Monsters Table of Contents Harpie - 27 Scylla - 29 Centaur - 31 Sphinx - 33 Hydra - 35 Athos - 37 Charybdis - 39 Cyclops - 41 Medusa - 43 Minotaur - 45 Echidna - 47 Siren - 49 Cerebus - 51

6: Zeus | by:Tyra Williams | Zeus is the king of gods and men. He controlled thunder and lightning. | Zeus is the king of heaven.He was the supreme ruler of mount Olympus. | http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/Zeus--greek-mythology-687267_1024_768.jpg | http://www.not-of-this-earth.com/images/Lg_Zeus.jpg | http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/Cities/ZeusTempleCyrene.jpg | The name of this temple Cyrene. | 1

7: Cronus and Rhea are Zeus's mom and dad. Zeus was the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea. He is father of heroes. | http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/Zeus--greek-mythology-687267_1024_768.jpg | When their father died they divided the world up. Zeus got all the heavens. Poseidon got the sea. Hades got the under world. Zeus was voted king. No one ever tried to vote again. So he stayed king forever. | http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/Zeus--greek-mythology-687267_1024_768.jpg | 2

8: Hera | by : Tierah Edwards | Hera is the queen of Gods.. She is the Goddess of marriage , women , and birth.. | Hera's symbols are the Pomergranate , and a peacock feather. | http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/14200/14219/hera_14219_lg.gif | http://www.michaeldorosin.com/seton/6/HTML_Thalia/hera2.jpg | 3

9: Poseidon , Hades , Zeus , Hestia , and Demeter are her siblings... | Ares , Enyo , Hebe , Eileithyia , amd Hephastus are her children.. | Her parents are Cronus and Rhea.. | http://tiendadeladiosa.com.ar/images/hera.jpg | http://campania.italy-trip.org/photos/paestum-poseidonia/images/paestum_temple_hera_6997.jpg | Hera was very jealous of her husband Zeus... | 4

10: The Greek God Poseidon | By: Rachel Diaz | Poseidon's two brothers are Zeus, God of the Sky , and Hades, God of the Underworld . His three sisters are Hera, also Zeus' wife , Hestia , and Demeter . His parents are Cronus and Rhea . | His symbol is the Trident . | http://thegoldjewelry.com/images/Charms/yellow-gold-neptunes-trident-pendant.jpg | http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/Poseidon-greek-mythology-687130_927_933.jpg | This is Poseidon | 5

11: Poseidon is often known as the "Earth Shaker". When he is ignored or offended, he strikes the ground with his trident, causing earthquakes, drownings, chaotic springs, and shipwrecks . | http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/Mythology/Images/PoseidonArt.jpg | Here is a summary of a Greek Myth . Athens didn't have a god or goddess to look after them , so Athena and Poseidon had a "gift competition". Each God/Goddess gave Athens a gift . Poseidon tapped the side of a mountain and water poured out . The people of Athens tasted it , and spit it out! It was salt water! Athena gave them an Olive tree ,providing shelter , food , and stuff to cook with . The people of Athens liked Athena's gift better , so she won and got to be their Goddess . | 6

12: The Greek Goddess Athena | When Athena was born she had came out of Zeus's forehead . She had gave the city Athens an olive tree for things that would help them a lot . | Athena is the goddess of wisdom , war , and arts and crafts. She is the daughter of Zeus and Metis . By : Ajia Johnson | www.mythencyclopedia.com/ | 7

13: Long ago in ancient Greece people then would tell amazing stories . They would make up stories for things that happened in life. For example: the way spider was made was from a young girl had challenged Athena at a race on who can sew the fastest, and that girl had been terned into a spider. | Google Image Result for http--www.williamhenry.net-about_facade.jpg.webloc | This is Athena's beautiful temple . | 8

14: Hades | Hades was the oldest of his brothers. Sometimes he was accused of being the grim reaper but he was not. | The three headed dog was mainly his guard. Hades also used what is called tartarus for torment and suffering | BY Jayse | http://s3.subirimagenes.com/otros/2596752hadesd.jpg | http://www.greekmyths-greekmythology.com/wp-content/u | 9

15: Hades was the god of the underworld. Everything that died was sent to him.. | Hades did not want to be god of the underworld . Zeus tricked him into going. | http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e97/cipiku21/hades.jpg | 10

16: THE GREEK GOD ARES | BY:DARRYL BROWN | ARES IS SON OF ZUES AND HERA. ARES WAS NOT LIKED BY MANY GODS EXCEPT APHRODITE. ARES IS GOD OF WAR, HIS SYMBOL WAS A SPEAR | IF ARES WAS NURTURED MORE AS A CHILD HE WOLD ONLY BE GOD OF MINOR CONFLICTS. | http://tr.toonpool.com/user/364/files/ares_-_god_of_war_340025.jpg | THIS IS THE TEMPLE OF ARES | http://www.pantheon.org/areas/gallery/mythology/europe/greek/ares.gif | 11


18: Aphrodite | She is the goddess of love and beauty | Her parents are Zues and Dione | by: Jennifer Zapien | http://www.kirkwood.k12.mo.us/parent_student/nkm/nkms_site/learning_community_pages/studentprojects/2003_2004/sem1/greekgods_max_w_8w/Images/aphrodite2.jpg | http://www.bestofalltopics.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/aphrodite-at-birth-270x300.jpg | 13

19: She been dating with Ares. Then with Hephaestus then they made a baby named Eros and many more. | Roman name is Venus | Her symbols are a dove, mirror and a sea shell. | http://www.thinkcyprus.org/pictures/cyprus_aphrodite_goddess.jpg | http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/Cities/AphrodisiasTemple.jpg | This is hers temple. | 14

20: Apollo | Apollo is the god of many things including, light, music, art,, healing and many more things. | By: Casey Perez | He is the son of Zeus. | He is also the most diverse Olympian god. | http://www.wordsources.info/planet-apollo.gif | http://www.linsdomain.com/gods&goddesses/pictures/apollo.jpg | In a myth Apollo angers Cupid so he shoots Apollo with a love arrow and a denying arrow at a beautiful nymph. Apollo chased her until Poseidon turned her into a tree. | 15

21: He is also the god of, poetry, and medicine. | He is also the brother of the hunting god Artemis. | http://www.lib-art.com/imgpainting/5/6/8665-apollo-and-diana-lucas-the-elder-cranach.jpg | http://www.velocityartanddesign.com/images/P/Apollo18_java.jpg | http://www.odysseyadventures.ca/articles/delphi/apollo.jpg | http://www.students.sbc.edu/hart06/Apollo%20Temple%20Images/Delphi%20Temple%20of%20Apollo%20from%20above,%20tb051303076.jpg | This is the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. | 16

22: Artemis | People called her Mistress of Animals. | Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wilderness, wild animals, virginity, and child birth. | By: Kayla Reinhold | http://www.k12.hi.us/~kealaint/projects/Spring09Projects/period2/images/hunt.jpg | The temple of Artemis was was dedicated to Artemis in 550 B.C. | 17 | Artemis is also the goddess of the moon.

23: Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo. Her parents were Zeus and Leto. She has many siblings, aunts, and uncles even though her aunts and uncles are not married to each other. She took the role of Eilcithyia in aiding child birth. She relieved diesese in women. Her symbol is a silver bow and arrow. Her twin brother's symbol is the same. Actaeon was watching Artemis bathe so Artemis threw water at Actaeon which made him turn into a buck. | http://api.ning.com/files/7hffOgJRSwxfwcHFpeJGpjPs7WhQ0njAPRACWcq0Rz-uIGhCOfOYAu1leDcyjVUq7PLoO9SyQWJ8ooh3F1V45twNEnLb76Zp/artemis1.jpg | 18

24: Dionysus | Dionysus is god of theater, wine, and Ecstasy. Zeus saved Dionysus by sowing him to his thigh. Dionysus lives on Mt.Olympis with Zeus. His mother is Semele. | By.Johnathan Buchanan Peak 2010 /2011 | 19

25: This is the temple of Dionysus.It was made so people could sacrifice animals and other things in his honor. | 20

26: Hermes | Hermes is the god of commerce, speed, travel, and thieves. Many say he has blue eyes, the weight of 520 pounds, and blond hair. His real name is Hermes Diaktros . His first appearance was in December 1948. | By: Miriam De Leon | This is how Greeks picture Hermes with his winged shoes and his wand. | This temple may be the temple of Hermes. | http://www.theoi.com/image/img_hermes.jpg | www.google.com/.webloc | 21

27: This is a statue of Hermes. Hermes is the messenger of the gods. He is also the fastest god. | Hermes wears a golden helmet with wings on it. He also uses a wand what Greeks called "Caduceus. This wand can turn anything into gold. | www.google.com/.webloc | comps.fotosearch.com/.webloc | 22

28: Hephaestus | Hephaestus's mother is Hera. Because she wanted to get back at her husband Zeus for cheating her with another woman, she fertilized herself and had Hephaestus. Then his mother thrown off Mount Olumpus. | Ulices Mendez | http://madraider.com/Greek%20gods/images/hephaestus2.jpg | http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_xYFL6g6Qsbk/SWKXoFV0YzI/AAAAAAAABx0/zMlkYChndTk/s400/HephaestusWallpaper.jpg | 23

29: Hephaestus is the god of blacksmiths, volcano's, and technology. Hephaestus wasn't worshiped much, but mostly the people who worshiped Hephaestus where blacksmiths. Their is a myth about Hephaestus and after the tragic moments of Hephaestus being thrown off Mount Olympus and working for his father Zeus making lightning bolts. | http://images.travelpod.com/users/theallansons/1.1275402129.ancient-agora-hephaestus-temple.jpg | 24

30: The Greek Goddess Hestia | By : Delaynie Fair | Hestia is a Greek goddess she is the sister of Zeus.She is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea.She is goddess of the hearth,and family.She is one of the most mild,upright, and charitable of the goddesses.She has no children, and no husband. | http://www.mother-god.com/images/hestia-golden.jpg | http://www.filetransit.com/images/screen/2e7d4a700524959cd010fb0dca6c360b_Fireplace_3D_Screensaver.jpg | 25

31: Hestia was once known as the most important of all goddesses .She is also used to be chief of the goddesses. Hestia has no symbol like any other gods or goddess because she is one of the lesser goddesses. | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hestia | http://img.fropper.com/z/blog-images/500x400/G/GREECE2002-HoX-blog-3608.jpg | 26

32: The Greek Monster, Harpie | By:Delaynie Fair | A Harpie is a winged creature with the head of a old women.Their name means "snachers" in English.They are known for stealing food. | http://library.thinkquest.org/5830/images/harpies.jpg | 27

33: Harpies are sisters of Iris daughter of Thamus and Electra. | http://mythagora.com/encyctxt/images/harpy300.jpg | http://library.thinkquest.org/5830/images/harpies.jpgarch%3Fei%3DUTF-8%26p%3Dgreek%2 | 28

34: Scylla , the Greek Monster | By: Rachel Diaz | Scylla was a Greek sea monster who had 6 long necks attached to heads which contained 3 rows of sharp teeth . She also had 12 tentacle like legs , a cat's tail , and 4 to 6 dog heads around her waist . | The Greeks often made pottery , and on this one they made a picture of Scylla . | http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a8/Scylla_Louvre_CA1341.jpg/300px-Scylla_Louvre_CA1341.jpg | 29

35: Every time you sail through this narrow channel of water , you must make a decision . Either six men get eaten by Scylla's six heads , or Charybdis drowns you , your men , and your ship in a gigantic whirlpool . | http://rlv.zcache.com/scylla_poster-p228156077722150671vsu7_325.jpg | http://marywhipplereviews.com/books/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/scylla-and-charybdis-277x300.jpg | 30

36: Centaur, the greek monster | Centaur is an ancient Greek monster that is part human, part horse. . His mother and father are Ixion and Nephele or Apollo and Stilde. | By: Ajia Collett - Johnson | s715.photobucket.com/.weblo | 31

37: This is a picture of centaurs fighting in war . | en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centaur | 32

38: sphinx,the monster by :Miriam De Leon | Once there was a man named Dedipus who answered the question correctly of Sphinx . Sphinx got mad and threw herself on a cliff. Now no one would suffer Sphinx's deadly riddle again. | 3.bp.blogspot.com/ | 33

39: She has a habit of strangling her victims with a cunning riddle. She asks a question to anyone passing by her. | Sphinx,the monster is a women with hideous body of a lion, and wings of an eagle.This is a statue of Sphinx by the pyramids. | visualparadox.com/images/photos/Sphinx.jpg.webloc | www.mlahanas.de/ | 34

40: HYDRA | The Hydra is a many headed monster that when you cut off one head, two grow back. | Slaying the Hydra was one of Heracles's 12 Labors. | http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_JKIdaHlR6ZQ/SNLdPT13gEI/AAAAAAAACVo/k0wbFRN519g/s1600-h/Hydra | http://www.eaudrey.com/myth/images/Hydra.gif | By:Casey Perez | 35

41: It is the offspring, or child, of the Echidna and Typhon. | http://www.lib-art.com/imgpainting/6/0/15306-hercules-and-the-hydra-antonio-del-pollaiuolo.jpg | http://www.lib-art.com/imgpainting/6/0/15306-hercules-and-the-hydra-antonio-del-pollaiuolo.jpg | http://www.liv.ac.uk/science_eng_images/psychology/ccir/Hydra01.jpg | http://www.lib-art.com/imgpainting/6/0/15306-hercules-and-the-hydra-antonio-del-pollaiuolo.jpg | 36

42: THE MIGHTY AThOS WAS A GIANT. ATHOS THREW A MOUNTAIN AT ZEUS. Zeus knocked it down and it became mountain Athos. | Athos | Johnathan Buchanan | 37

43: This is Athos at his mountain | 38

44: Charybdis | Her arms and legs were flippers.She lived the opposite side of the river Strait of Messina. | http://www.coactivate.org/projects/campaign-for.nyc/dns-data-query-log/Scylla-and-Charybdis.JPG | Lives between some rocks and wait 'til sailers comes and kill them. | 39

45: She was a beautiful women until she was turned into a monster by Zeus. | http://galeriamit3.tripod.com/CharybdisPainting.jpg | http://hypergogue.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Scylla_Charybdis.jpg | She sucks water and spit it out and it makes whirlpools three times a day. | 40

46: Cyclops | by;Tyra Williams | A Cyclops has a single eye in the middle of it's forehead. | The Cyclops were the sons of Poseidon. | http://amansworldco.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/cyclops2.jpg | http://dtsdapache.hershey.k12.pa.us/c3e3/eclouser/files/2008/11/cyclops.jpg | 41

47: The Cyclops were known as one-eyed Greek monsters. | http://www.rankopedia.com/CandidatePix/67444.gif | 42

48: Medusa | Medusa used to be a very beautiful women. One day she made Athena so mad that Athena turned her hair into snakes. If anyone looks into her eyes they will turn to stone. | http://staffnet.kingston.ac.uk/~ku33185/medusa.jpg | By: Tierah Edwards | 43

49: Medusa's parent's are Phorcys and Ceto. | Medusa's siblings are Sthenno and Euryale. | http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_r6j0P_jyc_A/S7o74LotxFI/AAAAAAAAAn8/aULGK_TmXmI/s1600/Greg%2520Horn%2520-%2520Medusa%5B1%5D.jpg | http://matriarchy-international.org/wp-content/files/2009/08/492_medusa_design5b15d.jpg | 44

50: The Minotaur has the body of man and head of the bull | The Minotaur was properly called Asterion. | The Minotaur caused so much destrution on Crete that that theseus killed the Minotaur. | http://thetorchonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/minotaur.jpg | http://www.natehallinan.com/gallery/Minotaur/NateHallinan_Minotaur.jpg | 45

51: 46 | The Minotaur was not liked by many people including Theseus. | The Minotaur did not stop killing until finally he was killed by Theseus.

52: Echidna | Echidna was half women half snake. | She was mother of all monsters. | She ate the raw flesh of humans. | http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_CkximioD4pQ/Sib4uiLdIKI/AAAAAAAABGw/bfST3r4GorA/s400/x-echidna-beg.jpg | 47

53: She cared for most monsters. | She mothered most monsters. | She had speckled skin. | By:Kayla Reinhold | http://camp-half-blood.wdfiles.com/local--files/bestiary/echidna.jpg | 48

54: SIREN | BY:DARRYL BROWN | IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY THE SIREN WAS DESCRIBED AS A SEDUCTRESS | IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY THIS IS HOW THEY WOULD DESCRIBE HER. | http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_6F1qJxnFWTE/SkhBm2UJREI/AAAAAAAACNw/vyWpPL393yQ/s320/Slithice+-+The+Naga+Siren.jpg | http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_tmkE3BQVN_I/S_WS8AgecGI/AAAAAAAAABU/GZed250QZEg/s1600/red+siren+MT.jpg | 49

55: SIREN IS A BEAUTIFUL MONSTER THAT LURES SAILORS TO HER ROCKY SHORE THEN THE SAILORS CRASH AND SHIPWRCK | http://www.covenanteyes.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/sirens_cove.jpg | 50

56: Cerberus | Cerberus is a monster sized dog that has three heads and guards the under world. Some people have different views of how many heads Cerberus has some people say he has 15 heads! | Ulices Mendez | http://www.magewarfare.com/downloads/wallpapers/Cerberus.jpg | 51

57: Their is a myth of Cerberus and Heracles the king despised Heracles so he sent Heracles to capture Cerberus and bring Cerberus to him with no weapons, so that's what he did ! | Cerberus | https://myth-wiki-ology.wikispaces.com/file/view/Cerberus.jpg/33369515/Cerberus.jpg | 52 | Cerberus

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