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Ancient History

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S: Ancient History

FC: Ancient HIstory | By Tomeeko Mitchell & Vivian Tran

1: Table of Contents | Ancient River Valley Civilization / What if.................................2/3 Classical Era / What if..................................................................4/5 Post-Classical Asia/Africa / What if.............................................6/7 Enlightenment/Revolutions / What if........................................8/9 World War I / What if..............................................................10/11 Medieval Europe / What if.......................................................12/13 Renaissance/Reformation / What if........................................14/15 World War II / What if.............................................................16/17 Cold War / What if...................................................................18/19

2: Once upon a time, civilizations began to form around 5000 years ago along rivers. These early civilizations were the starting point for what would soon change the world. The civilizations provided monument buildings, written laws, and the making of a new infrastructure. The introduction of farming consisted at this moment in history, and is what allowed the people to form settlements and not move around as nomads, where they had to hunt & gather. These civilizations were so crucial to our existence, as they offered us a change in life style. | Ancient River Valley Civilizations

3: Our economy today focuses mainly around farming. We use farming/irrigation to get our grain and vegetable products. Without it, we would have to find a new way for the people of our country to receive their food. We then probably would have focused solely on hunting & gathering, where we would then have to form new technology to make that task easier on us. New technology would be in, and we would have new ways of our standard of life, which could be either good or bad. | What if people had not learned how to farm?

4: Classical Greece/Rome | Ancient Greece was dominated by religion, so it was common that the temples of Greece were the most beautiful masterpieces of that time. These temples were built to celebrate civic power, and also pride. There were also there to offer thanksgiving to the partron deity of a city for success in war. Rome and Greece were also responsible for the creation of the types of buildings that we have today. We have a lot of arcs & pillars that we got from the idea of the way that their buildings were designed. So this time was so important to our construction buildings, and is probably the most important part of the understanding of our life.

5: What if Athens had not embraced Democracy? | If Athens did not embrace democracy, then then our country would likely have fallen do to it's inhability to run as a free, and independent nation, where the people get to have a say in the government. We got our ideas from these civilizations, so it came to our understanding that democracy was the best choice. Without it, our country would have had to find a new way to govern our people, and that likely would have led to an outbreak amongst us. This would cause us to fall, and we would not have such a developed nation, as we do today.

6: Post-Classical Asia/Africa | The post-Classical period went form the 5th century to the 145 century. After the collapse of the Roman, Gupta, and Han empires, the world was left behind in a time of chaos with little structure in most of the area. During this time, the nations began to find new ways to function without the old techniques. Trading was then introduced and became a big factor in the nation's lives through the use of globalization. After these collapses, and everything that followed, post-classical civilizations arose in different regions. The reasons for this were from the rise of religion to the re-organizations of political structures. During the time of 500 CE to 1200 Ce, both Asia & Africa experienced this post-classical rise and had many similarities and also differences with what led to it. It was concluded that religion was the main dominance at this time.

7: If the Mongols didn't open the Silk Road, then our trade techniques would have changed greatly. We mailnly rely on trade to get many of our resources for us to function. The Silk Road back then allowed for people to trade easily, which then spread around the world. We would have had to find a new way to get our resources, which likely would have beens something like sending people to go get them instead of trading them. Or, if we were unable to get access to them, we would have to live on what we have available to us in our own country. We would have to try and live with the little that we have and try to use it to our advantage. Also, other nations wouldn't have access to our resources, and would therefore fall as well, so the SilkRoad was a major contribution to the way that our Government works today. | What if the Mongols had not opened the Silk Road to safe travels?

8: Enlightenment/ Revolutions | Long ago, the age of enlightenment was also known as the age of reason. a 18th century western philosophy that was used as the primary source of legitimacy and authority. The "Enlightenment" was not a single movement for these philosophies were often mutually contradictory. Some Historians also include the late 17th century as part of the Enlightenment.

9: If the Enlightenment never happened our world would be a dictatorship, we would only have one law and that would be the law of the king. the king of course wouldn't have a country of many cultures or religion. the women would have no rights and would be chattel to everyone else. We wouldn't have modern technology and medicine to fight the diseases. | What if the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists?

10: The cause of world war I was the results of leaders' aggression towards other countries which was supported by nationalism of European nations. Germany was blamed for WWI because they gave Austria the Blank cheque, showing that they are looking forward to war, Germany also made the Schlieffen plan that passed through Belgium to get to France. | World War I

11: What if Germany had not been solely blamed for WWI? | If Germany was not blamed for World War I then they would of kept dominating other countries, taking more and more power, and end up with the strongest army and maybe navy. Also militarism would have continued to grow in Germany and many would suffer from it.

12: Medieval Europe was also known as the Dark ages. It consisted of 1000 years of history that is difficult to comprehend because of the lack of surviving documents. It is mainly myths and legends. Kings and queens dominated at this time, and cities were built within protective walls. The Roman Empire made Christianity legal at this time, during the fourth century. The church would soon become one of the most powerful institutions during the medieval time period. It controlled publication of books, and the making of different laws. A lot of medieval Europe's art and architecture has a great impact on the Christian church.This was a time where knights, soldiers, peasants and pilgrims all existed. They contributed in the crusades. | Medieval Europe

13: The Black Plague was definitely a concern during this time. So many people had been killed from it. If it did not happen at this time, then doctors might have been less likely to find defense against this, to prevent it from coming again, so we would today, would be exposed to something as harmful as the black plague. If it didn't happen at this time, it would have been bound to happen sometime eventually, disrupting the cycle of life. | What if the Black Plague did not attack Western Europe?

14: Renaissance / Reformation | Pew pew pew | The Renaissance is widely known as the beginning of our Modern times, due to the fact that is more like it is today. When the Renaissance time period came, drastic changes began to occur from the medieval life. The Renaissance & Reformation began in Florence, Italy. The term "Renaissance" means "rebirth."

15: The Gutenberg printing press was a very important invention. It has contributed to the way that we receive news. Without it, we would have to try and find a new way to get news around. That would likely have been trying to spread it through the use of "gossip" and such. It also has allowed the printing of the bible which mad religion such a huge part of our daily lives. | What if Gutenberg hadn't invented the Printing Press?

16: World War II | WWII was a global military conflict that went from 1939 - 1945. It included most of the world's nations, as well as the great powers. It formed two opposing alliances; The allies & the axis. Nearly 100 Million soldiers died in this war. The Allies eventually won the world, and placed the blame completely and solely on Germany. WWII altered the political alignment & social structure of the world. The United Nations was then established to prevent conflicts.

17: What if the US had not dropped the atomic bombs on japan? | If the united states did not drop the atomic bombs on japan, then japan would likely have been able to dominate us before we could dominate them. That would have caused us to almost lose the war. We could have tried to do something different to win the war, like sending soldiers there, but the atomic bombs were the simplest and easiest way to get the job done.

18: The Cold War | The Cold war consisted of the time from 1947 to 1991 of political conflict, military tension, proxy wars, and economic competition between what was known as the Communist World & the Western world. They never engaged in a major battle, they just expressed the conflict through strategic deployments. It wasn't really a war, as nothing really went down at this time. They were just afraid of who would drop nuclear bombs first. Neither of the alliances did.

19: What if the Soviet Union had landed on the moon first and not the United States? | If the Soviet Union had landed on the moon first, then the United States would have been left behind in this time of new exploration. We would have to try and make a come back. If the Soviet Union was first, then they would have been classified as higher then the United States, and more developed. Because we did, we were able to make a change in our nation.

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