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Ancient Maya

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FC: Ancient Maya By: A. Leslie

1: Table Of Contents 2-3 Beginning/End of Mayan Laws/Disobeying Social 14-15

2: Introduction In this book you'll learn about Ancient Maya and it's government, social classes, rulers of Maya, laws and more.

4: Beginning and End of Maya Beginning - Maya began around 1517 A.D. People from the west and south were searching for fertile land. They had came to a piece of land that had all the resources they needed, and that was when Maya began. Ended- Maya ended in the 800s A.D. that was when Maya and the surrounding civilizations were abandoned. The only civilization that continued to flourish was Yucatan Peninsula, though it was still under the influence of Toltec.

6: Mayan Rulers -Bird Jaguar was a ruler from the time of 752-768. He was the son of Shield Jaguar the most powerful ruler of Yaxchilan. He continued his father's traditions by documenting the scenes of the royal bloodletting on carved stone lintels. -18 Rabbit was a ruler of Copan, he reigned for more than forty years until he died at the hands of Cauac Sky, the king of Quirigua. The capture and decapitation of 18 Rabbit was thought of as the worst possible fate that could befall a Mayan ruler.

7: Mayan Rulers - Shield Jaguar he was a very powerful ruler who ruled Yaxchilan. He was the father of Bird Jaguar. His sixty-year rule was marked in vigorous growth in monument building and trade. Stone lintels in the temples of Yaxchilan show Shield Jaguar as a successful captor of the lords of nearby city-states. -Jaguar Paw 1 was a ruler of Tikal. He was overthrown and killed by the ambassadors of Teotihuacan.

8: Laws and Disobeying Laws The Mayans had few laws like murder, it was punished with death by mostly throwing them over the face of a cliff or they were killed by the relatives of the person that the person had killed. If a person had done a small crime they were punished by cutting all their hair off because having no hair means disgrace. If a person used somebody else's things and broke them, they would have to pay for it and if you couldn't afford it you had to work as a slave until it was paid for by working. Gods would tell the ruler if the person's life had come to an end.

10: Government Their government was monarchy. Monarchy means when the ruler dies the throne would go to a family member usually to the son. Monarchy: One ruler-through birth into the royal family.

12: Social Classes 1. First Kings/Lords had many different types of duties. They made policies with the help of state council. This included leading chiefs, priests, and special councilors. The kings would also participate in acts of dancing and giving of his own blood for a sacrifice. 2.Then the Nobles helped the Kings/Lords with orders. 3.Next was the class of the priests,the priests performed: activities of ritual, sacrifice, astronomical observation, hieroglyphic writings, and religious instruction. In addition to these responsibilities, the priest assisted the ahua with politics. Continues on pg.13

13: The class of the priest was also divided into other sections. These included the nacom the person that would cut the heart out of a sacrificial victim, who were assisted by four chacs and the ahmen (prophet and the inflictor as well and the healer of diseases). 4. Then there were the merchants, who sold and traded with different cities. 5.The artisans made the pottery and designed buildings and temples. 6.Then there were the peasants. Men were farmers and used the slash and burn agricultural method. Women had duties in the household.Some peasants were asked to be slaves of the king. This was decided by the nobles.

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