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Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome - Page Text Content

S: Ancient Rome

FC: Ancient Rome | By: C. Copenhaver

1: Introduction | Page 1: Introduction Page 3-5: Facts about Rome Page 6-8: Pictures of Rome page 9-10: Roman Gods and Goddesses Page 11: Facts about slaves Page 12: Pictures of slaves Page 13-14: The Roman government Page 15-17 Pictures of Roman Monarchy and Roman Empire Page 18-19 Bibliography

2: This book is all about Rome and its great culture and civilization. This book is also about what stuff they do for fun in Rome. It will also conclude what animals and other stuff and what they stand for in their own meanings and what they mean for to the people in Rome. | Page2

3: The Colosseum was the most impressive building of the Roman Empire. | According to legend Rome started in 753 B.C by twin sons Romulus and Remus. | Page 3 | One of the responsibilities they had in Rome is to protect Plebeians or common people, and it was there responsibility not to make any silly rule.

4: Page 4 | The Romans called the sun Sol because of the leader Sol. | One of their favorite entertainments in Rome was Chariot Racing. | Roman soldiers liked to play board games with counters and dice.

5: Many things the Roman liked were horrible. Like for example they liked gladiator fights and fights between people and animals. That was a good way to make them popular. | Page 5 | Today Rome is known as The Eternal City.

6: Page 6

7: Page 7

8: Page 8

9: Page 9 | Roman Gods Cupid: God of love. Neptune: God of Sea. Mercury: Messenger and god of trade and thieves. Aphrodite: Goddess of love and beauty. Aurona: Goddess of the dawn.

10: Mars: God of war. Saturn: God of Farmers. Pluto: God of underworld. Diana: Goddess of the Moon and of the Hunt. Ceres: Goddess of sowing and reaping. | Page 10

11: Slaves A slaves life was hard. Slaves were usually prisoners captured in war,but some were people who had been kidnapped in Italy. Slaves were sold at a slaves market. If a slave killed his master all of the other slaves in the household were killed. Page 11

13: Roman Government... Roman laws were handed down from leader to leader. The roman laws only protected their own citizens to start out with. Then the law started protecting other citizens. Many laws today were like laws in Rome. They write down the laws so people can know what they mean. The law gave many people different rights. Protection in Rome and today is citizens right to a fair trial. Page 13

14: Their laws were based on fairness. In Rome the right were favors or privileges. The consuls had the power to control the army. The consuls were the law makers. If a seat was open the consuls selected a new senator. The assembly in Rome didn't have a building. Page 14

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