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Ancient Rome

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FC: Ancient Rome G. Regehr

1: 2&3:Introduction 4&5: Romulus and Remus 6&7: Social Classes 8&9: Social Classes 10&11: Government 12&13: Laws & Why it was good to live there 14&15: Fun Facts 16&17: Timeline 18&19: Bibliography & Glossary 20:Back Cover

2: Introduction You might be wondering who the Ancient Romans are. Well you can find out by reading this book. You can find anything from who Romulus and Remus were to knowing all the Social Classes!

4: Q: Who were Romulus and Remus? | A: Rhea was married to Mars, the Roman god of war. Rhea had twin sons. She loved her boys, but there were plots being planned by other gods and goddesses to harm her father, herself, her husband, and her children. To protect the boys, she set them adventuring on the river, hoping someone would find them. Who would not love such beautiful boys? | Sure enough, first they were found by a she-wolf who fed them. Then a shepherd and his wife adopted the boys. | As the twins grew older, they decided they did not want to take care of sheep. They wanted to be kings. They decided to build a city on the shores of the Tiber. They both wanted to be the only king. They quarreled. In a fit of rage, Romulus picked up a rock, killed his brother, and made himself king.

6: There was an Upper class and a lower class. Upper and lower classes both including three each. The Upper class included the Senatorial class the Equestrian class and lastly Women. The lower classes included the Commons the Latins and The Foreigners.

8: Any other freeborn citizens. | Commons | Latins | Foreigners | Freeborn citizens of other Rome Areas. | Freeborn citizens of Rome City.

9: This was a Political class. It included men who were in the Senate, and by extension their families. This class was dominated by the nobles. | Equestrian | This was the Economic class. Basically all of the rich and wealthy men were in this class. | Senatorial

10: Government | First was a Kingdom - Monarchy Senate- 300 (chosen by the Consuls) Assembly- Citizens that voted and discussed in the forums. Empire- Ruled by Emperor: Augustus Ceaser. Fall of Rome came because it was too big and people went against each other.

11: The Roman government changed over time from a kingdom, to a republic, and then an empire before it fell.

12: LAWS | Since the days of the Law of the Twelve Tables, developed during the early republic, the Roman laws were characterized in a form that lasted for more than 1,000 years. Early Roman law was drawn from statutes, but later during the times of the empire, the emperors gave their authority as the ultimate source of law. The basis for Roman law was the idea that the exact form, not the intention, of words or of actions produced legal consequences. Romans recognized that there are witnesses to actions and words, but not to intentions. Roman civil law allowed great flexibility in new ideas or extending legal principles in the complex environment of the empire. Without replacing older laws, the Romans developed alternative procedures that allowed greater fairness. For example, a Roman was entitled by law to make a will as he wished, but, if he did not leave his children at least 25 percent of his property, the magistrate would grant them an action to have the will declared invalid as an irresponsible testament Instead of simply changing the law to avoid confusion, the Romans preferred to humanize a rigid system by flexible adaptation. | The punishment for criminal acts depended on the crime. If it were a small theft or vandalism of some type, it was generally punished by a light fine.

13: Why was it good to live in Ancient Rome? | There was several different things that made Ancient Rome good for living. There were rivers for water, an ocean for fishing, crops for food, Mountains to protect the crops and stone for building.

14: Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus and in 476 AD it fell as its own independent state. | Ancient Rome was one of the most successful civilization on earth to ever exist. They conquered many lands, created so many things we use till this day. Changed a lot of things in a lot of ways. Here are some facts about them. | In Ancient Rome, Boys went to school and girls stayed at home and learned by their mother. | The ancient city of Rome is the same as the present one in Italy. | Slaves in ancient Rome made up to 40% of the population.

15: Funfacts!

16: Ancient Rome Timeline | 753 BC: The city Rome is founded by Romulus and Remus. 509 BC: The republic of Rome is established after the Etruscans are driven out. 450 BC: The Romans Established their first written laws called the twelve tables. 390 BC: The Gauls invade Italy and are defeated by the Romans. 300-400 BC: The Romans are exposed to Greek ideas. They begin to worship Greek gods and goddesses, but they give them Roman names. 197 BC: Rome conquers Spain. 140 BC: Rome gains control of North Africa, Greece, Macedonia, and part of Turkey. First Century BC: Rome conquers Eastern Asia, Syria, and Judea under the direction of general Pompey. 58-51 BC: Julius Caesar conquers Gaul.

17: 49 BC: Caesar invades Italy, starting a civil war. 44 BC: Caesar is assassinated by a group of Senators who hope to restore the Roman Republic. Civil war breaks out again. 43 BC: Mark Antony fights for control of Rome, seeking the help of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. They fall in love. 30 BC: Rome conquers Egypt. 27 BC: Augustus becomes the first emperor of Rome. His rule marks the period known as Pax Romana. It lasted for about 200 years. AD 30: Jesus Christ is crucified by the Romans for treason. However, his followers begin to spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.

18: Bibliography

19: Glossary | Assasinated: Murder (an important person) in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons. Rigid:(of a person or part of the body) Stiff and unmoving, esp. as a result of shock or fear. Adapting:The action or process of adapting or being adapted. Quarreled:Have an angry argument or disagreement.

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