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and now the sports update with ana and laurel

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and now the sports update with ana and laurel - Page Text Content

S: Ana Paula Sanchez and Laurel Mcfarland project

FC: And Now the Sports Update with Ana and Laurel | ByAna Paula Sanchez and Laurel McFarland

1: P-Shot Put Q-Omar Quintanilla(baseball) R- horse back ridding s-super bowl(Dallas cowboys stadium) t-Texas tech(baseball) U-University of Texas (track) v-Vollyball w-Westlake Hoops X-XC(cross country) Y- West Austin Youth Association (WAYA) Z-Zilker park hike/bike trail | A-Aggies(tennis) B-Baylor Bears(golf) C-Lost Creek Aquatics D-Drew Brees E-Frank Erwin Center F-Chap Field G-Golf H-Hill Country Middle School I-Ice Stadium(Houston) J-John Chiles(wide receiver for UT) K-David Kee L-Lance Armstrong M-Maddie Maurice N-North Texas challenge(Vollyball) O-One hundred meter dash

3: This book is dedicated to our favorite History teacher, Coach Kee. Thanks for the amazing year!! -lauRel & Ana Paula

4: Aggies(tennis)

5: Tennis is a sport played by two players or by two teams of two players. To play tennis you need a racket and a Tennis ball. Aggies tennis is ranked number nine in the top ten ranking of NCAA. NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. That means that all the colleges that has sports and want to join go against each other an compete to win the championship.

6: Baylor Bears(golf)

7: Baylor University is home to the Bears located in Waco, Texas. Baylor has a fantastic golf team complete with 4 men who were named the 2011 Academic All Big 12 Men’s Golf Team, A big accomplishment for the team and school. Their last competition was the Big 12 Championship where they took 8th the first and 3d days and 7th the second day. Their next competition is in Florida on the 19th of May. source:http://www.baylorbears.com/sports/m-golf/bay-m-golf-body.html

8: Lost Creek Aquatics

9: Lost Creek Aquatics is located in Austin,Texas.It is a very competitive team! You had to be doing swimming for a long time. To want to join the team and make it.Lost creek aquatics is for people that are looking for something professional and very difficult swimming.This is the place to go,but if not you better start around your neighborhood.

10: Drew Brees

11: Drew Brees was born in Dallas,Texas. He attended to Westlake high school and played football. He graduated for Purdue University of Industrial Management. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 209 pounds he is only 32 years old!

12: Frank Erwin Center

13: The Frank Erwin center is were usually the UT basketball games are held and some concerts.The frank Erwin center is located in 1701 Red River Street in Austin,Texas. The frank Erwin center is not that big but its still a lot of fun when it comes to performances. When theres a performances going on you better get there earlier because then its crowded.

14: Chaps Field

15: The Chap field holds many events and games. In the fall, the Westlake High School Football team plays most Friday nights and more likely than not, wins! This field has been here since 1969 when the school was first established. The hill country middle school students and westridge enjoy going to the pit on friday nights. It only cost three dollars. the chaps field originall name is Ebbie Neptune field it was founded Ebbie Neptune.

16: Golf

17: Golf was originally played in the 15 century on the Eastern coast of Scotland. However golf came to England after the invasion and spread throughout the world because of its royal endorsement. The first ever golfing club was in 1744 and was named The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith, but now there are many golf clubs all over the world and Texas!! Just this last Monday the game of Golf was played by the team of HCMS and the district championship was won!! http://www.golfeurope.com/almanac/history/history2.htm

18: Hill Country Middle School

19: Hill Country Middle school is located in Austin,Texas. Hill Country Middle School rival is Westridge Middles School. A lot of the students form hill country middle school and Westride go to Westlake that the public high school. Hill Country gets its students from Ceder Creek, Eanes Elementary and Bridge Point.When Hill Country Middle School students and Westride students go to Westlake their not enemies anymore they become team mates.

20: Ice Stadium

21: The ice stadium is located outside Houston Texas and is always full of skaters’ young and old, ready to have fun! There are also many competitions held there including hockey, figure skating and speed skating. They have many opportunities for you to learn to skate, have birthday parties there and rent the ice for any occasion. http://www.spacecityice.com/

22: John Chiles

23: John Chiles is the wide receiver for the University of Texas. He was born in Dallas, Texas on October 9, 1988, he is 22 years old, 6 foot 2 and 210 pounds!! John is a pretty big guy. He is currently a senor at UT. | source:http://espn.go.com/college-football/player/_/id/232196/john-chiles

24: David Kee

25: David Kee is a coach and Texas History teacher at Hill Country Middle School. He coaches soccer and teaches his 2 favorite people in the world, Ana and lauRel. He has coached at Westlake High School and grew up in Houston, Texas.(He also explains alot but i still dont get it.) love ana!

26: Lance Armstrong

27: Lance Armstrong is one of the strongest athletes of all time. His biking career started in Plano, Texas when he won the Iron Kids Triathlon at only 13 years old! He became a professional athlete at 16.however in 1996 in late October, Lance was forced off his bike due to excruciating pain, later that month his doctor would announce that Armstrong had cancer. there would only be a 50% chance that he would survive. In 1998 Lance was close enough to cured that he could continue to race. Lance now says that having cancer was one of the best things that ever happened to him because it scarred him physically and emotionally but left him stronger than ever. Lance now lives in Austin, Texas where he continues to race. http://www.lancearmstrong.com/

28: Madi Maurice | Thats Madi!!

29: Madi Maurice is a basketball player at Hill Country Middle School. she is 13 years old. 2010 was the first year she has played basketball for a team. she played on the "B" team with me, lauRel! her team is district champs of 2011. Madi lives in Austin, Texas, is currently going to school at Hill Country Middle School and plans to play basketball for the 8th grade team againg in the fall. source: personal knowledge

30: North Texas Challenge | http://www.teamnorthtexas.com/pictures/index.htm

31: The North Texas Challenge is a big volley ball tournament that is held between the teams that are participating in the clinic of Team North Texas (TNT). The tournament is held on the 12th and 13th of March and is all day between the many teams that have worked hard to get there.

32: one hundred meter dash

33: The One Hundred Meter Dash is usually a quick race ran by 6 people all at once. The race starts at one end of strait away and is finished at the end, a whole 100 meters. To run this race you must sprint your hardest. This past year at HCMS there were many people who ran and won this fantastic race. source: personal knowledge

34: shot put

35: Shoot put was invented back in the middle ages.They used to throw cannonballs. It was first recorded in Scotland. Championships biggan in the 1866.There are to many rules to fit in this page but one of the rules contains math!

36: Omar Quintanilla (baseball)

37: Omar Quintanilla was born in El Paso, Texas on October 24th 1981. he plays for the Texas Rangers baseball team. Omar has been awarded the Texas mid season all-star award and the Texas Player of the week, both in 2005. he is 190 pounds and 5'9''. source: http://mlb.mlb.com/team/player.jsp?player_id=435560

38: horse back riding

39: riding horses has been around since 4500 BC and is still a big part of many peoples life's today. it can be done for fun or competitively. In 1908 horse back riding was introduced to the Olympics and has been there ever since. source:http://www.buzzle.com/articles/history-of-horseback-riding.html

40: super bowl Dallas Cowboys Stadium

41: This past February, an amazing game was watched all over America, the Super Bowl of course!! This year it was played between the Green Bay packers and the Philadelphia Steelers. Sadly, the packers won at the Dallas stadium, but next year the steelers will be back to win the XLVI super bowl!! source: http://www.nfl.com/superbowl/45

42: Texas Tech (baseball)

43: alhttp://www.texastech.com/sports/m-basebl/sched/text-m-basebl-sched.htmlthough Texas Tech, located in Lubbock Texas, is not the best ever, they are pretty good at baseball. They have won 10/11 of their away games and 12/21 home games. On the 25- 29 of May TT is going to the Big 12 Championships where they will be playing Oklahoma. The odds are unknown because both teams are very good but they will do what they can to win and bring pride to the state of Texas. source: http://www.texastech.com/sports/m-basebl/sched/text-m-basebl-sched.html

44: University of Texas Track

45: coached by Beaverly Kearney, the girls UT track team has had many amazing years on the track. some of the best times for track times belong to the University of Texas Track girls, for example; 1500m 4:15.68, Liz Natale (1986) AMAZING!!! http://www.texassports.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/tex/sports/w-track/auto_pdf/outdoor-2010-perf-list

46: volleyball

47: The sport of volleyball is about 100 years old!! The sport originated in the United States and is not just achieving the type of popularity in the US that it has received on a global basis, where it ranks only behind soccer of the most played sport. Volleyball was created in 1895 by and instructor at YMCA. He wanted to create a game that had less physical contact than basketball for the business man. Originally named mintonette, he created volley ball, on of the most played sports today! http://www.volleyball.org/history.html

48: Westlake hoops

49: westlake hoops is a very competitive basketball team that is great for kids that go to one of the Eanes ISD schools and plan to play basket ball for Westlake one day. This year many girls from HCMS have played for westlake hoops and are still training at least 2 hours a day. this is obviously a very competitive but rewarding sport and team!! source: personal knowledge

50: XC Cross Country

51: Early mornings and sore legs paid off when the 7th grade hcms cross country girl won the title for district champions, on October 28, 2010! The team included Ana Paul Sanchez, laurel McFarland, Peyton Siler, Julia Patterson, Mallory Sidel, Elaina Corbe, Suzanne Lightsy, Karina Hanslic, Carson Martindale, and Audrey Brown. Their Coach Ryan Sanderson, lead them to victory and was ecstatic when the amazing girls won! This was the first year EVER for the Cross country girls to win a championship. It was the perfect ending for the AMAZING season!! Source: personal knowledge

52: WAYA

53: (venue) WAYA is the West Austin Youth Association, located in West Austin (duh). WAYA is a non profit organization that originally started in 1981. They provide sports for ages from 2 all the way to 13!! Their fall sports include football, volleyball and kickball. Their spring sports are football, baseball, dodge ball, and softball. Source: http://waya.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12&Itemid=118

54: Zilker Park Hike & Bike

55: Zilker Park is located in Austin, Texas, a very active community. The whole trail is about 6 miles long, goes around Lady Bird Lake along the side of down town Austin. This beautiful trail used to be nothing but 35 acres of land until, 1930 when A.J. Zilker sold it to the city that then turned it into a park for the whole city to enjoy! Source: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/zilker/

56: A | B,N,S | C,D,E,F,H,J,K,L,M,U,W,X,Y,Z | I,Q | T

57: A- Colledge station B-Dallas- Fort worth C- Austin D- Austin E-Austin F- Austin H- Austin I- Houston J- Austin K- Austin/ Houston L- Plano/ Austin M- Austin N- Dallas Q- Houston S- Dallas T- Lubbock U- Austin W- Austin X- Austin Y- Austin Z- Austin

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