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And Then There Were None

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S: Our Wedding

FC: And Then There Were None Agatha Christie

1: Setting: Indian Island Off the Coast of Devon, England Only Can be Accessed By Boat Rainy Weather and Rough Seas Island Is All Rock No Foliage Very Small, No Where to Go

2: 10 random people were brought together on one island by a stranger going by the name U. N. or Una Nancy Owen. Each individual was brought to the island with the promise of a job or of meeting a long lost friend. The problem is that once these people get on the island there is no sign of the stranger who invited them there. When these individuals start to inquire about the truth they find that they all have something in common, they all have had a part in someones death. Once the news is out, they try to leave but find that that is hard to do alive...

3: When it is seen that each one of them has been played for a fool, they try to get off of the island. Yet, with the horrible weather and no sign of U. N. Own, the guest find out that they might not be leaving for a very long time. This long time turns into forever for all of the guests because they all die on the island, but how they do so is based off of a child's nursery rhyme; Ten Little Indians. With each death comes more questions the most pressing is who among them is doing the killing...

4: Ten Little Indian Boys Went Out to Dine; One Chocked His Little Self and Then There Were Nine

5: Anthony Marston | First to Die, Death by Cyanide | "Several young women looked at him admiringly - his six feet of well-proportioned body, his crisp hair, tanned face, and intensely blue eyes." (pg13)

6: Died in her sleep, many assumed that she died due to cyanide poisoning in her drink, just like Anthony | Mrs. Ethel Rogers | "She didn't have nothing last night sir, except what you gave her..." (pg 85)

7: Mrs. Rogers was one of the house keepers. Mrs. Rogers was a unusual woman said to look like a shadow. She fell ill after suffer on the first night after the secret was out that everyone in the house had killed someone. She fainted, was taken to her bed, and given a sleep aid. The next morning she did not wake up. She was found by her husband, Mr. Rogers | Nine Little Indian Boys Sat Up Very Late; One Overslept Himself And Then There Were Eight

8: General MacArthur | Leslie | General MacArthur was a man that was haunted by the past. He had led to the death of a man who was having an affair with his wife Leslie while he was in the war. He was the first one to crack under the pressure of the island. He was at the beach when killed by what seemed to be a massive head trauma. More than likely by a life preserver.

9: Eight Little Indian Boys Traveling in Devon; One Said He'd Stay There and Then There Were Seven

10: Mr. Rogers was a man who cared for the house that the random guests stayed in. He was a peculiar character very odd looking and had something to him that was mysterious. However, he turned up dead one morning when he went to go chop wood for the stove and had an ax placed in the back of his head. This ruled him out as the possible murderer amongst the guests. | Mr. Rogers | Today I marry my friend... | Today I marry my friend...

11: Seven Little Indian Boys Chopping Up Sticks; One Chopped Himself in Halves and Then There Were Six

12: Six Little Indians Boys Playing With a Hive; A Bumblebee Stung One and Then There Were Five | "She heard footsteps-soft dragging footsteps coming behind her...And then she felt the prick. The bee sting on the side of her neck..." (pg 180)

13: A 65-year-old woman who was raised with the highest of standards, was a God fearing woman. She enjoyed knitting and was brought to Indian Island by a letter that asked her to be a caretaker of the house. She of course went and obviously was killed. As she was sitting in the living room she heard footsteps and then a pinch in her neck, she thought it was a bee, but it turned out to be a syringe | Emily Brent

14: Constance Culmington | Five Little Indian Boys Going In For Law; One Got in Chancery and Then There Were Four

15: Mr. Justice Wargrave was a retired justice who found himself traveling to Indian Island with the promise of seeing one of his old loves named Constance Culmington. Yet, when he arrived she was not there. Only a few days later he was found dead. Shot through the head and dressed up like a judge in teh living room. The last of the composed people, with the justice gone chaos was guaranteed. | Mr. Justice Wargrave

16: Dr. Armstrong was a very handsome and educated man. He owned a successful medical practice in England and was asked to be a private doctor for a private couple on Indian Island. He went and it was the last trip he took. He was the man who announced the death of everyone and how they died, which made him a suspicious character. Yet, when he died /disappeared (he was never found) it showed that he was not the murderer and that someone was framing him. His body was later found washed up on the shore line. | Dr. Armstrong

17: Four Little Indian Boys Going Out to Sea; A Red Herring Swallowed One and Then There Were Three. | A red herring is a fish, but it usually stands for something deeper. In this case it means to draw away from the main issue. Armstrong disappearing took away from the real issue that he was more than likely dead and that the killer was one of the three people still left alive.

18: Three Little Indian Boys Walking in the Zoo; A Big Bear Hugged One and Then There Were Two

19: Mr. Blore was an ex-detective who claimed to be from South Africa and was very opinionated and very out spoken. Throughout the entire time that the investigation was going on on the island, Blore was the one calling people in to question about their behavior and telling people what they should do to take precaution against them being the next to die. Yet, it was Blore who was sent to the island to investigate those who had been invited to the island, seem the most suspicious. He was killed, however, with a giant bear clock that was pushed from a second story window. | Today I marry my friend... | Mr. Blore

20: Captain Philip Lombard | Philip Lombard was a man with a very troubled past. Lombard had, in his past, been the captain of a ship, but more recently he was known as the man who could help those in a tight place. He was hired to be a person on the island who keeps everyone in check, this later turns out to be that he is the person sent to kill everyone. Yes, it turned out that Philip Lombard was the one killing everyone. He was sly and cunning and no one would have guessed him to be the killer but he was. He was going to kill the last person left with him, but he was outplayed by her. He was shot with his own revolver and died near the rocky coast.

21: Two Little Indian Boys Sitting in the Sun; One Got Fizzled Up and Then There Was One | "His sudden wolf-like smile flashed out." (pg 207)

22: Vera Claythorne | The last to survive, Vera Claythorne was invited to Indian Island with the understanding that she would be hired as a secretary for the holiday season, even though she was trained as a children's caregiver and childhood education. Claythorne was a young and beautiful lady that took control of situations that she was in making her the perfect teacher. With her recent loss of love she thought that this was the perfect time to get away. Little did she know that it would be the last holiday she took. As the last remaining survivor, she shot and killed Lombard, she found that living with what she had witnessed was too much to bare so she decided to take her own life by hanging herself in her bedroom.

23: One Little Indian Boy Left All Alone; He Went and Hanged Himself and Then There Were None | Broken Hearted

24: Solution | The guests on Indian Island were being killed one by one and with striking similarities to children's nursery rhyme. Everyone thought that it was someone else doing the killing, but as they were killed one by one those thoughts went away. When the last two remaining guests were on the island, the truth finally came out. | It turned out that Mr. Lombard was the one killing everyone else. That was what he was hired to do on the island. He was going to kill Claythorne, but when the two noticed Armstrong's body in the ocean Lombard reached down to pull it out. As he did so, Claythorne took his gun away from his pocket and shot him dead. As the last to survive she found the pain of a lost love and of what had transpired over the last few days too much to bear. Due to this she decided to take her own life.

25: Gatsby lived near the water in a giant mansion with servants. This is the same way the guests on Indian Island lived, in a giant house with hired help and on the water. | 1920s Culture | Both the Great Gatsby and And Then There Were None saw murder. More specifically by a gun. Gatsby died this way and so did numerous people in ATTWN.

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