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Andrew Garcia *

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S: Andrew Garcia

FC: Andrew Garcia

1: I'm from the room in my house, and the broom I use to clean it. Like the times I would play with my toys and action figures all day and my mom making me clean them up. My name means manly, like that of a man. Like the times when I would help my step dad with improvement jobs on the house. I'm from the road thats in my neighborhood, and my friend who lives around the bend. My name is from Andrew Jackson, the seventh president. I'm from my mother who taught me to love, like the times I would cry and she would hug me and make everything better.

2: The day before I was born, my aunt Roxane came to stay with my mom while she was pregnant . Later that day, my mom was at the grocery store when her water broke. She just went ahead and shopped anyway. She called the midwife in the morning when she felt pain. I was born at 8:30 in the morning. It was cool just to see me pop out into the light for the first time. I was all wet when i was first picked up and it must have been gross. Earlier when my mom was pregnant, she had to eat a strict healthy diet and overcome the "temptation".

3: Even when she was at the store and could smell the food and she only slipped a couple of times so I turned out alright. Sound probably frightened me when I was born because it was something new and I probably had sensitive ears. All of the voices going, "Isn't he cute" and "aww he's crying, I wonder why," scared me since I was born at home. And i was also weighed with a scale with a hook attached to my blanket.

5: My name means manly, like that of a man, and bravery, shown like that of a man. It means strong, like that of a man, and means warrior, a person known before modern man. My name is from many people, like Andrew Jackson, the seventh president, Andrew the disciple of the bible, and Andrew Garcia from American Idol. My name is common, but it fits me right. And if someone made fun of me, we'd be in a fight

7: I'm from the room in my house, and the broom I use to clean it. The Bed I lie in when I'm worn, and the window to sit by when forlorn. I'm from the birdseed in my yard, and the big trees that grow tall. The shed that sits in the back, and the lawn mower that sits in the black. I'm from the road thats in my neighborhood, and my friend that lives around the bend. The mailbox that gives and receives, and the house on my street in which the ice cream man gives us a treat. I'm from my mother who taught me to love, and my brother who taught me bravery. My grandma Gwen who taught me compassion, and my grandpa Doyne, who taught me maturity. I'm from the vegetables in the garden, and theSpanish food that I like. The food at the Indian restaurant, and the Chinese food that doesn't sell croissants.

8: When I was 4, I went to Holiday world in Santa Claus Indiana. It was amazing to see such a humongous parking lot, which I thought was almost half the size of the theme park. We walked and walked across the parking lot for what seemed like forever! Finally we reached the gates but then we had to wait in line. Finally we gave the operators our tickets. We walked inside and the first thing I wanted to do was get on the rides but of course my mom wanted to see the gift shop first. There were a lot of toys there and I tried to pick up every one but my mom dragged me away saying it wasn't polite or something like that. We finally started looking for rides. We walked up to many rides but I was too short for most of them. I tried to reach up to the appointed height line with my fingers and i could barely touch it. It was like this for most of them. I could here many kids screaming and laughing for joy on the rides I couldn't go on

9: and it made me jealous. I could smell the delicious food coming from the concession stands and café's so I tried to drag my mom towards them but my 'annoying' brother wanted to stay and ride the rides I couldn't go on. Finally we prepared to go eat and my brother pushed me out of the wagon I was riding in. I had a good laugh though when he fell out the back of it. We went to the nearest food stand because everything there is way too expensive so it didn't matter where we went. We ended up getting pizza. It was actually pretty good so i was disappointed when it disappeared.

10: When I was 5, my family went to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. We arrived there and checked into a hotel looking over the beach. We hung around in our room for a while then went to the hotels restaurant. I could smell good food coming from the place and it tasted just as good since this was a high quality hotel. The next day we went out on the beach. The sun was blazing but the sand was soft to feel. There were colorful seashells sitting around and i tried to find the coolest ones. The beach was very crowded and while I was following my family, I never looked up, still looking for nice seashells. I soon lost them. I didn't look up until I finally thought of my family. I realized they were gone and I couldn't see them but strangely I didn't panic.

11: I went to the nearest lifeguard and staff and told them what happened. They asked for a description of my mom and as a 5 year old, the only description I could give them was that she was wearing a flowery swimsuit and had brown hair with a hat. So of course as soon as I said it, the staff members just laughed in my face. I just stood there awkwardly for a minute, but luckily I saw my family coming towards me. I couldn't hear them over the commotion but I knew they were calling my name. We found each other and went back to the hotel.

12: When I was 6, i went to my great aunts house in South Carolina. It was sort of like a miniature stereo-typed farm so I would wake up every morning to a roosters cry and have a classic delicious tasting breakfast of eggs and bacon. Then I would go out into the backyard to visit the pungent smelling old hog and contemplate what I had just eaten. He was interesting to watch and even his smell didn't keep me away. I could hear baby chickens chirping and would try to catch them but to no avail. I did catch one once though and I held it in my hands, not knowing what to do with it. It got away soon after so I chased after dogs to have some fun.

13: Later I came out back back again and my great uncle found a snake slithering around so he took a hatchet and chopped its head off. The sight was nasty, all the guts and blood showing so I looked away. My sister made fit that only girls would do about the snake of course but I couldn't really blame her. I decided to go play with the kittens than stay around for more.

14: I'm from my house. It is a very heart warming place to live in. most of my memories are from here. Like the times when spent all day playing with my toys and action figures and my mom making me clean them up. Or times when I would help my step dad with improvement jobs on the house. Or even when I would cry and my mother would hug me and make everything better. I can also hear my brother yelling at me for no reason. Then I would smell dinner and forget about what he was saying. It was my favorite beef stew which tasted the best.

16: When I was 8, I was riding down a highway on Christmas morning. My brother and I were playing Uno, the card game. The road was a little bit slippery so as we were driving, the front right wheel of the road. The edge of it was straight so we couldn't pull back up onto the road. So my step dad made the decision to drive a little farther off the road so he would have more force pulling back onto it. The timing was wrong. We drove into a ditch. It was very steep so the car practically ramped up the ditch and into the air. The car came down and rolled about 4 times. Along the way, my brother was flung from the vehicle, landing safely a little farther away. I remember thinking I was going to die.

17: When it stopped I realized I was still very much alive. I heard my brother moaning somewhere for my step dad. I tasted grit in my mouth and spit it out. All the windows were busted of course. So since the doors were busted and jammed I just jumped out the window. The back of my head hurt so I found a bump on my head. I smelled burnt rubber in the air. It was Christmas morning and there I was, in the middle of a field. Some people across the highway came over o help us. I didn't know if at the time but a family that passed by as I crashed didn't pay to the road, too busy staring at me so they crashed also just down the road. The body of the car was greatly smashed and bashed. It was totaled. But in the car ride, I had brought my favorite new toy. A week after the accident, we went to a junkyard to retrieve our belongings. Thankfully, my toy was not broken except for some dust on it. So that really brightened my day.

18: When I was nine, it was my first year at Burris Laboratory school. I thought I would have trouble making friends but I made some almost immediately. I thought the cafeteria food tasted amazing. Sometimes it smelled bad but I realized that was their fake eggs. When I saw a violin, I thought it would be a cool instrument to play because it looked all fancy and whatnot. When I watched my strings teacher play, it sounded so smooth and enjoyful. When I played though, it sounded, well, a little bit less smooth. Anyway I stuck with it. The keys and edges of it were elegant and interesting. I learned that there were many styles to play. But when I started playing I didn't know what in the world I was doing like the bow hold or the

19: when I started playing I didn't know what in the world I was doing like the bow hold or how to hold the instrument for that matter. So I would just pretend to know what I was doing. I got by wit hit for a year or two until I finally understood it.

20: When I was 10, my family went to Mounds State park in Andersen, Indiana. We had a picnic with sandwiches that tasted inviting to my mouth. Then we hiked to the White River. On the way there, we passed by a dead animal. It smelled so bad that it was probably a couple days old. It made me want to regurgitate but I kept walking. We got to the river and started playing in it. I could see everything around me. The fish swimming around. The crayfish hiding under rocks. The birds flaying around. It was all beautiful. We were wading around in 3 foot deep water but you could see clearly.

21: As we were wading, I saw something strange in the water. I came closer and picked it up. It was an old, very human looking bone. You never know what washes into the white river so I kept an open mind. The birds around me squawked eerily on cue. I tried to take it to the wildlife center there but it was already closed for the day so I took the bone home.

22: When I was 11, I was at my grandma's house and I was in a neighbors pasture, exploring around with my brother and sister. I could smell the fresh and old cow manure sitting around but I didn't mind it since the outdoors smell is clean. We walked farther into the pasture and then walked up a hill. As we walked up the hill, I heard the mooing of cows. If I had known that the cows were in the pasture I would never have went into it.They saw us and "coincidently" started to charge towards us. We started running towards the fence where we had come from. It was a long run and the cows were surprisingly fast. We got to to fence and had to jump and grab the rough wooden posts. I almost got a splinter. I tasted dust in my mouth from running through the pasture.

24: When I was 12, I spent the summer at my grandma's house and I fished for crayfish and minnows in a creek by her house. I remember feeling the shiver of water rushing past me, tickling my feet. Seeing the minnows dart around and crayfish shimmying under rocks and hiding in holes, making me smile.And looking around the shallow parts and seeing deer and raccoon tracks. And also seeing fossils in the rocks. I could hear different animals including a nearby cow mooing, birds squawking and screeching. The water gurgling and the sound of trees swaying in the light breeze. Then could hear my grandma's voice calling for supper from down the road. I would run back to the house wondering what would be on the table. Then when I would reach the house, I would small something delicious aromas. Then I would wash my hands and come to the table and pray. I don't remember what I had but all of my grandma's cooking is wonderful.

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