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Animal Taxonomy

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FC: Animal Taxonomy

1: Scientific taxonomy is the process of grouping and classifying organisms into categories known as taxa.

2: The taxa are broken down from largest to smallest. Ex: Kingdom -> Species

3: Kingdom is the largest taxon and there are 6 different kingdoms | Eubacteria | Protista | Archaebacteria | Fungi | Plantae | Animalia | Organisms are placed into one of these kingdoms based on their cell type, method of metabolism, nutrition, and reproduction.

4: Next, organisms are placed into a specific phylum based on common traits | These are some examples of phyla that belong to the kingdom Animalia | Chordata | Crustacea | Nematoda | <-Echinodermata | Mollusca->

5: 1. Amphibia (amphibians) 2. Aves (birds) 3. Chondrichthyes (cartilagenous fish) 4. Mammalia (mammals) 5. Osteichthyes (Bony Fish) 6. Reptilia (Reptiles) | Then, they are further broken down into classes. These are the major classes belonging to the Chordata phylum | Humans have more in common with birds and reptiles than they do with organisms that belong to other phyla

6: As an example, here are orders from the class Mammalia | Carnivora | Cetacea | Primates

7: Felidae | It starts getting more specific when you get to families. Some families in the Carnivora class are: | Canidae | Ursidae | Most are carnivores, however, some are omnivores. They typically all adapted traits useful for their predator lifestyle such as forward facing eyes, large canines, and strong jaws in order to capture and eat their prey.

8: Furthermore, each family is broken up into a taxon known as genus. The Felidae family contains all types of cats such as lions,tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, leopards, panthers, and all other cats. | Another example: Dogs, wolves, foxes, etc. all belong to the Canidae family.

9: 1 | Different types of cats belong to different genera, but share similarities that place them in the same family (Felidae) such as: large eyes for good eye sight, sharp retractable claws, and long canine teeth making them successful predators. | All genera are italicized. Lions, jaguars, tigers, and leopards are in the genus Panthera.

10: Finally, genera are further broken down to the species of individual organisms that belong to that specific genus. | For the genus Panthera, the species belonging to it are: Panthera leo (lion) Panthera onca (jaguar) Panthera pardus (leopard) Panthera tigris (tiger) *notice that the species name includes the genus name first and is italicized also

11: Therefore, the complete classification of a leopard is: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Panthera Species: Panthera pardus | Now you can see how organized the scientific classification system is and see how animals relate to each other just by looking at how they are named and classified!


16: "The entire ocean is affected by a pebble." | Blaise Pascal

17: "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars." | Walt Whitman

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  • Title: Animal Taxonomy
  • This presentation shows the classification system used to assign names to animals. You can tell how different groups of animals relate to each other based on how they are classified
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