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Animals and Bugs!!!

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Animals and Bugs!!! - Page Text Content

S: Animals and Bugs!! Mrs. Sylar's Class

FC: Created by Mrs. Sylar's Second and Third Grade Class

1: Snacks that we made after studying animals and bugs! :)

2: We are making paper mache ladybugs!!!

3: Painting our ladybugs!!!!

4: Crickets Crickets can be black,green, or brown. They are shaped like an oval. They have ears on their legs. Crickets eat raw snacks. They like to eat olives and nuts. They have sharp jaws. Their jaw helps them to bite and chew. They hide under rocks and logs.

5: Great White Shark Males reach maturity between 3 1/2 and 4 years. Sharks have sharp teeth! Sharks teeth fall out, and we can sometimes find them. Sharks eat fish, sea lions, and seals. Sharks can live over 30 years!

6: Sea Otter The sea otter likes to eat sea urchins. It swims on its back. The sea otter lives in the North Pacific Ocean. The sea otter uses it's forepaws as clamps to press water out of it's fur. The sea otter's life span is between 10 and 12 years.

7: Killer Whale The Killer Whale lives in the sea. It likes to eat seals and other small sea animals. It's life span is between sixty and ninety years. The Killer Whale is shaped like an oval and it will become very large.

8: April Showers Bring May Flowers | Black Caiman The Caiman lives in Australia. It likes to eat fish.The Caiman can live for up to thirty years. The Caiman can grow to be as large as a car.

9: Firefly The firefly wakes up at sunset. The fireflies life span is about two weeks. It eats leaves and grass. Fireflies land on the leaves and eat them.

10: Mosquito Mosquitoes live all over the world. They eat our blood! They can live as long as five or six months. The color can be blue or black. Most mosquitoes eggs are laid in water. Some mosquitoes lay their eggs in places that soon will be under water. | Mosquitoes are shaped like an oval. They are the size of a seed.

11: Flounder The flounder lives in the deep water. It could eat other fish or worms. The females can live up to 14 years. The males can live up to 12 years. They can be red, orange, green, and blue. They are shaped like a flat circular ball. Flounder are flat fish that can evolve to different sizes.

12: Chameleon The chameleon lives in North America. It likes to sleep in caves. The chameleon eats small bugs. It's life span is about 100 years. It is brown, oval, and small. It can take in a bug, faster than you can blink!!!

13: Western Tiger Butterfly It lives in North America. It eats different color leaves.

14: Earthworms Earthworms live in cool and damp areas. Earthworms also like dark areas. They eat soil so they can have burrow and homes. Earthworms can live up to two years. They are a tan color. They are skinny and long. They are shaped like a stick. Earthworms can grow up to two feet!

15: Pink-Edged Sulphur The Pink-Edged Sulphur eats leaves. They live beside ponds and streams. It's color is green and purple.

16: New Guinea Harpy Eagle | It lives near the rivers in NC. The eagle eats large fish. It can live up to 4 to 5 years. It's colors are black, white, grey, and brown. The New Guinea Harpy Eagle is very large. It is one of the fastest eagles in the world.

17: Bark Mantis It lives in Asia and Africa. It eats crickets, small lizards, fish, and birds. It can live for about two years. It is brown and green. It can grow to be about one foot.

18: Crowned Eagle The Crowned Eagle lives in Africa. It lives amid thick trees. It eats small monkeys and other small animals. The eagle is also very noisy.

19: Turtle The turtle lives under water. It eats leaves. It can live for a very long time. The turtle can grow to be very big. It's colors are green and brown.

20: Butterfly | The butterfly has wings. It lives on leaves. It's colors are black and yellow. It is symmetrical in shape and size. It can live for a very long time.

21: Dolphin Dolphins live in the ocean. They eat fish and other sea animals. Dolphins have a life span of up to 50 years. Dolphins are shaped like an oval. Dolphins are grey, black, and white. Dolphins breath air through a hole on the top of their heads.

23: Panda The Panda lives in China. It likes to eat bamboo or bark. It's life span is between 10 and 20 years. Panda's are black and white. They are shaped like a bear. Panda's are small. Panda's are born blind. Panda's are natural climbers.

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  • Title: Animals and Bugs!!!
  • We have studied and researched different animals and bugs! The class enjoyed drawing pictures and learning about their animal. We hope that you enjoy our book! :)
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