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Annibell:Life in the Enlightenment

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S: Annibell : life in the Enlightenment

FC: Annibell : Life in the Enlightenment

1: Dear diary, My name is Annibell Becca Conor. I am 14 years of age. I am not a big fan of where i live at now thats why me and my parent's are going to Jamestown tomorrow.

2: Dear diary, I can't wait until my family,friends and me finally get to Jamestown, We want to obtain our natural rights. Life Liberty and property. John locke made that up and we are very grateful. I hope i make new friends along with Zachariah. LoveAnnibell Becca Conor

3: Dear diary, this is what i saw when i first walked in to Jamestown. It is a really beautiful place. at this moment me and my family are excited to be here. I still hope it is as good as people said it was. we have to go and find our home Love Annibell Becca Conor.

4: Dear diary, there was this girl named Abcde that asked if she may help with my unpacking and I said sure I didn't see any problem with it. I think we are going to be good friends hopefully. She said my friend Zachariah was cute and she likes him. Well i have to go finish unpacking. Love Annibell Becca Conor

5: Dear diary . This is my new home. It is brick with a big | yard and it is an amazing place. Abcde's house is kinda like mine but not much.oh well.I think Abcde is a good friend and she is a good person . Love Annibell Becca Conor

6: Dear diary, Abcde came over today. She told me all about how the British tried to take her diary away but they didn't win. They said because they got it from england they couldn't take it. One of her friends were shot and killed because they were protesting about what had went on that day. Love Annbell Becca Connor

7: Dear diary , I was at Abcde's house talking about the Boston tea party and taxation without representation when we were rudely interupted with a knock at her door.It was Allen and Zachariah.they have come to tell us that they through the tea over board..We both blushed as they walked in the door. That's all we were thinking at that moment.As they left they gave us a hug and out of no were Kissed us .Huzzah!!

8: Dear Diary , I am very upset with my mom. she wouldn't let me go out and play with Abcde and i don't know why. I guess its because I had to help her with the house work .I think she is preparing us for the quartering of troops.Love Annibell Becca Conor

9: Dear diary, Today was a horrible day. Troops started to quartering our house. We have to live with the troops for a long time now. That means we have to clean there mess up and do as they say. I wonder how Abcde is doing and if they are doing the same thing to her as they are to me. Love Annbell Becca Conor

10: Dear diary, Today was even more horrid.Instead of just cleaning up there mess we had to make their food,wash there uniforms and clean their shoes.i can't take much of this anymore. I'm going to try to make it through the day. Love Annibell Becca Conor

11: Dear diary , Today john locke had a meeting with Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin, and some more people.They want all 13 Colonies to be Free.they were talking about something Called "The Decloration of Independence" i hope we do get out Freedom. Love Annibell Becca Conor

12: Dear diary, Abcde's house Is quartered to. I'm terrified of how this is going to end. Abcde told me about the scientific Revolution.She said she wasn't positive what that could of been but it was creating an up roar downtown.It was created by Thomas Hobbs and John Locke Love Annibell Becca Conor

13: Dear diary,I seen Allen walking by my house I got so excited.i had this feeling i had never felt before. I know it sounds strange but that feeling was like something was in my stomach moving around.Thats the same feeling Abcde Has the same feeling about Zachariah..well i don't wanna talk about this any longer tonight.Love Annibell Becca Conor

14: Dear diary,Remember the other night i was saying something about the scientific revolution well, it has a scientific method that has five steps. | 1.Problem 2.Hypothisis 3.experiment 4.Gather data 5.Conclution I'm excited to see what this new "method" will bring us too in the future.Love Annibell Becca Conor

15: Dear diary, they have made some inventions during the time I have been in The New World.They are strange names Microscopes , mercery barometer,Hermameter, and Human Atonomy.I haven't herd from Abcde in a while and I don't know whats going to happen.I think she is still sick from her voyage over to The New World.I''m scared of could happen to her.The troops in her house isn't making anything any better. She has to share a room with her mother and father.It's not a good sight.Love Annibell

16: Dear diary, The Government has been trying to make a big change in The New Worlds life. THey want complete freedom from England and King George.They say it should be better by tomorrow. I hope what they are saying is correct.I want freedom.It is July 3 and I'm excited to see what can happen...... Love Annibell Becca Conor.

17: Dear diary ,We Finally independence from England.They signed the Decloration Of Independence .Now we are free forever. We have the Bill of rights .Me and Abcde have never been Happier.She is with Zachariah and I am with Allen and we are happy together.This is probably going to be the last Diary page I wright in a while. I am just happy for us and the people of the future that if and when they decide to come to The New world to prepare your self for a big change in your life and may all your hopes and dreams come true. If you work at something long and hard enough you will succed at what you are aiming for .I have to go now.I have to go get a Vaccine for small pox.Love forever and always Annibell Becca Conor

18: Dear dairy ,Im going to keep this short and sweet.Im having an amazing time with this freedom.I never thought i would be free.Or called an American. oh i got to go now I'm terribly sorry.Love Annbell

19: Dear Diary; This truly is my last diary page. im locking it up in the attic.I hope one day people in the future have a better and long living life.Better then what we had coming Into The New World.I wish I could stay and wright longer but the four of us are going out tonight.. Love dearly Annibell Becca Conor

20: The United States of America

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