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Annie's Trip Around the Country

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BC: Learn about The Five Themes of Geography By: Rachel Lawrence

FC: Annie's Trip Around the Country | Rachel Lawrence

1: Hello there, my name's Annie. I'm so glad you decided to join me on this trip! We are going to learn so much about the Five Themes of Geography. Lets get started! | First well be visiting Washington DC. I'm se excited to see the White House in person.

2: Wow, did you see that street sign that said "Pennsylvania Avenue 1400"? Thats an example of absolute location. Absolute | Location | The absolute location of the White House is 39 degrees N. and 77 degrees W.

3: location is the latitude and longitude of a certain place., or it could be a street sign. What is latitude and longitude? Latitude is the the distance around the Earth going sideways, and longitude is the distance from the top of the Earth to the bottom..

4: Relative Location- Described through landmarks or time direction. | Can you believe that we just saw the Washington Monument? I'm pretty sure thats an example of relative location to the White House. I just had to know the answer so I opened my brochure and saw that relative location means that you describe a place through landmarks, time direction or distance from one place to another.

5: I thought to my self for a moment and it popped in my head. Relative location of Washington DC is about 30 miles from Baltimore, Maryland it is boarded by Virgina and Maryland I believe it is northern of the Potomic River. A landmark would be the Washington Monument. Also relative location could be a map of a location.

6: Place- Has both human and Physical Characteristics | Next well be traveling to the great city of Gatlinburg Tennessee. While we were driving through Gatlinburg we saw some amazing physical characteristics. The Smokey Mountains and the beautiful rivers. I love seeing all the wildlife as we drive through the mountains. | Physical characteristics can be mountains, rivers, soil, beaches, or wildlife.

7: Oh my! Our cabin is huge! When we went inside we saw all kinds of human characteristics. Paintings, wood carvings, blankets, furniture, anything you could imagine...it was there. | Human characteristics are ideas and actions of people that result in changes to the environment. Human characteristic's .could be any type of building, road, clothing, or food.. We are surrounded by human characteristics..

8: Human or Environmental Interaction- Humans adapt to their Environment | MIAMI, FLORIDA | Here we come! | I thought we'd never make it off that plane, this storm is crazy! Over past generations humans have learned to adapt to their environment. People have had to adjust their life to the climate at which they live. This could include, rain, hail, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornado's, earthquakes and tsunamis.

9: Humans Modify the Environment | For people to live we must modify our environment. This means we must use the environments resources to live. We clear forest to build houses and buildings. Grow crops to feed everyone. We raise livestock to provide meat and clothing. Here in Florida farmers grow oranges, peppers, nuts and many more.

10: Humans Depend on the Environment | Humans depend heavily on the environment.With out the environment there we would not exist. Humans depend on the Earth for air, to breathe, water, to drink, shower etc. Coal for electricity. Oil and gas are used to power our cars, planes, boats and many more traveling vehicles. Humans depend heavily on the environment. Without the gas we would not be able to fly to Miami.

11: Movement | Movement is just what we've done on this trip. Movement is the travel of people, goods and ideas from one location to another or political events. People interact with people through travel, trade and technology. We use planes, boats and trains to import (to bring in) and export (to take out) goods. These types of transportation is how we move the goods to different countries. I bet you have a phone, T.V. or a computer with chatting sites. If you have one of these you are apart of movement. Lets use movement to go back home to Owensboro Kentucky.

12: Region- government, language, or possibly the land form or situation. | There are 3 types of Regions. The first one is a formal region. A formal region is government, a country, religion, land forms and culture. The formal region of our trip was the United States of America, some of the land forms were the mountains and rivers. Some of the formal region of Kentucky is that we are mainly Catholic or Christian. Land forms would be the Ohio River, Kentucky Lake, Black Mountains and many more.

13: The second type of region is Functional. | A functional region is like a tristate. A tristate is 3 states that are covered by the local media. Owensboro's tristate area is the area where Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana meet. An example of functional region is that Owensboro Medical Health System serves 7 counties.

14: The third region is a Vernacular Region | A vernacular region is saying you live in the north, south, east, west and all those directions. Lets find the vernacular region of all the places we visited on our trip. Washington DC. is northeast on a map of the U.S. Gatlinburg, Tennessee is in the Smokey Mountain region and is central U.S. Miami, Florida is south on a map of the U.S. Owensboro, Kentucky is in central U.S.

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17: My Sources | http://www.clubquarters.com/images/1_wDc_lg.jpg http://www.gatlinburgcabinsonline.com/propimages/924/front2.jpg http://www.franklin.ma.us/auto/upload/schools/kennedy/781-latitudelongitude.jpg http://www.enchantedlearning.com/usa/states/dc/map.GIF http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_NpINLHeo8rM/TAOU7lKWqkI/AAAAAAAAzJ0/aipCkXTv7i0/s1600/1.jpg http://www.clipartguide.com/_named_clipart_images/0511-0902-1720-2159_Tornado_In_Front_of_a_House_clipart_image.jpg http://www.school-clipart.com/_small/0511-0805-2019-2914.jpg http://bna-art.s3.amazonaws.com/www.bootsnall.com/articles/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/pigeon.jpg http://express.howstuffworks.com/gif/hurricane-ivan.jpg http://www.clipartpal.com/_thumbs/t-shirt3_004299_tnb.png http://www.clipartguide.com/_small/1386-0904-1402-3907.jpg http://www.superstock.co.uk/stock-photos-images/1566-622749 http://www.hungerwatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/GM-cornfield.jpg http://www.mykyweather.com/images/wxmap.jpg

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