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S: Anthem

BC: Mrs. Shernicoff's English One Honors IRP El Numero Two

FC: Visualization of Themes In Anthem By Ayn Rand

1: Table Of Contents Individualism.................................3 Capitalism........................................5 Conformity.....................................7 Love.....................................................9 Egoism.............................................11 Shapelessness...............................13

2: Individualism

3: Ayn Rand's veiw on Anthems main theme of Creation of Identity, or Idividualism, one's value rests in the originality and quality of his mind as shown in his work. The value of his work is in the amount of time and effort in it, like Equality 7-2521's invention of the lightbulb. Equality 7-2521 discovers in his 'tunnel' that the work of an his hands, is a prolonging of the individual's own self, and that the prise of the product of this work does not lie in the product's benefit for society but in its own being, as the "fruit "of the individual'sperson's imagination. For this reason, Equality 7-2521 prefers to be beaten half to death and suffer massive starvation, than to reveal the light he has invented. In each of these cases, Equality 7-2521 defends his work and his property as extensions of himself because they come from his own hand's and mind.

5: The World Council of Scholars represents one of the main evils of capitalism; the inability of a collective government to come to a conclusion, and follow through with the actions planned. Because consensus is impossible, and individual thinking be forbidden, the council falls into inaction. Since the council is the ruling body of the society, society stops moving forward. Because the council members cannot all agree on technological advances, even a simple innovation such as the candle takes a huge amount of time and haggling to gain approval. Howerver, because consensus(building is difficult and dangerous in a society in which discord is viewed as a sin) the individuals on the council begin to fear any change as a threat to themselves. For this reason, the council reconsideres Equality 7-2521's lightbulb. Miss Rand shows that when absolute agreement is necessary for change, progress is farr from impossible.

7: Obviously, Conformity is relative when it comes to the society in Anthem. Everyone in this precise and meticulous society are almost like clones of the 'perfect' specimen. All citizens, including Equality 7-2125 are expected to follow stringent codes given by the World Council. In the first few pages, E explains that it is against the rules to think differently than the other children. This is because the World Council prefers their citizens to be well trained, much like caged animals.

9: Even in his newfound happiness, he asks very original but disturbing questions. Equality 7-2125 often wonders what kind of happiness is possible to human beings? If this is wrong, as they have been taught all their lives, then what is right? Once he meets "the Golden One", for the first time, he begins to doubt the truth of this teaching. One day, the "Golden One" (love of Equality 7-2125 life) says to him, “We love you. “. She frowns and shakes her head, now understanding that—that word, “we”—does not fully grasp the full ness of her feelings. He looks intently into her eyes, knowing that for even a single instant, they had been on the verge of a discovery. But then the moments point escapes. He wonders, what is the word they are without?

10: “Your eyes are as a flame, but our brothers have neither hope nor fire."

11: Equality 7-2521 wasn’t an egoist in the beginning of the book, persay, but he wanted to be free from his 'brothers'. Equality had a well developed mind (unlike the rest of his peers) but it was a sin for him to know more than others. For having greater understanding and a thirst to learn he was lashed more than anyone of his peers or “brothers”. Equality states that he is for a fact above his brothers. He makes it clear that he desires to be set apart from the pack. (pg83)

12: Shaplessness

13: Much like capitalism, shapelessness in Anthem scurries on the theme of evil because it illustrates a lack of willingness or ableness to believe in something and to stand behind it. For Rand, the surface world mirrors the internal, personal world, and physical shapelessness goes hand in hand with fear of authority and originality, as well as capitalism. Members of the World Council of Scholars are all shapeless, as are the members of the Council of Vocations. As a matter of fact, every one but Equality and The Golden One are extremely shapeless. The whole entire society around Equality 7-2521 is shapeless and grascale, showing its incompetency and worthlessness. Contrasting, the Golden One is sharp, with sharply defined lines and an overwhelming physical beauty. Similarly, International 4-8818 stands out among his peers because he is taller and more shapely than they are and is repremanded for this very reason. Equality 7-2521 does not fit in with this uniformity, and this points him out as a true individual.

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