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Anything but a Blank Canvas

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FC: Kennedy Bryce

1: I.Loved Ones II.Love letter ~ Mom III.Who I once was IV.Love letters ~ Katy, Lauren & Samie V.Who I am VI.Letter of love ~ Adam VII.Who I wish to be VIII.Letters of Loves ~ Addie & Cassidy IX. 50 things to do before I die X.Letters of love ~ Jeremy | Table of Contents

2: My Loved Ones | Adam Smith | K a t y D o l l a h i t e | R e b e k a h B r y c e | S a m i e A n d e r s o n | Jeremy Kocherhans | Lauren & Cassidy | G a b b y M a r t i n e z | Megan & Adrienne

4: It was just my mom and I growing up. My mom worked full time so I spent most of my childhood at my babysitters house. She was like a second mom to me, and her daughter, Melanie, was like a sister. I never really felt like an only child till I was about eight or so. Always being away from my mother helped us to grow closer together. We both couldn't wait till the end of the day, just so that we could be together again. We still have a fantastic relationship. I love my mom, she is my best friend. She has worked hard to help our relationship bloom. In my family we have something we call BAPS. Bryce Amplified Passion Syndrome. Meaning we yell a lot. Most of us in our family bottle up all of our emotions, and like a volcano we just blow up. | I remember many instances where I could not convey my emotions or thoughts well. I would be so frustrated. Instead of storming off like I wanted; my mom would make me stay and talk it out. That was such a hard thing to learn but I am so grateful to her for teaching me such a valuable lesson. I have a big family (at least for one side); I am the fourth grandchild out of 26 and still counting. I think I am much closer to my cousins because I have no siblings. There are 6 girl cousins all close in age and we became very attached to each other when we were young. We used to have little Girl Cousin Reunions and still do. They were like long distance sisters to me. At one point two of them lived just down the street from my babysitter Loralie. | For eight years Loralie was my babysitter, preschool teacher, my tutor, and my second mom. I loved her and her family including her dog. Her name was Nevada but we couldn't pronounce that when we were little so we called her Badda. Loralie’s daughter Melanie was a good childhood friend. We are the only non-blondes in the picture in the middle. She was very dominant and very yellow red. I am a shy white blue. We bickered like only sisters can. She pushed me out of my shell often which was good, but more often than not she just pushed my buttons. Eventually we moved when I was 11. My mom and I moved to Utah to live with my Grandparents and we have been there ever since. | Who I Once Was

5: When I was about a year old I was learning how to walk. One day I was trying to stand up with the help of a full size mirror leaning against the wall. It wasn't heavy enough to help me up and fell down with me and hit the edge of the bed you see in the picture. The mirror shattered of course right over my head. My mom freaked out and ran me to the hospital. My only injury was a small cut in my face. My mom decided not to get stitches so I still have a scar on my right cheek. My mom says it adds character to my face.

7: I love Kennedy Bryce because she is someone who understands how wonderful life can be. I enjoy talking with her and we can talk about anything. She knows about so many different kinds of things and is always looking to learn more. Kennedy is a strong person. She has been through a lot and come out stronger on the other side. She is an example to me for when I am dealing with a problem and she gives really great advice. She knows who she is, what she does and doesn't like, but is also open to trying new things without pre-judging. She is my best friend and the person I have the deepest connection with. Kennedy is well-loved by many, especially me, because she is an especially lovely person. She will succeed in whatever she chooses to do and I hope I will know her for many years to come. Kathryn Dollahite | Dearest Kennedy Bryce, I love you! You are so kind and so fun! You listen to others even when you're having a difficult time yourself. You are never afraid to be yourself and I love that about you! I always feel comfortable around you. There have been times where I've felt like the only person who understands me is you and I appreciate that a lot. You share your thoughts and experiences. Thank you for being patient with me even when I'm intrusive and perhaps annoying. Thank you for the steady friendship you have provided starting when we were only 12. I hope to always know you and be able to call you my friend, Kennedy! All my love, Samantha Anderson | How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11... The main reason I love you is because I have always felt accepted by you. You are so open and kind to everyone you meet. You let me act goofy and just be myself. You are absolutely hilarious, sometimes you make me laugh so hard that I feel like I will pee or wake the neighbors. You love animals and nature, you find beauty everywhere. You listen to musicals! That alone would make me love you. Also you are such a strong woman. Whenever I doubt myself you kick me in the rear (sometimes literally) and let me know I do not need to worry about what anyone else has to say. I am so grateful that you let me come live with you, you have no idea! You are so incredible, and I hope that you never forget how much your father in Heaven loves you or how much I do. Thank you so much for being my friend. LOVE Lauren Allred

8: I adore animals. Ever since I was little I have just had a fascination with them! Cats have always been my favorites and anything with feline grace has a special place in my heart, such as otters, sugar gliders, ferrets, etc. I have a pure black cat named Scorch and he is the best cat ever! When I was little I wanted to be a tiger trainer. Anything to do with animals and I am there. I also love birds and horses. That is a hawk on my arm in the picture. I was able to go hawking in England. | The first time I ever rode a horse was when I was eight. I have loved them ever since. I hope to own a horse someday. Horses can act a lot like humans. A horse can either be right brained (dominant) or left brained (submissive) and it can either be an introvert (hides feelings) or an extrovert (shows feelings). It reminds me of The People code. There are four Horsenalities for a horse and every horse fits into one of the categories. Just as all humans fit one of the four colors | My mom and I were able to visit my Grandparents in England and from there we went to Holland and Scotland. We both agree that London was our favorite part of the trip. My mom wasn't planning on going because she was afraid about being on our own in a huge city. But I convinced her and I navigated us safely through the city. Later she told me that she couldn't believe she almost let fear keep her from doing something she has always dreamed of doing. I don't ever want the fear of striking out to keep me from playing the game. | Who I Am

9: I am a proud Orem High graduate. I graduated in 2009 and I was the second to last class to graduate from the original Orem High. My high school was 57 years old and had tunnels running underneath it, rumored to be bomb shelters from the 50's. The best thing was the school mascot is my favorite animal, a tiger. There were great traditions at my school. One being you couldn't step on the golden tiger set into the floor or you had to kiss it. Another if you kissed on top of O-rock under a full moon you were a True Tiger. And most crazy of all was if you streaked across the football field you became an Ultimate Tiger. I would like to proudly state I am both a True and Ultimate Tiger. | I like to think I have a good sense of humor. I entertain my friends and family at least. I love to try new things just to say that I have done them. For example when my cousin Cam and I were touring castles in the UK we went everywhere we weren't allowed. If it had a Do Not Enter sign we were there. We climbed all over the ruins of Kenilworth castle. That was one of my favorite experiences. The picture at the bottom was taken in Stirling castle. Cam and I found these mannequins and started to pose by them. These Asians walked in and started taking pictures. They didn't realize that we were real and so when we moved we scared the bejeebers out of them.

11: I am writing you this letter to tell you how much I appreciate everything that you have done for me. I know that this may be a school assignment but everything that you are about to read is real and that I very much appreciate you being such a wonderful friend. There are several reasons why I am glad to be your friend and I wish I could tell you everything that you have ever done for me, because you have done so much. Kennedy, I love that you have a desire to do good, you have a great goodness inside, even though sometimes you don't realize it. Ever since I first met you I knew that you wanted to be the best that you could be. We all have struggles but as I have seen you face yours as you pushed through the difficulties, I have always admired that you always wanted to do what is right, even if it was hard; even if it meant losing something you care about. You are truly amazing and it is inspiring to me to see that in you. I hope that you never let go of that desire, it can take you so far, and it can be one of the greatest strengths you will ever know. I love how you see the beautiful things in life. Whether it be the simple beauties of nature, or just the love of life that you have. You have always loved the simple and wonderful things: like baking, or the plants that you are raising, or your love of animals. You also are just plain silly and fun and I can see that you want to enjoy every minute. I will never forget the fun times that we had together just sitting under the stars, playing a game of checkers, or building a snowman named Charlie out in the snow. I have always loved your playful and happy qualities. All of these attributes are so wonderful, but I think that one of the things that inspires me most about you it that you are such a good friend. You always do your best to help your friends through their problems, and more than once your problem solving abilities have helped me so much. You are so open and willing to listen. You are so selfless as well, even when you are going through a difficult time, you want to hear what is troubling me. You always want the best for everyone and you do everything that you can to help others. You are always there for us when we need you. Frankly speaking, your are a true friend. I hope that you can see why you mean so much to me. You are one of the best friends that I have ever had and I think of you very highly. I hope that this wasn't too cheesy or anything like that, I really do mean all of this and I greatly appreciate your existence. You are such a wonderful person and I expect great things from you. Thank you for all of the good times we have had and I want to have many more in the future. Kennedy, I love ya, keep on being yourself. Love, -Adam Smith

12: I have no rhythm and dance is one of the hardest things for me. But I love to watch it and I have always wanted to clog in particular. Socializing is also hard for me. I let my shyness take over and I have missed out on a lot of opportunities. So even though I have no skill I will continue to make myself try. And I believe God will help me as long as I try my hardest first. | I have always thought that hang gliding and base jumping looked so cool and fun. I want to be an adventurous person. I want to try everything! So someday I will, even though I am a wimp when it comes to trying something new. I was not born with the gifts the other colors have but that doesn’t mean that through hard work and determination I can’t develop the same skills they have. | Who I Wish To Be | I want to be a well rounded person. I would love to have no regrets about living life to the fullest when I am old and feeble. So I am expanding my skills with heels, lacrosse, clogging and socializing (cow slippers are a great ice breaker). I have trouble walking in heels I teeter everywhere. I have never tried a sport before and I really regretted it when I graduated.

13: I love animals and I recently discovered that I would be happiest if my job involved them. I would love to be a zoologist working with big cats. Tigers have always been my favorite and so I am going to follow my childhood dream of becoming a tiger trainer. One day I am going to play with a full grown tiger.I want to be the kind of person that follows her dreams no matter how silly or hard they are. | I want some redheaded babies so badly! I want to create my own “Weasley” family (but with more girls). Redheads are a dying breed after all. So I would love to marry a Scotsman like in the picture. Silly and picky maybe but I will have a better chance of redheaded kids if I marry a blonde or a redhead.I would like to serve a mission but if marriage comes first then I can always serve one later with my husband.

15: I love Kennedy Gayle Bryce for many reasons. Firstly, she loves food just as much as I do. Secondly, she's a creep just like me. And thirdly, we wear the same size pants. And those are the three things I love about KD. Just kidding, I have a little more I guess I could say. KD is truly a sweet person. She is always happy and bubbly, and has a smile on her face. A very nice one in fact. Also, KD is my P.I.C. Whether we just wear masks and steal ping pong balls from friends or wear onesies and make movies, she's always there and in on the game. My toes look like freaks! We also have so many jokes together that I can't even remember all of them anymore. We always do the stupidest things together, but make it super fun. It's awethome. She's also my voice of reason. Sometimes I just don't think very straight and she makes me see the flaws in my thought processes and/or decisions. She makes me laugh all the time, too. She likes to cook, which usually turns out to be a good thing for everyone. I love her because she loves me :) ~Cassidy Price | 10. When we change our name tags 11. Her laugh 12. Her room (it's freakin awesome) 13. Singing and dancing at Kara's 14. She’s not afraid to be herself 15. Throwing things at the T-Mobile men 16. Her hugs 17. How much she hates Hannah Montana 18. How much she loves Emo things when she’s really not an Emo person...even though she wants to be. 19. How we can be crazy together but we call it normal I love you Kennedy!!! ~Adrienne Bone (And so does Megbear) | 1. Fiery Red hair 2. Beautiful smile 3. The clothes she got from Europe last year 4. Tying our aprons together at work 5. Ability to make me laugh about EVERYTHING even things that aren't funny. 6. When she wants something she'll get it. (aka determination) 7. How funny she is about the man she marries (her need to keep the ginger line going) 8. When she wears "Barbra" and "Kennedy" name tags just to confuse people (to be Barbie and Ken) 9. When she wears her name tag upside down | Things I love about Kennedy Bryce

16: 1.Live in Scotland 2.Visit all over Europe 3.Visit every state in the U.S. 4.Go to Russia 5.Go to New Zealand/ and or Australia 6.Go to Japan 7.Go to sea world 8.Go to as many zoos and animal reservations as possible 9.Serve a mission 10.Marry a blonde or a redhead 11.Marry a return missionary 12.Marry in the temple 13.Have a big family of 6 or more children 14.Have a redheaded baby 15.Have a career I love 16.Be a zoo keeper 17.Learn to draw well 18.Learn a new language or two 19.Learn to sing like my mom 20.Learn to play the piano 21.Learn to understand music 22.Hug a full grown tiger 23.Hold a tiger cub 24.Create a chocolate and sugar sculpture | 50 things to do before I die | ________________ | ________________________________

17: 25.Run a 5 k 26.Run a 10k 27.Learn to pole dance 28.Learn to dance well 29.Learn to do a flip 30.Learn to cartwheel and handstand 31.Learn how to ski or snowboard 32.Get super flexible 33.Go hang gliding 34.Go bungee jumping 35.Go to culinary school 36.Go scuba diving 37.Weigh less than 125 lbs 38.Grow my hair past my waist 39.Host a ball 40.Wear a huge corseted ball gown 41.Write a book 42.Paint a portrait 43.Own a 1940’s style car 44.Own a sugar glider 45.Build my dream house 46.Be a young women leader 47.Be a temple worker 48.Be a grandma 49.Grow old with my husband 50.Live a righteous and fulfilling life, without any regrets | ____________________________________________________

19: Kennedy, There is a lot more about Kennedy then some people might know. People might have different opinions about her and not know her so well, but I know Kennedy and there are a lot of great things about her. She can be a little shy at times, but once you get to know her you can have a blast. I remember going to a school dance one year and she was in my group. We went sledding and had dinner at someone’s home; she helped set it up and was a big part of it. She made it SO fun. You can have so much fun with her. She also knows how to get along with everyone. When you talk to her and get to know her, you can tell that she is totally awesome! She has a great personality, a fun personality. She is also caring. She is always there to cheer you up. She knows when you’re having a bad day and when you’re down. She just steps right in and makes you happy. She listens to you and what your concerns are and makes them into strengths. She can make you laugh also. She is really funny. She can make a joke or just be silly Kennedy and make everyone laugh and have a good time. She is also a really smart and good student. Kennedy is a really great learner she is always in class and ready to do her assignments and listen and learn. She always did well in school. I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to be her friend and get to know her over the past few years. After knowing what I have said I don’t know who wouldn’t want to be her friend. I know from experience that she is a great friend. I bet there is a lot more personalities she has that I don’t know yet, but I’m excited to find out for years to come, because no matter what, Kennedy is not afraid to be herself. She doesn’t care what people think of her, which I really like. I like it because then you can get to know who Kennedy really is. She doesn’t care if people judge, because she knows it’s not their place to do that, and she is not going to change for anyone and she shouldn’t have to. Kennedy has always been there for me, whether I am sad, sick, injured etc. she is always there to help out and make me feel better. That’s what I call a true friend. Kennedy has a lot of talents and abilities. She has a lot going for her and deserves the best. There are a lot of stories I could share about Kennedy and her kindness. She never could upset, hurt, let down, or disappoint anyone. This is why I think Kennedy is awesome. Love ya, Elder Kocherhans

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