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Apostrophe Scrapbook

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S: The Apostrophe's Feats and Failures

BC: Bibliographies: Waite, William N. Montgomery Town and Country Living. Yardley. Paton, 2011. O’Connor, James M. Delicious Desserts. Lincolnwood. Publications International Ltd., 2005. Print. Clark, Lucia, Jac Coyne, Emily Gibson, Paul Ohanian, Megan Rhoads, and Chriss Snyder. Lacrosse. Baltimore. US Lacrosse, 2011. Print. Lightman, Lindsey. "Statuses and Wall Posts." Facebook. Web. 4 Aug. 2011.

FC: The Apostrophe's Feats and Failures Captivated by Lindsey Lightman

2: The apostrophe. It's generally a wonderful tool. It isn't easily replaced. We're always taking advantage of it.

3: It’s Worth the Drive to the Countryside of Lancaster County to Shady Maple | Tucker's Tales | Bell'Aria

4: An apostrophe can tell us things such as whose ice cream? or what decade? Really, any possessive singular or plural can be distinguished with an apostrophe (singular with an apostrophe and "s", with exceptions).

5: Nelson's ice cream | 1970's | Mara Swift's Album

6: The apostrophe can take two seperate words in a sentence such as It is cloudy. and weld them together, becoming It's cloudy. This is one of the apostrophe's many forms as a compound word.

7: What's on your mind? | "Can't get over how cute they are!" | You're welcome. | ["what" and "is"] | ["can" and "not"] | ["you" and "are"] | ["I" and "am"] | "I'm so glad I got to see you yesterday!"

8: The apostrophe is so fantastic that it can make appearances in names. It can take the place of a missing letter in a word, or just serve as decoration, most commonly in Irish names.

9: Toffee'd Mocha Chocolate Mousse Chutney'd Squash Circles Oyster Po' Boys | James O'Connor | (In the case of "Oyster Po' Boys", the apostrophe possibly takes the place of a letter.)

10: Sometimes, the apostrophe can help tell a story... for better or worse.

11: "You've got the chance to raise your game" "Whether you're in the boys' or girls' game" | "He's taken the tournament!" "She just wasn't happy." "...and I'm sure you'll see that in the magazines to follow." | Men's Division III "...as we're going to score..."

12: Unfortunately, the apostrophe can be corrupted. Ignorance of singulars and plurals can lead to miscommunication. For example: Mother's Day Breakfast [Whose the one lucky mother?] | {These examples are all incorrect uses of the apostrophe.}

13: Mother's Day Breakfast | “...the fun activities in the Kid’s Alley Tent...” | {There should be an apostrophe after the "s", so the alley tent will be for plural kids and not just the singular kid.} | {There should be an apostrophe after the "s" in Mothers, not one in between the "r" and "s," that way the breakfast at the restaurant opens up to plural mothers instead of the singular one.} | {There should be an apostrophe after the "n" in "eatin," in order to take the place of the absent "g."} | "Eatin water ice in the OBX..."

14: However, the most depressing factor of these misuses is that it is becoming more popular in the younger generations. Behold, the furious typhoon of apostrophe misuses, committed by ignorance. | {These examples are all incorrect uses of the apostrophe.}

15: "im making lists of foods that i plan on eating..." | {Besides the lack of capitalization, there should be an apostrophe between "i" and "m" to become the conjugation of "I am."} | "...tonight was the most ive laughed in a while" | {There should be an apostrophe between the "i" and the "v," so that it becomes the conjugation of "I have."} | "...its not mine, its Annies..." | {Not only should there be an apostrophe between the "t" and "s" to form the conjugation of "it is" on both accounts, there should be an apostrophe after the "e" in "Annie" proving that said article belongs to her singularly.}

16: Oh, that's not all... | {These examples are all incorrect uses of the apostrophe.} | "Our life's work, building dreams by the yard." | "the jersey looks a little awkward, doesnt it?" | {Unless the writer has multiple personalities, the proper way to write this would be to use the plural "lives" and then add an apostrophe to the "s" at the end, making it possessive plural.} | {There should be an apostrophe between the "n" and "t" in "doesnt," becoming the conjugation of "does not."}

17: "nothin just puttin the team on my back..." | "haha thats alright" | "It wont kill you" | {Double crime! There should be an apostrophe at the ends of "nothin" and "puttin," taking the place of the absent "g"s.} | "There should be an apostrophe between the "t" and "s" to form the conjugation of "that is."} | {There should be an aspostrophe between the "n" and "t" forming the conjugation "will not."}

18: "Robert King's and Alice Wager Havertown home..." | {The writer perhaps grew lazy, because there should not be only an apostrophe and "s" after the first of the two names, unless there is information missing that states otherwise -- which there's not. There is a number of ways to solve this misuse, an easy one being to duplicate the apostrophe "s" on "King's" and do the same to "Wager."} | "Bergey's Electric" [8, 18] (vs.) "Bergeys Electric" [76] | {Comically, this example was written by the same guilty writer of the last example. Through the magazine this was found in, the name of the company was written inconsistently. I would advise this writer add another apostrophe between the "y" and "s" to "Bergeys" on page 76, as well as more sleep for better focus.}

19: ...does it ever end? | "shes a good driver who doesnt almost kill people" | "cuz thats what you're doing too right..." | {A number of things are wrong with this example, but I am here to point out those that have to do with the apostrophe. There should be an apsotrophe between the "t" and "s" to form the conjugation of "that is." It's puzzling that the writer was able to remember his apostrophe manners with "you're," though.} | {There should be an apostrophe between the "e" and "s" forming the conjugation "she is." And good for her!}

20: All is not lost for the apostrophe. Although most of this corruption comes from modern day social networking sites such as Facebook, or even text messaging, there are still individuals who cling to dying embers of the apostrophe, fanning the once vividly burning fire of proper punctuation. With a bit of hope and a lot of spell check, maybe the apostorphe can see another day...

21: Renningers' Antiques Extravaganza | Brandywine Conservancy's garden | Death in the Seven Years' War | Hershey's Holiday Classics | Zone 'Em Up | sophomores '10-'11

22: ... and with that said, perhaps there is a bright future for the apostrophe after all. | "...gathering with one's neighbors and friends..." | "Don't miss out on the rest of the weekend activities..." | "Contact us and we'll get back to you shortly."

23: AAC's [Abington Art Center] Sculpture Park | "...if you can't find a quilt..." | "...and it's all the more impressive..." | "OH MY GOD I HAVEN'T WATCHED THAT SHOW IN FOREVER" | Museum Volunteers' Art Purchase Fund

24: That's all, folks!

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