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Aqua Swirls

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S: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Scrapbook by Charlotte Kaufmann


FC: Huckleberry Finn | By Charlotte Kaufmann

1: Events in the United States 1835-1845

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3: *First railroad sleeping car *Child labor laws introduced; the minimum working age became 15 *The Great Fire of New York *Mark Twain was born *The siege of the Alamo began in San Antonio, Texas; the battle ended 2 months later *The battle of San Jancito- the United States wins the Mexican War *The Panic of 1837- a financial crisis *The Cherokee tribe was forcibly moved westward on the Trail of Tears *A slave rebellion broke out on the ship Amistad *Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, James Tyler, and *James Knox Polk were the presidents during this time period *"Oregon Fever"- a mass migration westward on the ORegon Trail *Texas was annexed *Frederick Douglass wrote a very famous narrative about his life as a slave *Abolitionists sent thousands of petitions to Congress; the Gag Rule was established which prohibited the discussion of slavery

4: Huckleberry Finn

5: Huck has an abusive father who squanders all his money on alcohol and despises the fact the Huck has a chance to get an education; he thinks that because he never did, Huck should not be able to. Huck dislikes having a routine/schedule, having to stay clean and presentable, and being extremely religious. He goes against the values of society. One part of Huck thinks that it is his duty to turn Jim in, as society expects, but he mostly goes against that belief, thinking of Jim as a true friend, and refusing to turn him in He is very independent, lives on the bare essentials of life, and has his own judgments, beliefs, and values. He is uneducated and talks in slang. He is considered to be “uncivilized”, has boyish adventures, and does not like to follow the rules. Huck is practical but goes against the bonds of society.

6: Jim is uneducated, but possesses a lot of common sense. He is very sweet, kind, and loves Huck as his own son. Even though Jim should be looking out for himself, he still tries to take care of Huck. He only runs away from Miss Watson because he wants to reunite his family. Jim is very superstitious, noble, and loyal. His fate depends on the other characters in the novel because he is a slave.

7: Jim

8: Major Theme: "Civilization" vs. "Non-Civilization"

9: When reading the novel, the reader might come across some of these questions: Is it better to follow the rules of society, even the controversial ones or base some decisions on your own intuition? If you run far enough away from civilization, are you really uncivilized? Which is more moral? What is the role of society? Huck runs away from "civilization" in the novel, and faces several hard choices where he makes a decision based upon what he feels is right, not what he is supposed to do.

10: Society Reflected in Literature

11: When some kind of political or social strife is occurring in society, an author will usually convey their opinions of it through literature. Upton Sinclair tried to raise awareness of immigrants' conditions in the United States through his literary piece, The Jungle. President Theodore Roosevelt paid attention to this book and several business regulations and work laws were enacted. Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with a similar goal in mind. He was opposed to slavery and incorporated some of his feelings into the novel.

12: What is community and what is an individual's responsibility to community? What is the community's responsibility to the individual? | Essential Question

13: A community is a group of people that live together and share common values and goals. An individual has ample responsibility to a community. For a community to function properly, everyone must do their part, and do the jobs that the society needs done. Everyone must follow the rules of the community or the structure of the community will collapse. If one person decides that they are above the law, none of the rules will maintain their significance. Individuals need to be cooperative and participative. The community also owes responsibility to the individual. It must protect the individual's personal rights and offer opportunities to its citizens. The relationship between a community and an individual is give-and-take, and requires cooperation.

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