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Archetypes & Heroic Cycle

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FC: Lord of the Rings | By: Caitlin Richardson | Archetypes & the Heroic Cycle

1: Over View | The lord of the rings is an epic trilogy following a hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins through his journey to destroy a powerful ring. There is a war going on, the ones who want the rings destroyed, and those who want to use the ring to gain complete control of the world.Through all the experiences Frodo meets amazing characters and goes through experiences in which he finds life lessons.

2: The Hero | Frodo Baggins

3: Frodo is the hero and main character in this story. He is often times overlooked and the underdog because he is just a small hobbit from a little town, but this also reveals his greatest characteristic because is very brave even in the face of danger. His task is to destroy the final ring that could potentially give Soraun back his power. He has to sacrifice his small life from his little town to take on this big adventures with friends such as his gardner, Sam. | He affects the plot by having a character that is very easy to relate to which heightens how the audience feels about him.

4: The Mentor | Gandalf

5: "End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.....White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise." - Gandalf | Gandalf fits the mentor character to a tee. Besides Gandalf's old age and wise poise ,which immediately shows the physical characterists of a mentor , he is the person Frodo goes to consistently to receive advice about whatever he may need help with. He is always putting the situation in perspective and often times make everything seem a lot more optimistic than at first thought. | He affects the plot as always giving the watcher hope and a strong arm in the story.

6: The Threshold Guardian | The Black Riders

7: "That black rider was looking for something. Or someone. Frodo? " -Merry | The black riders are the most feared servants of the evil character Sauron in the story. In the beginning, these riders were once nine nice men of the king, until Sauron gave them each a ring of power. These rings gave them immortality and incredible power. which over time corrupted them.The nine rings bound them to Sauron while they serve in a state of "undeadness.". Frodo along with his friends Pippin, Merry and Sam have encounterments with the black riders in all three movies, The Black riders goal is to capture Frodo and the one ring he holds to bring to Sauron. | The black riders affect the plot by giving it suspense. These character seem to be unstoppable and greatly feared.

8: Shapeshifter | Gollum

9: Once a hobbit named Smeagol, Gollum, became obsessed with the one ring he possessed before he lost it. The effects of holding and obsessing the ring led to his life being corrupted and extended. He befriends Frodo along his way to destroy the ring. He truly would like to help Frodo but with his obsession for the ring ,Frodo holds, he often times looses control and attacks him in order to possess the ring again. Though whenever Gollum attacks Frodo or tries to manipulate him, he shortly after apologizes.He brings suspense to the plot by never knowing what side he is on and his next move.

10: Shadow | Sauron

11: The story's protagonist and shadow is Sauron. Sauron and his followers are determined to find the rings and take full control. The one person standing in his way is Frodo Baggins who possesses the final ring. He is not really seen through the movies but his followers, such as the Black Riders, are extensions of him by completing any task he wishes to be completed. He affects the plot by having a completely evil character who gives Frodo and his comrades their call to adventure.

12: Archetypal Storyline & The Hero's Journey

13: At the very beginning of the story, Frodo's world is turned upside down. Frodo is forced to go on this voyage to destroy the ring, and from there, his former life turns to little but a dream. Throughout his entire journey he remembers what life he used to have and is determined to destroy the ring and be able to return to it.

14: Call to Adventure | Frodo's call to adventure comes in the very beginning when Gandalf goes to find him because he knows he has the ring | Threshold crossing | The threshold crossing occurs when Frodo leaves his little town and starts traveling on his long journey.

15: Gandalf on his way to Frodo.

16: Tests And Allies | Frodo has many allies such as Gandalf, Pippin, Marry,Legolas,Sam, Bormir and many more.Without these characters there is no way Frodo could make it to the mountain to destroy the ring.

17: Tests show themselves constantly to Frodo and his comrades. While on his journey to destroy the ring he encounters Sauron's army, dangerous landscape, traders, and the black riders.

18: Supreme Ordeal

19: The final ordeal is between all the characters known from the very beginning. There are many deaths are both sides of the last battle, though it is all for the protection of Frodo. While the last battle is going on Frodo goes to the volcano to throw the ring into the fire, to finally end this long journey he so long ago began.

20: The Reward

21: There are two rewards that are given by the end of the story. One of them, is the world at this time does no longer need to live in fear of Sauron and his army. The final reward is Frodo can return home to live out his life a better person than he first was before he began on this journey.

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