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"Area 52

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S: ''Area 52''

BC: Epologue: Now you see that even two people can make a difference.This novel included two kids who fight for their school to make things right again. And even show their maturity to help the people who tore down their school in their darkest hour. Author:Hannah Hibbert, Courtney Crouse ,Jake Bosh,Brooke Winndal,and Isaac Gurrola.

FC: "Area 52" | By:Brooke,Jake, Courtney,Isaac, and Hannah H.

1: Prologue: Two kids are about to unwillingly have an adventure of their twelve year old lives.Read to find out about this action packed adventure with a hint of comedy.Join us in this as we uncover the truth about a secret bigger than the United States would EVER know.

2: Randy Jones was looking forward to his first day at Western Sky Elementry School.Once Randy arrived he was greeted by a girl named Jennifer. She has attended Western Sky for many years . She said "Hello" and showed him to his locker.

3: Later, Randy wandered around the school and noticed a poster for football tryouts. He loved football so he was going to tryout.Later Randy and Jennifer headed off to their first class, Math. When they walked into class they figured that they sit next to eachother.

4: In Math,they made and took a survey.They were sure to include a pie graph,and a bar graph to store their data.Also, they did math such as finding the mean,median,mode, and range.The survey they took was about pollution. And then they made a pie graph, and a bar graph about it.

5: They used a number line to figure out the Median.The mode was easy,because none of their data was the same.Configuring out the Mean was also easy for them too.Because they were both good at math.And, the Range was simple. But, Randy and Jennifer were sad because,the teacher didn't get to clusters,peaks, gaps, or outliers.Which were their favorite part of graphs.

6: Mean: 33.75 Median: 36.5 Mode: None Range: 45

7: Summarizing Data -How many people do not care that the Earth is polluted? 9 -How many people don't know?27 -How many people think the Earth is polluted? 45 -How many people think the Earth is not polluted? 54

8: Summarizing Data Studying helped a lot because we actually knew what we are looking for. We could create our survey because we studied. Without knowledge, we would know nothing. We learned what people think about pollution. Most people said the Earth is NOT polluted. The least amount of people said they don't care. From the mean, median, mode, and range, we learned that the median is 36.5. We also learned that the range is 45, the mean is 33.75, and that there is no mode. There are many choices, many things to choose from. That there is more than one choice. It was useful because we could decide on something we al wanted, instead of havening to go with something we may not all like. You can convince people to do good things through surveys and their data.

11: 54 people chose blue 45 people chose red 27 people chose green 9 people chose purple

14: Next,they were given a question to solve.The question was,What is needed to create Oobleck? Randy and Jennifer's prediction was: ''We believe that the recipe needed is flour,water,and sugar to create Oobleck.

15: Next, they learned about the substance Oobleck.It is made with 1 1/2 cups of corn starch, one cup of water, bowl, spoon,and food coloring which is optional. Their teacher said ''Oobleck is non-Newtonian''.They searched about Oobleck.And here is what came up. -www.sciencecafe.org;had the recipe for Oobleck,expermants to try -www.wikihow.com;gives the directions,warnings,pictures,supplies -www.chemistry.about.com;gives the directions,gives tips.

17: After Science, they went to Language Arts, of which they learned about grammer ,epilogue,prologue,and what they are and mean. They learned facts about the fastest reader in the world.Also, everybody was taught about speed reading.

18: Also, during the writing portion of L.A .The class was wrote indivdual papers about Personal Contributes.Here are some words she used.

19: Personal Contributes One person can do a lot.Like for instance, one little kid could clean up some trash at school. Then everyone could start cleaning, and do good deeds.Everybody could be happy just because of one little kid. Don't be the problem ,be the soultion. Jennifer got a B+.But Randy got a B-.

20: A bit later they went to lunch. Some people described it as the loudest time they had ever in school.Jennifer and Randy ate lunch together an learned a lot about eachother.Like Randy found out that Jennifer was sweet,responsible,and kind.And Jennifer found out that Randy was athletic,nice and enthustic.That day they became close friends.

21: In the middle of Social Studies class there was an earthquake, or was it? The whole school went outside to find that a helicopter had landed on the roof.Men in black flew off the roof with jetpacks and asked to speak with the principal,Mr. ButterFinger.

22: He shuffled out and agreed to go out to speak with the men in black in his office.They went to his office and talked to Mr.Butterfinger. "What in the world just happened?" mumbled Randy. In her reply, Jennifer just shrugged her shoulders. Randy and Jennifer went into the room beside the principal's office.

23: Thay overheard the men say,"There is a big air mass of pollution in the area and you can not return to school or town ever again after this school day".Later Randy heard the men talking and they said "Area 52 would be easy to build as long as nobody interrupted them.'' Randy had to hurry and find Jennifer and make a plan before the whole town evacuated.

24: A couple days later the men tore down the school and built a base. While Randy and Jennifer made a plan. Phase 1:Observe their enemies close and record timing on a dot plot to figure out the time they left and come back for 2 days. phase2: Use Oobleck to spill all over the floor, gain access and find out what the men are doing. phase3: Destroy the men in black plans.

25: Jennifer and Randy snuck under a hole in the gate, and headed toward the building. Using mathmatics they calculated that shutting off the security camera for 10 seconds would get them into the front office, and it worked.

26: They found their plans,the men in black were building Area 52. Randy was right.Then some security guards them talking and were coming for Randy and Jennifer! As soon as Randy opened the door, the men shouted,"Hey you! Freeze!!" Randy and Jennifer grab the Area 52 plans and hid. The guards said," You're going to be in a lot of trouble when we find you!!!"

27: Quickly Randy and Jennifer went out the floor and poured some Oobleck on the floor. Then they try to find their way out. The first closet had a mop in it, Randy grabbed it. The second closet they came across had paper in it, Jennifer grabbed some paper.

28: Meanwhile, the guards kept on falling ,getting stuck, then slipping again. The third door had two jetpacks,they each grabbed a jetpack. Quickly, Randy took out some Oobleck and put it on the mop then stuck it on the paper.

29: Randy took a lighter and set the paper on fire. " Stand back!!" Randy shouted." Here Randy! Put this on!'', yelled Jennifer. The Oobleck and paper exploded and put a whole in the ceiling. Randy and Jennifer escaped.

30: They flew over to the library, and put the plans of Area 52 all over the internet.This had to make the Men in Black tear down the base and re-make their school.Or at least that is what Randy and Jennifer thought.

31: And that was what happened.In about a month there was a brand new school. They re-named the school ''Area 52' to help out the guys who tore down the first school,because there was a brand new donation of computers for every classroom. The End.

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