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Arielle Birk *

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BC: My Furry Friends

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1: At the age of 10 yeas of age sleep walking. | Digging my way to the Bath room It was an early dark night, about 5 or 6 at night. I fell asleep on the cold leather sofa, with the TV and lights on. My dogs were sleeping where ever they lie. One dog would lie on the chair across the room, and another would lie on the sofa next to me, then the last one would lie on the floor. If I remember correctly, it was a summer or weekend night and we just got back from somewhere. I can't remember because I just remember I was really tired. My parents were both on their computers. My dad was in his office working on designs he draws on the computer. Then my mom was working on on her laptop, or playing a game, at the kitchen counter while sitting in her scooter seat. I can't remember all of the details of what happened that night. What I do remember is that I was dreaming of going to the bathroom. Apparently while I was sleeping, I got up from the sofa and walked out to the kitchen. While I was in the kitchen, I stopped and told my mom I was going to the bathroom then she said ok and went on with her work. Then I got out to my dad's office, and I ask him if I could go to the bathroom, he says sure. My mom though something was wrong with me, and when I was going to the bathroom I took a wrong turn to the laundry room and I was digging in the dirty clothes basket. | tMy mom than thought I was losing it, and I guess I was trying to dig my way to the bathroom, my dad was trying to get me to stop. All the sudden I wake up and I have my head and arms in the clothes basket, and I pull myself out . For 5 minutes I was trying to get through the door past my dad to get to the bathroom and I started to cry, because my dad got mad at me when I wouldn't answer him. My dad finally knew what was wrong with me and it was because I had to go to the bathroom.

2: A New Place I Call Home It was my first time ever to move to a new house. My mom prayed and prayed that we would get a new house and that it would be the perfect house for us. So we went as far as the trip took us. We finally got to York Town, Indiana and out in the country we found a neighborhood. Once we settled in a new trip began, good-bye to the old house in Muncie that now is full of memories I will never forget. I fell in love with the magnolia tree in the front yard. I call the magnolia a cherry blossom tree. When we moved, I was about 6 years old and I think it was a spring we moved. I remember the beautiful big yard. My dad started planting flowers, trees, and made flower beds. My first memory in the new house was playing with my Polly Pockets in the corner of th house. Then it was the memory of meeting the girl next door. The girl first thought I was a boy at first but after meeting me we became friends. Then I went over to her house and met her brothers and father. A year later, I met Jacob that lives three houses down from me.

3: Modeling years At the age 4 years old, my mom had me model. My mom is a teacher for Ball State University and her class sometimes would make clothes for me. The class would put me in some of their fashion shows to model to other people. My family would sometimes be there to see me. This very day, I wish I could still model. I wish I could model and feel the feelings again. It was scary but fun to see everyone give you all the attention. All eyes are on me and everyone is saying how cute and beautiful I am. My mom's class always was fun to talk to and to hang out with. I was never alone, I had someone walk with me down the run way. I remember a few times when I was on the run way. There was one time when I dressed in a really cut lady bug dress that went with these lady bug flip flops that I loved. I would always ask my mom to let me be in fashion shows. Another time I had to have my hair brushed and I wouldn't stop crying and yelling. It was always fun to a model and to be the super star.

4: Monster Ball 3 year old Nightmare All kids are suppose to love toys that they get. I loved toys I got, but there was only one I hated the most, one I never loved. When I was a baby, my mom went to Chicago and got me a ball called The Wiggly Giggly Ball. It's suppose to be fun for little kids, well that's what my mom thought. It was a nightmare to even see the ball. At the age 3 my parents would always try to get me to like the Wiggly Giggly Ball, but that never worked. They would always say stuff like it's only a ball and that it wouldn't hurt me. It was so scary to me that I would not stop crying and screaming. So my parents hid the ball in my closet and didn't tell me it was in there. Then there was a time when I started to like the Wiggly Giggly ball. The sound no longer scared me. I didn't really play with it, I just left it alone. Nothing could be creepier then a ball that makes a weird noise. After we moved, the ball was left out in the back yard in the mud.

6: She's a Doll 9 years old was the year I was on the front cover of a newspaper. I was on the newspaper because they were featuring American Girl, Kit Kittredge. There was a new movie that was coming out about Kit the American girl and I was the one picked to be on the front cover. They were looking for kids to be in the newspaper. My mom contacted the people and that was how I was picked. That morning, my mom, dad and I were rushing around to get something to wear that looked like what Kit wears and I also had to look for all of my doll's clothes. Then the three of us had to hurry over to the neighbor's house to get the car ready for the picture. The neighbor was really nice to let us use his car, he has a couple of old cars that look like the same time period as Kit. The newspaper guy came over to the neighbors house to take the picture and told me where to stand. There was another photo to be taken at our house so we went back to our house. When we were back at the house I had to gather all of my American Girl things and set them out on the dinning room table. I had my retired sleigh and the horse that goes with it. I also had all of my other American Girl dolls and doll stuff. The newspaper guy then tells me to act like I'm playing with the dolls while he takes pictures. It was really fun to be in the newspaper with me on the front cover.

7: Big Trip I was 8 years old when it was my 3rd time going to London. On the trip I also went to France and Amsterdam. In London, we stayed at the same hotel we have stayed at for the past years. The same hotel with bacon that tasted like cat food, the same hotel with the cute small gift shop that was about 6 feet big. Just the feeling of London feels so good, but it also is cold there, too. The feeling always brings me joy, I would go to London every year if I could. France was the next stop one the list, taking my mom's class to another place in the world. We used the train to travel this time and my parents and I got the best seats. The seats were 1st class seats, it was really quite special because there was no one else in 1st class. When I ordered a hot dog at the restaurant in France, they gave me fish, it was really funny. My favorite food in France was chocolate mouse that was like a thick pudding. I also got to see the Eiffel tower up close. The line was too long for us to go up the Eiffel tower so Ii didn't get to go up it, at least I was under it.

8: Onward to Amsterdam, that was some trip to visit the Dutch. The hotel was really pretty and nice. It had really cool orange and yellow sculptures and there was also some paintings. The food was really good at the hotel, they had spicy little chicken legs that were about 1 inch, there was fruit that was made in to figures, and noodles they called sponge bob noodles. It was a really fun trip all together.

9: Birthday Trip to My Favorite Place. It was still when I was 10 years old, I got a birthday gift to go back to London. It was my 4th time going, we took 2 other people that shared a birthday with me and my mom's class. At the time, i was really into Alice in Wonderland so I would act as if I was Alice in London. On one day, it was a free day in London and we didn't have any plans so i got to go to the Disney store they have, and I got a stuffed Cheshire Cat. My parents, some other people, and I got to go to Kid Robot, a fun and cool store. A day before my birthday, we went to go get a cake for Share, Nick, and I. The cake was so beautiful, there were all different sliced fruit, I like to call it passion fruit cake. When we were getting the cake, a older women just had to have her wine that was on sale just then. One my birthday I turned 11 years old and my mom's class was all there too, they all had cake. It was a really fun day. Two nights before we had to leave, there was a cruse we went on. It is always so fun after the cruses we go on, because the class and I play around on the top of the double decker bus. People are always telling us to be quite. The night before we left, I got to ride the London eye, one of the biggest ferris wheels on earth. It was so pretty being on it, as you are going up it, you can see the water and Big Ben. It was a really fun birthday in London.

10: My friend Maddy It was a birthday, I was turning 5 and Maddy, a friend that was one year older than me, was staying over at my house for the afternoon. One gift I got for my birthday was a stuffed purple pony that had a white daisy with a yellow center on the thigh that I carried around with me all day. Maddy and I played with bubbles, played hide n' seek, played tag, and we played outside. The both of us where tired and took a nap, I still had gum in my mouth and some got in Maddy's hair. We had to get it out before her mom got back. There was another time when I went over to her house. Her little brother, Max, was there and she also had a little fluffy black dog. I brought my Care Bears movie over to watch. We watch the movie in her parent's bedroom. After that, we went to her bedroom to play with her toys. In her bedroom the were a lot of stuffed animals and a little grocery set that we played with. | On the 4th of July, I went over to her house again. We played with each other and ate food. When her dad got small fireworks, we would watch them go off and hit a tree or go over the house. I remember the burning smell of the fireworks that was lit, and seeing the spinning ones spin like tops on the drive way. I didn't like the really big fireworks at the time. I always called the fireworks boom stars because of the booming noise they made. So Maddy and I would stay in the house and watch them there.

12: I'm from my own mind, heart, and soul. I'm not like other people, I still carry my stuffed animals around with me where ever I go. My life is drawing my favorite things. And I love animals that surround me. I think of my self as my favorite animal, a wolf with pride. I love the moon and the night, and I like my territory and only my territory. My yard is a place I can be free, it is really big and has trees here and there with flower beds that are here and there, too. My house has big windows that I can look out of. In the summer I can see orange flowers that grow big right in front of the windows. In the winter my yard looks like a desert with weak grass that grows. Haily my dog and Comet the other dog treats me as I am one of the pack. I grew up with them since I was little, Comet and Haily play with me on the floor and we all have fun.

13: This is about me and who I am

15: Then my parents left and it was just Len, Jacob, and I. We go to the water park and the lockers cost $15 just to use. It was fun at the water park, but not as fun as the rides, and the wave pool was full of gross dirty water. We go back to the rides and we ride The Beast and The Diamond back. After those two rides, we go to a ride that is it the dark. Len said it doesn't have loops but she lied, when we went on, it takes to really fast and turns you every way you could image. It was really fun going to Kings Island for a day. | Kings island At the age of 12 years old, I got to go to Kings Island to hang out for a day. My parents and I stayed at a hotel in Ohio for a few days and we invited this one girl and her boyfriend to come with us. When we were at Kings Island, in the front, I couldn't wait till we got in. We had to wait for Len and Jacob to come. When we first go in we went on the ride in the very front, that ride scared me the most. We went all around the park and I won a Pole'mon at one of the games. We got in line for The Beast, and I felt ready, but when we were going up I got a little scared. The whole time on The Beast, my dad had to help me keep my glasses on. The Diamond back looked fun so Len, Jacob, and I went on it, when you are on it you think there is a seat belt or something to hold you with, but all they had was just a bar that goes between your legs.

16: Fever kept going up I was home with my mom the first year I was born and JFK Jr.'s plane had just crashed. That was all they showed on the TV that week. My mom noticed that I was getting grouchy. Then my mom took my temperature. It was a little high. My dad came home from work and my mom took my temp. again. This time my temp. was normal, but I was still fussy. My parents took my temp. again a 3rd time and it had gone up. They called the doctor and he said that babies who have fevers need to go to the hospital because you can't tell why they have a fever. That night we went to the hospital where I had a spinal tap. i weighed to be 6 pounds. The doctor couldn't get the fluid he needed from my tiny spinal cord. That night the doctor gave me another spinal tap. my mom and dad stayed up all night waiting for me to be ok. I was fine but my mom and dad told me how they rented a movie from the hospital to watch, it was Babe the pig and they cried all the way through it. The nurses were confused, was Babe that good of a movie or were really just glad that I was ok.

17: Opie When I was 7 year old, we had a big birthday party for me. My mom's physical therapist brought his fat little 8 year old pony to the party. The pony's name was Opie. The children took turns riding the pony. Jacob from 3 doors down got in a fight with my for who gets to go first. We all had fun taking rides on Opie. There were about 20-30 kids at the party. We played games, ate cake, and had a good time. Opie was fed carrots but you know he was tired. Opie was left outside to rest while we all went inside. The next day mom went to her therapist. He told her that she would never believe what happened to Opie. When the therapist left the party, he forgot to lock the hatch on Opie's trailer. He was driving down the road on his way home and looked in the rear view mirror. In the mirror he saw Opie bouncing down the high way. He stopped the car, ran back to Opie and to his surprise Opie was ok. Apparently all of Opies padding saved him.

19: Stuck in the Bathroom I was having a very fussy day. I was crying and was very grouchy. That day I went around slamming doors shut. I was suppose to take a bath and loved bath time. I went into the bathroom early. Luckily, my mom had not filled the tub with water. I was in the mood to see what were in the bathroom drawers. I slammed the closet door shut. I slammed the bathroom door shut, too. I opened all of the drawers in the bathroom as well. When my mom came to the door she couldn't open it. I was stuck, one of the open drawers blocked the door from opening. I couldn't talk very well and my mom doesn't know how I understood her. But after two hours of telling me to close the drawers, I finally got out. My mom says I'm a little stubborn.

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