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Armenian refugee

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FC: My Adventures

1: ve is patient, love is kind. | This photo was taken in my village right after the Russians invaded. Many people died.

2: Armenia 10/6/1877 Dear Diary, | My name is Calvin. I’m a fifteen year old living in Armenia with my family. I had a very bright future to look forward too. That all changed yesterday. Why you might ask? Well, it all began yesterday in the early hours of the morning. We all felt that it would be a normal Saturday as usual; we would go to church as a family, have some eggs for breakfast, which was always saved for a weekend treat, and then I would go and play some football with friends. That is how I wish yesterday had gone. I still wish that I could just pretend that everything that has happened in the last thirty six hours is all just a bad dream that I will soon wake up from. Unfortunately, that's not the case this time. This is real life; the day that everyone thought would come sooner or later, but hoped that it never would. Yesterday was the day that the Russians invaded our village. The day that would change my life, my family, my friends, of our small Armenian village forever.

3: It was the most horrific scene that no one should ever have to view. My parents and older brother put me in the cellar, as if it were a hurricane or other severe storm. But unlike the other times, they left me in there alone. They all hugged me, and said that they loved me and would see me soon. My mother was sobbing hysterically, and I was frantically trying to get out past them and help to fight. I’m fifteen! I’m old enough now to protect my family! It’s not fair that they all had to die while I lived. I heard the screams of pain as they slaughtered my mother, I heard my father and brother being hurt but trying to be strong through the pain that they felt. And me? I just felt useless. I couldn’t save them! When I finally heard the silence throughout the town, I came out to investigate what had happened. What I saw will stay with me for the rest of my life. Sometimes I wish I had just stayed inside the cellar. That wasn’t the case though. I walked out to find my family, and friends killed by the Russians. I took off running towards the dock with just the money in my pocket and the clothes on my back. I didn’t know where to go, but I knew I wasn’t going to stay there, awaiting my death. I was now an orphan, and I had to fend for myself. Upon getting to the ship yard, I hopped on the first ship to America, hoping to find a better life, much like recent people from my country have done. At least I won’t be the only Armenian in America. -Calvin Ourfalian

4: Leaving Armenia | This is my boat that I traveled on when I came to America.

5: Voyage to America | Dear Diary, I am really missing Armenia. I miss my family, the food, and the comforts of my home. I have been on this boat for days. I know this journey is very important because I am on my way to a better life. I have heard that in America life is good. There are many opportunities to earn lots of money. I know of someone who is now rich from traveling to America. I hope when I get off the boat I will be able to get a job and earn lots of money. | 10-8-1877

6: While I am excited to be going to this new place I am also very nervous. I look around the ship a see hundreds of people. I worry there will not be enough work for this many people. We are very cramped and the ride is extremely uncomfortable. There is not enough space. Families are forced to sleep in one bed and some people are force to sleep standing. The smell is horrible. It smells like throw up and human waste. People are getting sick from the ride and also getting sick from one another. Diseases are spreading quickly. This trip is not what I expected. I am starting to question if America is the land of opportunity. I hope I survive long enough to see America. -Calvin Ourfalian

7: Ellis Island | Dear Diary, Today, after my long voyage across the Atlantic, I finally saw Lady Liberty. She was prettier than I ever expected. As soon as I saw her I knew I was in the home of the free. Since I'm considered a refugee, escaping the Russian Turkish War,the officers at Ellis Island were much nicer to me, than to the other | 10/22/1877

9: immigrants. After the mental capability test, medical exam, and questioning. The medical exams were pain full if they found anything wrong with you. I found myself on a ferry heading towards the mouth of the Hudson River. Once I got to New York City, I knew I had to go to Grand | Picture taken of immigrants leaving the boat and heading towards Ellis Island for processing.

10: Central Station so I then could catch a train to Chicago. Every one in New York walked so fast, completely ignoring every person around them. I asked in broken English where the trains were. Most ignored me, but I somehow ended up Chicago bound, scared and hopeful. i hope Chicago is full of more oppurtunity than New York because there are so many people here, there cant be that many jobs left. My friend from the village is already out there, and says that

11: there is there is a job opening for me, and we won't be the only Armenians. I can even stay with him as long as i need to get myself up off the ground! Its comfprting to know that i won't be totally alone here in the United States, and I will still have a little bit of my old life left. - Calvin Ourfalian

12: Chicago Bound

13: Dear Diary, After being on the train for days, we could finally see Chicago. When the train came to a stop I saw a young looking man asking people to work at his meat packing factory in Chicago. I figured that I would need to get a job to buy a house and support myself. The job is tough and long, I don't | 12/15/1877

14: make much money. Many have become very ill and will most likely lose their jobs. During the winter the job is much worse. Sometimes I feel that I will get frost bite in the awful conditions of the factory, I still can't afford a nice house, but I was able to by a one room home. It's old and smells of mold, it's mine though, and that's all that matters. Everyday I feel

15: sicker, and less hopeful for a true American dinner. I try to keep my dream alive, but it's been beaten down by months of hard work in the meat packing houses. Sometimes I feel I would be better off in staying in Armenia. -Calvin Ourfalian

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23: Our Bridal Party

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