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FC: Athmay | Careers in Math-p.5 Archimedes-p.3 Hypatia a famous mathematician-p.2 | Athmay | Athmay

1: Table of Contents | Page 2: Hypatia, a famous woman mathematician Page 3: Archimedes, a great mathematician Page 4-5: Careers in Math Page 6-7: Puzzles and Games Back Cover: Ads and Answers

2: Hypatia was a famous Egyptian woman who lived from 370 to 415 AD. She taught math, astronomy, and philosophy to the Neoplatic School in Alexandria Egypt. She was the daughter of Theon. Hypatia wrote 3 books on mathematics and astronomy. She invented many tools for math and astronomy like a device for measuring water levels, a distillation machine, an astrolabe, a planisphere, and a hydrometer. She was killed because people thought that her teachings were Pagan. She was known as the first woman mathematician. She always wore clothes like a teacher for scholar and not clothes like most women wore at the time. Some of her students wet to Athens after they graduated and then math started to expand there and be a popular subject. When the Arabs burned the University to the ground most of Hypatia's teachings and writings were gone. | Hypatia, a famous woman mathematician

3: ARCHIMEDES | Archimedes of Syracuse lived from 287-212 B.C. in Ancient Greece. Not much was known of his personal life. He had many contributions to the studies of physics and classical antiquity, and invented many tools used today, such as the lever, the screw, and the screw pump. He also designed many war machines, such as the Claw, the Death Ray, and the Steam Cannon. He was also a great philosopher and some of his philosophies were read centuries later in Alexandria. Archimedes had many contributions to the math and science communities. His contributions to physics are now the basics of hydrostatics and statics. His inventions such as the lever are now very common in everyday life for us. But some of his inventions are out dated, such as his screw pump, but it has been used later in history. He also inspired Leonardo Davinci. He also invented many war machines, such as the Claw, the Death Ray, and the Steam Cannon. The Claw was a large claw on a crane-like stand that would swing out over a wall and hook boats then lift them up on one side and flip it over. He also designed a Death Ray, which was a large concave wall lined with mirrors which would focus the sun's rays to ignite a boat, but it never worked. The Steam Cannon would fire an iron ball by flashing water to steam in an instant, but it wouldn't work in his time because he would need all day . | ARCHIMEDES

4: One of the most important jobs in the technical world is that of the code monkey. A computer is simply a bunch of ones and zeros, and without instruction will make no sense to a human (unless they have studied computer programing for eight years). A code monkey, or properly known as a computer programer, uses algebra throughtout the process of creating any program, whether it has a simple task or a very complicated. For example, imagine you are creating a program to tell you how much you will pay throught the process of a loan. First you would need the formula, which is: Then you would need to prompt the user for the different variables within the formula. Once prompted the program would process the numbers and tell you the monthely payment. The program could be modified to tell you any of the variables if you had the other variables. Programers must know how to use algebra proficiantly to get anywhere in the technical world. What buildings would be in this world if there where no one to design them? We might have a shack here and there, but never anything larger than a modern day full-sized car. That’s why we need engineers, they design our world, from cars to space ships, from air conditioners to computers, their work is everywhere. | Careers in Math

5: The whole world would not run so well if there where not around, there would be no cars, there would even be European people in America because an engineer designed coumbus’ ship! (Well literaly not he would have been titled a Nautical designer but that is a type of engineer.) We would still be back in the days of nothing when we had nothing, and where good at nothing. Enginers use math daily in their designs, to show length and width of a device or item. With out math there would be no engineer so there wouldn’t be anything that is manufactured. Aerospace engineering is very challenging, considering that the smallest imperfection can ruin an entire project that can cost upwards of 19-BILLION dollars and in that alone there is a multi-million dollar toilet. Aerospace engineering requires a lot of patience and precision, along with a large workforce to put the smallest parts together. Most of an aerospace engineers work is done from afar, this is because the individual parts of a spaceship, or the ISS, can weigh tons upon tons. Because of the size of the space station it is being constructed in space and is having eac piece taken up one by one, the engineers only get to give the construction workers, the astronaughts, a few sets of instructions. The way the astronaughts can move it is because in space nothing weighs anything, or everything doesn’t weigh anything, if that makes sense. It is a very tedius proccess because the engineers have spent years working on these pieces for years.

6: PUZZLES AN | D GAMES | Sara bought five pairs of high heels, she started with 1,000 dollars and ended with 450 dollars how much did each pair of shoes costs? | Answer = 110 | Cut this out and put it on the wall

7: D GAMES | How do you expand (a+b)? | Answer= ( a + b )

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