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Aunt Alexandra

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FC: My Life | Aunt Alexandra

1: About Me

2: I am a woman of many interests. They include clothes, cooking, and learning, particularly about Finch family history. I also host tea parties sometimes with the ladies of Maycomb. It's a great way to get to know people in town, since I just moved here and am living with my brother and his children, and since these ladies are big gossipers I know everything that's been going on in this town. I tend to think of myself as a kind and loving person, but I will admit I can be a little judgmental at times. It's only because I love my family and want the best for them.

3: Father | My brother Atticus is practically my exact opposite. He is a very humble man who always fights for what he believes in. He differs from me in that he is a very soft-spoken, free-willed person and I am more strict and stubborn at times, He has his own way of doing things, especially when it comes to his job and raising his children, Jem and Scout. Atticus is a lawyer, one who always fights for the better man. He tends not to show his emotions or let them interfere with his work. He raises his children almost the same way, not showing his emotions very often and not setting many basic rules for them. | Atticus

4: My nephew, Jem, is a fine young man who is like his father in some ways. They both side with the better man and know what is right when it comes to fair and equal rights to people. Since he has been raised basically without rules, which upsets me, he has formed his own opinions about Maycomb and the people in it, but he tries not to let it start trouble. Then there is my niece, Scout. Her real name is Jean Louise, but she prefers her nickname. While I prefer she be a young lady and trade the overalls and air rifles for dresses and pearls, she refuses and says she can't do anything in a dress. She is also stubborn when it comes to her ideas and thoughts, like me. She also has formed her own opinion about Maycomb, and won't let anyone tell her what she can and cannot do. | Jem | Scout

5: I remember the day that I thought I had lost my brothers children, Jem and Scout, which was also the day of the trial. Atticus was defending a black man named Tom Robinson who had been accused of raping a white girl named Mayella Ewell. Atticus felt strongly about this case, and apparently so did his children, because they snuck out of the house and went to the trial with their friend, Dill | Of course, they didn't bother telling me that they were going to the courthouse. I didn't realize they were gone until I called them outside to have them come in for supper and they didn't answer. I called again and still no response. I ran outside and didn't see them, so I told their housekeeper, Calpurnia, to send a message to Atticus that they were missing. When Calpurnia left I paced back and forth in that living room until they entered the room, safe. I was overwhelmed with relief but also angry with them for sneaking away to a place they had no business being at. Luckily my brother didn't hold me responsible for this incident, but I had a hard time trusting Jem and Scout from that point on. | The Trial

6: One important event that happened recently was the night our mysterious neighbor, Mr. Arthur Radley, or Boo, as some people call him, save Jem and Scout from a killer. It was Halloween night, and Scout was in the Maycomb County pageant. She was walking home with Jem when they were attacked by Bob Ewell. He was out to get revenge on Atticus for trying to convict him of the crime of beating his daughter. Scout says Mr. Ewell had attacked Jem and was getting ready to choke her to death when a man yanked Mr. Ewell to the ground and he ended up falling on the kitchen knife he had with him, killing himself. That was when Boo had come in, saving Scout and then carrying Jem to safety. I was so grateful to Boo for saving my niece and nephew, something I thought I would never be, but I guess there is a first time for everything. | Boo Radley saves the day

7: One day when Jem and Scout were walking home from school, they noticed something in a hole in the trunk of a tree in front of the Radley place. It turned out to be an old pocket watch on a chain, along with an aluminum knife. This pocket watch was old and dirty and I have no idea why Jem would take it when he will inherit a much nicer one from his father. By the time he got home he already had his mind set on fixing it though. I don't really know for sure why. but I think Jem kept it because it somehow proves that Boo Radly isn't the mean tyrant that people say he is, but is actually a nice man. I would still insist that he wait and inherit his father's pocket watch, but it was still a nice gesture. | The Pocket Watch

8: As you all probably know by now, I take great pride in the Finch family name, and try to teach the youngest generation, particularly Jem and Scout, all about our family. One thing I use is a book written by their cousin, titled Meditations of Joshua St. Clair. It is a beautiful book with a deep purple cover, and the title and author in in gold lettering, and is rather thick. It was written of course by Cousin Joshua, who has quite a background. While he was at University, he tried to shoot the President. It cost our family 500 dollars to get him out of that, but we couldn't risk having one of our own in prison. It is a great tool to help teach our children, but according to Jem and Scout their daddy already told them about Cousin Joshua, so trying to teach them wasn't worth my time. There is still much for them to learn, though.

9: It just goes to show you, all Penfield women are flighty.

10: The quote, "It just goes to show you, all Penfield women are flighty," relates to this scrapbook because it shows what kind of person Aunt Alexandra is. Aunt Alexandra is a proper person who tends to be judgmental of people who are not. When she says this quote, she is judging girls who do not act like ladies in certain situations and do not mind their manners. Aunt Alexandra thinks all young girls should wear dresses, care about how the look, and go out to meet men. She is also judgmental of other people, such as the Cunninghams, who do not live like the Finch family. She feels that they would ruin the family image if they associated with them, which is why she tells Scout not to bring Walter Cunningham home for dinner. I feel this would also be a good ending quote because it helps show that Aunt Alexandra feels other people are improper, but not her family. She wants to teach Jem and Scout that it is important not to be seen as trashy and to stay with the right people.

11: Quote: To Kill A Mockingbird (172.3) Lee

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