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Austin Gable *

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FC: My Life in 12 Pictures | By: Austin Gable

1: Preface | The wind blows in my face, but I stand strong. Because I am great and magnificent. The cold chilling me to the bone. Hot chocolate sounded great so I entered my house. My mom already had fixed it and it was on the kitchen table, I was greeted by the wonderful smell.

2: The First Year of My Life | My life began on August 19, 1998. When I was born I practically had a full head of hair instead of being bald. I was a unique baby. After I went home my crib that I laid in was special. Two generations of babies on my mom's side of the family laid lain in that crib. I was the 2nd baby in my generation to lay in the crib. The crib I am laying in in the picture is the crib that has been in our family for four generations. I hope to carry on the tradition when I have kids. This is an important tradition in my family, that I got to participate in.

3: My First Broken Limb | It was just a normal day when my mom dropped me off at my grandma's house before she went to work. When I got there my grandma let me take a nap upstairs. But with me being an accident prone one year old, I had to find a way to mess this peaceful day up. My grandma thought I was asleep so she took a shower. In the shower she was completely oblivious to me. I climbed out of bed and stumbled into the hallway. I walked a little bit, just enough to get out of the doorway and I fell... right down the stairs. I tumbled down a whole story. Afterwards it seemed that I was unharmed. Then about a month later my mom noticed me not using one of my arms, so she took me to the doctor. The doctor gave me a x-ray and said I had a broken arm. It was my first and only time I have broken any bones.

4: Have A Nice Trip? | The second year of my life was very laid back until one day we decided to go to my grandma's house. We rode in the car to her house and got out. I ran up to the door and started ascending the steps but slipped. What would come of that fall would haunt me for a few years. As I fell I felt a jolt of fear run down my spine. It was almost a numbing sensation, until I hit the hard cement step. Intense pain coursed through my head. My parents rushed ahead to see what the damage was. I was in so much pain I didn't even realize I was bleeding. My chin had been sliced open. My mom rushed me to the hospital, my dad stayed behind to comfort my grandma because she was having a panic attack. In the hospital I was rushed to the emergency room. I remember laying on the operating table looking at my mom across the room unable to help her son. Then the worst part came and I was surrounded by people with masks that were stitching up the wound. After the procedure was done the doctor gave me a sucker to have. The cherry taste helped calm my nerves and kept me from concentrating on the lingering pain. I returned with my mom to my grandma's house and was comforted by my family.

5: My Baby Sister | When I was three I wanted a baby sister really bad. I would bother my mom constantly over when I would get my baby sister. My mom was sometimes annoyed but she wanted a daughter too. So I ended up getting my sister. When we knew I was going to have a baby sister, my mom gave me options for her name. The options were: Samantha, Abigail, and Autumn. After thinking for a while I chose Autumn and was dead set on my sister's name being it, no one could convince me to give her a different name. Finally my mom went to the hospital to have her. I stayed home with my dad most of the time we were waiting. It seemed as if the world slowed to a crawl and it took an eternity for my new baby sister to come home. When my mom brought her home I was extremely excited and was practically jumping off the walls. After I settled down a bit I held my sister and posed for a picture.

6: Our New House | Our house was falling apart. There were leaks everywhere and we were running out of space. Between the four of us and our black lab/golden retriever we were practically smashed. So we started looking for a new house that we would be proud of and could call home. One of the houses we looked at was being auctioned off. The crowd filled the driveway and cars lined the street. Before the auction started we looked around the house. I remember sitting on one of the stairs and being asked if I liked the house. I replied that that this house would be my home and I wanted to live there. The crowd was eager and the auction began. Luckily we won and it was my new house. I was so happy and couldn't wait to move in and get settled. My parents were also ready to get moved in, to leave our old home behind us.

7: My First Year of Kindergarten | The fifth year of my life was when I first started kindergarten. Believe it or not I was actually excited about going to school unlike today when I have to drag myself out of bed each morning. Going from pre-school to kindergarten wasn't a very large transition and was fairly easy for me. My first day of pre-school was nice because I got to sleep in before we went to school because I had afternoon kindergarten. At my school they had two kindergarten classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The day was a very mild work day and I got to see some of my pre-school friends. After the day was over we were led out to the pickup area and were picked up by our parents. The buses were for the older kids so I didn't have to go on them. My mom would greet me every day from the car as I climbed in the back seat of her car. Then the next day would come and I would start again.

8: Halloween | The sixth year of my life wasn’t a very important year. I started getting into Star Wars and became a fan. So what other choice did I have for Halloween of course a jedi. For Halloween I really wanted to be a jedi. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any jedi costumes so my mom made one. I had an amazing time running around trick-or-treating swinging a plastic lightsaber around, I was living the dream. I had such a good time that Halloween that for the next three years I was a Star Wars character. I think my mom was getting sick of it so I changed to a more generic costume. I have been different things for Halloween ever since.

9: Our New Dog | Recently our dog had died so we wanted a new dog. After looking for dogs we decided on getting a pug or puggle which is a pug and beagle mix. We soon found a group of puggles that were very young, so we decided to go see them. Once we reached the house which had the puggles, they were laying on the grass. We got out of the car and one of the puggles ran up and greeted us. It was very hyper and the other puggle was very timid and quiet. While my mom and dad talked business with the owners we played with the dogs. Even though the timid one wasn’t very playful we still liked her. That night we ended up taking the timid one home with us and we named her Jasmine, Jazzy for short.

10: My First Trip to Nashville | When I was eight we went to Nashville for the first time in my life. We went with my dad’s friend and his wife and son. We were very lucky because after we left there was a large flood that pretty much wiped the condo we were staying at out. I loved going to Nashville because I was a very big Elvis fan. I posed at almost every Elvis statue or memorabilia. Soon Nashville turned me into a hardcore Elvis fan. It made me want to return to Nashville and visit other places around it like Graceland or Memphis. Unfortunately the flood did a lot of damage and the condo we stayed at is still recovering. They had to completely redo the local mall which was huge. The whole area was devastated by the flood so the area is still recovering and will probably never be the same.

11: The House Disaster | This year of my life was particularly hard. Our house was getting new shingles installed. A freak storm blew in and soaked the unprotected roof. Part of our roof collapsed and mold was found in the attic from the rain. To make it worse the contractor we hired lied to us and he didn’t have insurance. For the next few months we lived in a trailer that was given to us by the insurance company. The trailer was put in our drive way so we could access the house if we needed to. The house was being repaired so we would always have people around the house working on it. Before people could work on the house we had to relocate all of our things to a storage facility too, so most of our stuff was locked away in storage. We lived and slept in the camper so space was very limited. Most of our luxury items were still in storage like our TVs and furniture.

12: I Got My Sax! | When I was ten I started band. At first I had to think about what I would play, finally I picked the saxophone. Although my first try didn't go too well I stuck with it. My first try with the saxophone went horribly. I couldn't even get a sound out and when I did it squeaked. The first day I brought it home I made the dog cry and gave everyone in the house an ear-splitting headache. It took a few days just too be able to get a solid note out. I probably spent a whole hour pressing random buttons just to see what they would sound like.Soon I returned our rented saxophone and my grandma bought me a used one.

13: The Cold Winter Air | When I step outside a blast of cold air hits me in the face. I cringe and take another step, only to be chilled again by the snow falling from the sky. As I walked, the snow crunched and squeaked under my boots.The wind whispering in the trees. As I began my descent I realized how long the hill really was. Flying down the earth my vision blurred and my breath fogged my glasses. I then began my strenuous trip back up for a break. As I walked in my house a wonderful smell struck me. The smell of chocolate. Not of my own will I crept toward the smell. I gave in to the smell and took a sip of the drink only to be greeted by an amazing taste. It was warm, thick, and sweet. It had been a perfect day.

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