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Aztec Technology

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FC: Spain and Aztec Technology | By Lucas Hawthorne

1: Aztec Technology | Aztec technology was amazing due to the fact that the aztecs had no supplies to make weapons or tools. The Aztecs also made their pyramids all by hand. The Aztecs had all sorts of wooden weapons like the atlatl which was a spear good for fighting and fishing. They also used a weapon called macuahuitl, it is a wood club containing pieces of sharp rock. The Aztecs considered this a dangerous fighting weapon.

2: Aztec Technology | The Aztecs even built these long roads called " causeways" and "aquaducts" they were used for transferring water and food to the City of Technotitlan. The Aztecs even built the "chanampas" which are floating parcels of land which are used to produce crops. They made these chanampas by using the mud from the bottom of the lake. They Aztecs also had a calender.

3: Aztec Technology | The Aztec warriors were dressed in leopard and eagle costumes to intimidate their opponets on the battle field. Also, the Aztecs made canoes and boats to get food across the water. They also made toys which were made out of wood and were called wheels .

4: -causeways -warrior -chinampas -pyrimid

5: -wheeled toy - calendar -canoeing for fish - aquaducts

6: Spains Technology | The Spainards technology was overwhelming compared to the Aztecs. Some of Spains technology the Aztecs have never seen, like the big boats that Cortez and his men were sailing in. The Aztec describe it as moutains that could move, the Spainards had a powerful list of weapons like the gun which was used for killing.

7: Spains Technology | The Spainards offense attack were incredible because of their weapons like the gun and the sword. The swords were used by most people to try and killed the Aztecs. But, next to the sword was the sheild which played in a big role for the Spainards as it helped keep most people alive.

8: Spains Technology | Spain had a increable offense but they even had a better defense with the sheild. They also had all sorts of armour which also payed a big role because the Aztecs bow and arrows could not pierce through it which keep them alive to kill more people. But they had help with Cortez and his military strategies because he planned the Spainards acttacks which also killed a lot of the Aztecs

9: -military blueprints -Cortez's Ship -body armour -sword for fighting

10: Here is the gun and the sheild.

11: Who had the better technology? | The Spanairds had a more modern technology with guns, ships, armour and horses. The Aztec people had more of older technology with handmade spears, shields, and swords. So, the Spanairds overtook the Aztec people with their up to date technology for that time period. Cortez's 500 men almost wiped out the whole Aztec culture.

12: How did Aztec technology effect the way that Cortez thought of montuzuma and his men? | The Aztec technology was quit stunning really. This effected the way Cortez thought of them. When Cortez came to Technotitlan he was amazed of what the Aztecs could do. Cortez thought that they were resourceful, intellegent, helpful, cooperative and that really surprised Cortez and his men.

13: How did Spains technology effect the way that the Aztecs thought of Cortez and his men? | The Aztecs were amazed by what Spains technology was with their big boats, guns and armour.This overwhelmed the Aztec people. So the Aztecs thought that Cortez and his men were powerful, intellgent, quick, unstopable, and ruthless.

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