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Aztecs,Mayas and Inkas

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Aztecs,Mayas and Inkas - Page Text Content

S: Aztecs Mays and Incas

BC: Aztecs are unique and here is their story.

FC: Aztec Government and Social Classes By M ryan

1: The Aztecs believed that a white god would come back. Cortes was a Spanish Christian but looked white. So they believed that Cortes was there God coming back. So they worshiped him and so he lived in there kingdom for a while so they trusted him and they let him bring his army. So he ambushed them because they believed in manny gods | Aztec government became rich and powerful because the ruler got money and gold for his respect from the people that called him King. The King made a paved road so that they would be able to travel and trade more often then if he didn't.

2: The Tlatoani and his Advisers | The Tlatoani and his Advisers are on the top of the social classes to us he would be like our president. The tlatoani was the religious leader, he was a huge part in their ceremony. He was the army officer and he often went with them to war.

3: The next class, Commoners and Calpolli contained fisher men and others. There had to be twenty people or more in each house. They sent there children to a local school. Commoners very rarely became nobles, but one way they could was to be brave. The second way you could was that you capture a large number of enemies. | Commoners and Calpolli

4: Soldiers and Warfare | Warfare was a vital part of Aztec life because they would have war and they would kill people for their region and give their bodies as a sacrifice to their gods. The main reason the Aztecs would fight was to surrender there army by teasing them or even mock them. They would line up in a row across the battle field.Most of the men had served. The boys started to train at school and when they were ten they had to shave their heads and when they began there training they would grow a lock of hear and they couldn't cut off their lock of hear tell they were capture. The Aztec solders wanted the people that they captured alive so they had weapons designed so they would wound them.

5: Merchants | The Merchants were rich and didn't think that they should tell anyone about the stuff they had gotten. They would get raw materials from other states. They were in a dangerous position because they would be riding in a caravan (a group of people traveling together for safety.) They often would get robed or even enemy soldiers might attack a caravan. The Aztecs didn't have any horses so they had to walk place to place. The Merchants were like spies to they could pass the border during war so there master the Tatoani would pay them go to the other side and get information for him. For example someone special like a leader that means much to them.

6: Farmers | Most Aztec farmers didn't have much land. So they used different methods instead. There were different areas on the slopes the soil was soft and in the lower areas there wasn't enough water, so the farmers would dig big ditches to get water from the river. The farmers even grew crops on the water. They would weave a raft and cover it with dirt and then plant their seeds. This would float on water and the roots would grow to the water.

7: Aztec Men and Women Roles | The Men were in charge of the household and worked outside for most of the day. They also went to war and made the decisions. The Women worked inside the home took care of their children, swept the floors, and spent the most of their time smashing corn to make tortillas and other foods. They were respected by having children and raising their families.

8: Slaves | There were different ways to become a slave. If you were captured in a war you became a slave. If you were poor or needed to pay off a debt you became a slave. Slaves from beaten tribes were also handed over to Aztec rulers as slaves.

9: Another way to become a slave is if did crimes against the leader, if you stole, or if you kidnapped someone . Once you were a slave you might be sacrificed to their Gods or be a working slave. If you worked as a slave the men worked outside in the fields or inside as a servant. The women worked in clothing and cooked. Some slaves did have rights. They could own land or marry someone free. If you were born and had one parent as a slave and one that is not then you were free. If you went into slavery because of debt you could buy yourself out if you saved enough money. Sometime the ruler would set you free or if your master died you could be free.

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