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FC: "We Didn't Start The Fire" Billy Joel

1: Introduction: | "We Didn't Start the Fire" a song written by Billy Joel. They lyric of the song contains names, places or important things in the 50's till the 80's. Dedicated to my Social Studies class in E.C.A.

2: Brigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934. She is an actress, a model and a spoke person for animal rights. Bardot is still alive and has a family with one son and his husband that he is a French politician. Brigette’s career started when she became a balet dancer and soon after she came out on an Elle Magazine, after her appearance in the magazine she became a model. When Brigette got old she retired and became a defender for the animal rights. Brigette came a writer and she was facing some problems with her book, the best-selling one. Brigette Bardot is considered the 20th century actress of French cinema. | Brigitte Bardot

4: Budapest | Budapest is a city located in Europe. This city is known for being the capital city of the country Hungary. The history of this city comes since 1 A.D. when this city was supposed to be two separated towns Buda and Pest. Years passed and these towns united together and became a city, the largest one and the capital of the country. Budapest is the political and cultural center of the country. The current population of this city is about 2,1 millions of people. This city or place is considered important all over the world for being the capital of the country of Hungary, and for all of its history and stuff.

6: Nikita Krushchev was born on April 17, 1984 in Kalinovka, Russia. He attended to a religious school where he learned how to read and write. In 1918, Krushchev joined the communist party. Nikita served in the civil war for three years. He then became the Russian communist leader, he was forced to put missile bases in Cuba. The United States became angry and decided to take action and choose something to do. The U.S.A. decided to force the Soviet Union to take the missile bases from Cuba. Nikita Krushchev died on September 1, 1971 in Moscow, Russia. | Nikita Krushcev

8: Princess Grace | Grace Patricia Kelly, also known as Princess Grace of Monaco, was born on November 12, 1929. Her dad was John Kelly. When she grew up she became an actress and she also appeared frequently on TV shows. In 1955, Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer of Monaco. They made an incredible family that consisted of both of them and 3 kids, Caroline, Albert and Stephanie. Princess Grace is important and is remembered still because she was the princess of Monaco, and the wife of Prince Rainier. She also was an actress since very little. Grace Patricia Kelly died on September 13, 1982, she unfortunately passed through a road accident in Monaco and she didn’t survived.

10: Peyton Place | Peyton Place was a prime TV novel or TV series in the 1960’s. It first was released in 1964 on fall. The TV series consisted of 6 seasons, each of them was passed on the ABC channel. This TV series ended in 1969-1970. More than 200 people participated on this series and this became really famous on the 60’s. After the release of the first season many people started buying copies to see the TV series and this became really famous. The series consisted of five hundred fourteen episodes and six seasons, which unfortunately ended on 1970.

12: Quiz | 1.Who was a famous French model? 2.Where is Budapest located? | 3.Nikita Krushchev was the communist leader of which country? a.Spain b.Germany c.Russia 4.How many seasons were in Peyton Place a.7 seasons b.6 seasons c.2 seasons

13: 5. Princess Grace married the Prince of which country ?

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