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Batman Begins Heroic Cycle

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FC: Batman Begins Heroic Cycle

1: Summary of Batman Begins

2: In Batman Begins Bruce Wayne goes to the Himalayas and gets trained in the way of the ninja by Ra's Al-Ghul. He returns to Gotham City to avenge his parents death by fighting crime in the city. He stops a drug lords drug shipment from going through, but a shipment does go through. This shipment goes thorough to the head doctor at the mental institute, and he plans on using the drug to take over Gotham City. The hero in Batman Begins is Bruce Wayne. He watched his parents get shot to death at age 8, and inherited their enormous fortune. He is considered the '"playboy" of Gotham. He decided to avenge his parents death by fighting crime in Gotham City after he was not able to kill his parents murderer. Bruce chooses the bat as his symbol, because it is what he is most afraid of. The major characters in Batman Begin are Bruce Wayne, who plays the hero, Jim Gordon, a police lieutenant, Rachel Dawes, Bruce's childhood friend, and lastly Alfred, Bruce's butler as well as surrogate father.

3: Archetypes

4: Hero | Bruce Wayne is the hero in Batman Begins. He is faced with his parents death at a young age and wants to avenge his parents by killing their murderer. His chance gets taken away from him, so instead he turns to fighting the evil in Gotham City. He leaves his home and heads to the Himalayan Mountains to seek Ra's Al-Ghul to train him in the way of the ninja.

5: Bruce Wayne's Mentor is his butler Alfred. Alfred raised Bruce after his parents were killed.Alfred is also one of few people who know Batman's true identity. Alfred often helps Bruce with his injuries after harsh battles that occur. | Mentor

6: Shape Shifter | Ra's Al-Ghul is the shape shifter in this movie. Initially Ra trains Bruce in the way of the ninja, but when Bruce refuses to use his training lethally Ra turns against Bruce and tries to kill him.

7: Guardian | The Guardian is Falcone, who is a gang leader and basically controls Gotham City before Batman puts him in jail. Falcone is running a drug shipment throughout Gotham and sending shipments of hallucinogenic drugs to Dr. Michael Crane.

8: Shadow | Dr. Michael Crane (a.k.a. The Scarecrow) is the shadow. Batman's ultimate task is to defeat the Scarecrow to save Gotham City.

9: Hero's Journey

10: Call to Adventure Bruce Wayne's call to adventure begins after he goes to the trial that releases his parents murderer from jail. Bruce takes a gun to avenge his parents death, however, the murderer is killed by someone else first. He decided to avenge his parents death in a different way after having a talk with Rachel Dawes (one of the helpers in this story). She tells Bruce to avenge his parents death by fighting the crime spree that is occurring in Gotham City at the time.This is when Bruce goes to the Himalayan Mountains to seek Ra's Al-Ghul

11: Helpers | Rachel Dawes is on of Bruce's earliest helpers. She convinces Bruce to avenge his parent by fighting evil in Gotham City after his parents murderer is killed. | Lucius Fox is another helper of Bruce. He provides most of Bruce's gear, including the Batmobile, Batsuit and the infamous utility belt.

12: Crossing the Threshold | Batman crosses the Threshold when he crosses the bridge that separates the"narrows" from the rest Gotham City

13: The Shadow Realm is the "narrows". The "narrows" are the low class part of Gotham City. It is filled with crime, criminals and drugs. Falcone and his crones conduct business here. It is also the location of Arkham Asylum, where Dr.Crane works. | Shadow Realm

14: Tests | The first test Batman must go through with is busting Falcone, and his drug deal. | Another test Batman must pass is saving Rachel Dawes after the Scarecrow drugs her with his hallucinogenic. | Batman must also fight with Ra's Al-Ghul to keep him from delivering the device that would release the hallucinogenic drug into Gotham City's air.

15: Later Helpers | Jim Gordon is Batman's later helper. He is one of the few police on the Gotham City P.D. that believes that Batman is for the greater good of the city.

16: Supreme Test | Batman's supreme test is to defeat the Scarecrow to save Gotham City. Scarecrow had planned on putting his hallucinogenic drug into Gotham City's water supply then using a device that would evaporate the water to put the drug into the air, therefore, making all of Gotham City go under his influence using fear as his foothold.

17: Reward | Batman;s reward is gaining trust of Gotham City. He also regains the trust of Rachel Dawes.

18: Journey Home | Bruce's journey home was really just back to Gotham City. He could not return to Wayne Manor, due to the fact that while in a battle with Ra's As-Ghul it was burnt to the ground.

19: Similarities to Edith Hamilton's 'Mythology'

20: Batman=Odysseus | Batman and Odysseus are very similar in character. While Odysseus is a great warrior he is still not a god. Batman is a great hero, but he has no super powers. Both also are on a journey to a place of peace. Odysseus is going to his home, while Batman is looking for peace of mind that he has fully avenged his parents death.

21: Disguise | When gods go to see mortals in Edith Hamilton's "Mythology" they always disguise themselves. When Batman is going to go fight crime where citizens are he wears a disguise.

22: Narrows=Underworld | In Edith Hamilton's "Mythology" the underworld is represented by a depressing dark place, where when people go in they rarely come back out. This is similar to the "narrows" in Batman Begins. The "narrows" are very dark a dreary and many murders happen there.

23: ... And Mrs. Alvarez thinks to herself, "This is a REALLY good project. I should give Alyssa Wagner a 110% as her grade on this!"

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